Joey and Rory Feek Talk About Their Most Passionate Project Yet

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Joey and Rory are busy working on their upcoming album, and country singer Joey Feek has revealed that it will be their most passionate project yet.

Joey, who has been battling Stage IV cervical cancer, opened up to People magazine about her love for husband Rory Feek, and that the album Hymns & Stories That Are Important to Us is a tribute to their 13 years of marriage, how they met, and how they have kept their love for each other alive.

Joey shared to People the first time she saw Rory: “Rory was singing ‘In the Round’ at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville with three other songwriters.”

“I was just one of dozens of people in the audience that night. From the first song Rory sang, I fell head over heels for him. I didn’t even know him, but something inside me said, ‘You’re going to marry that man and spend the rest of your lives together’” she continued.

It was a whirlwind romance for Joey and Rory. They tied the knot two months later and in 2014, their daughter Indiana was born.

As Joey bravely fights cancer, Rory has been documenting his wife’s struggles in his This Life I Live blog. He said writing and sharing little stories about their lives has been therapeutic for him. Sharing their pain through his blog helps him “sort out what I feel and how to respond to the twists and turns that life has taken us on.”

Rory also chronicles their everyday life through their photos. He was able to capture special moments with her including their “last Christmas together,” and her heartbreaking separation with best friend Julie.

“Without realizing I was doing it, God has allowed me to capture hours and hours of Joey and her life at home on the farm, raising Indiana and playing music,” Rory shared. “I can’t help but believe that those clips will be an important part of keeping Joey’s memory alive in Indy’s heart.”

Joey and Rory Feek are releasing their album on Valentine’s Day.

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