Joe Paterno: Cover Up May Have Been His Idea

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In the days and weeks since Joe Paterno’s death, he has been painted as a good, honest man whose main goal in life was bettering the lives of his players; he has been hailed as a kindly older gentleman with nothing but the best intentions in his heart.

But now that several email exchanges between the former president of Penn State and two employees have been released to the public, we are seeing a potentially dark side of that man, and people who once stood in his corner are finding a change of heart.

The emails were exchanged between former president Graham Spanier, vice president Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley in the days following Mike McQueary’s claims to Paterno that he had witnessed Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in the school showers. Curley and Schultz were concerned and initially wanted to go to authorities, but quickly changed their minds, which was reflected in the emails. Their second option, they wrote to Spanier, was to go to Sandusky directly rather than involving anyone publicly, and Spanier agreed, calling it a “humane and reasonable way to proceed”.

Curley wrote:

“After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe [Paterno] yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps. I am having trouble with going to everyone, but the person involved. I would be more comfortable meeting with the person.. tell him the information we received… and tell him we are aware of the first situation.”

”The only downside for us is if message isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it, but that can be assessed down the road,” Spanier allegedly replied.

When the emails first surfaced, many people wondered what would make Curley and Schultz, who seemed so intent on bringing the story out at first, change their minds so suddenly. Now, it looks like Joe Paterno played a major hand in swaying them towards keeping the allegations quiet.

Unfortunately, Paterno isn’t here to answer questions, as he passed away earlier this year of lung cancer. With these newly-discovered emails coming to light, his reputation and legacy will no doubt be even more marred.

Joe Paterno: Cover Up May Have Been His Idea
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  • Frank Dicken

    Once again dog piling on the rabit vs. the truth. You better be able to prove your writings Amanda or you are as guilty as the rest. At 76 years of age (the age JoePa) would have been when the first allegations surfaced and you’re telling me that Paterno had an email address and used it? Foolish to think the elderly embrace emails and computers the way we do today. My take on it is that Joe went to the folks that were required to handle it and they didn’t do enough. Furthermore I beleive that some of the incidents were in fact reported to the PSU police as well as State College PD… That is where the story lies. At 76 he needed to get the boys ready for the game on Saturday…. That is all that he looked at. Ignorance? Yes, but once again you need to know a mans thought process before you can accuse him.

    • tim

      to say that someone in their 70s cant use email is THE most idiotic, lame defense i think can ever remember reading in my entire life.

      my dad is 74 and he even has a cell phone! i had no idea he was forging such a brave,new geriatric frontier.

      • Mary

        I totally agree with you. I am 70 and have been using a computer for fourteen years and put web sites together. And yes, I too have an iPhone. Is this man nuts?

    • Dan

      How about you actually read the article, Frank? It doesn’t say a thing about Paterno having or using e-mail (which would be completely irrelevant even if it did). If you put aside your juvenile insistence that this guy couldn’t possibly be a monster because he was a good football coach, you’ll recognize the evidence as pretty compelling.

    • http://yahoo Fred

      Frank, you’re in denial. JoePa as you so lovingly named him could’ve done something but chose to preserve Penn St and thus his legacy. Any assualt from that time forward would most definately been prevented had JoePa done the right thing. It is not just Paterno but all involved.

    • Saintan

      Frank, do you like children?

    • Ellen

      Ridiculous. Every elderly person in my family and among friends (I can count at least 30 without any effort at all) has a computer and an email address, and uses it regularly. But I guess you will say anything you need to in order to make a flimsy excuse for the sacrifice of children to college football.

      The fact that he was showering alone and after hours with young boys (an undisputed fact) is enough to condemn him, since no one I have ever known who worked with children in any capacity would dream of doing such a thing. It is way beyond inappropriate and definitely within forbidden territory.

    • Alyce

      First of all, Frank, your comment that a 76 year old Paterno wouldn’t have used e-mail is preposterous. Of course he would. At a university EVERYBODY uses e-mail. You are foolish to think “the elderly” can’t and don’t use modern technology. Ignorant.

      Second, the article doesn’t even talk about Paterno using e-mail, so your point is moot.
      “After . . . talking it over with Joe [Paterno] yesterday,”
      This statement was in an e-mail between Spanier Curley and Schultz, not Paterno.

      Paterno’s thought process was to sweep things under the rug to save his ass and “get the boys ready for the game on Saturday, ” Penn State business as usual. What about the boys that he continued to let Sandusky get his dirty hands on — the little, defenseless boys?

  • Mr Amazing Jr

    Why would you stand by Mr Paterno now? With everything that has come out his legacy is so much marred it is not funny. When they came to him with the allegations, which are so horrific, and then nothing happened as time went on how could Mr Paterno just let everything go like nothing happened. It is criminal.

  • LP

    I think it’s pathetic to go after a dead guy … someone who can’t defend himself. Go ahead, pile it on … he can’t answer the claims and allegations … he’s dead.

    Why can’t you just be satisfied that justice has been done? Why continue to smear people?

    • Charley

      I agree LP. It don’t require any guts to slander a dead person. I seriously doubt that Joe Paterno wanted to “cover up” anything but WAS concerned about the reputation of the school and football team that meant so much to him. How many of us have had family member or friends do something awful and/or embarrassing and we said something like “Let’s not tell anybody about this” or “Oh God, what will the neighbors think?”. I cannot ever visualize Joe Paterno being sympathetic to sexual deviates, perverts, or queers. Yes, I am very aware of that last word and I REFUSE to be politically correct!

      • Ellen

        So if you can’t visualize something, then it can’t be true? How convenient.

      • http://WebProBusiness Dale Joy

        If it were your child being groomed and molested would you stop trying to rectify something after the facts have come out and one of the people involved has passed on? Rectifying the possibility of it ever happening again would be more important than a death of someone involved in the continuation of such a crime.

    • http://yahoo Fred

      F-ck Joe. F-uck Penn St.

      • Ingrid

        Dale Joy you make a great point. If it was my child I would want to know who all was involved and why they did not intercede on behalf of my child.We don’t know how involved JoePa was involved , but we do know he cont. to allow Sandusky to work with him and even cont. his association / friendship with him. Interesting huh

    • Alyce

      Why do you insist on calling this slander? Do you know what slander is? This is the truth emerging from actual evidence that there was knowledge of what Sandusky was doing and a decision by the powers-that-were, including Paterno, NOT to take appropriate action.

      Why do you object to the truth? The lives of many young boys were damaged by their inaction. All should be accountable, alive or dead. Being dead does not make you innocent of wrongdoing. There’s nothing the law can do to Paterno now, but his involvement is part of the WHOLE TRUE STORY, and it should be told.

  • Sleuths

    Let The Man R.I.P. If Guilty, I’m Sure His Punishment From The Creator Is Even More Severe Than Any Of The Others…But Their Day Is Coming Too.

  • John White

    As the single biggest financial contributor (via the football program) Joe Pa was all-powerful at Penn State. The idea that he just kind of passed along the word to his”superiors” about Sandusky and turned his back would appear less than rational for a man who micromanaged everything else for decades. We have here another perfect example of the old adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Big time college athletics has been the breeding ground of cheating, payoffs and a mentality that “win at any cost” is perfectly OK…just win, baby. Paterno wasn’t about to let this horrible episode mar his carefully crafted legacy. But he sure guessed wrong this time.

    • Alyce

      Bravo. I’m not accustomed to reading coherent, intelligent comments on the internet. Thanks for the rare treat.

  • Bob H.

    We are too quick to glorify sports figures and even accept bad behavior while they are still in the game. It wouldn’t surprise me if Joe Pa also “negotiated grades”. Seems the smart coaches know when to retire or they risk turning into “Bret Favre’s”.

  • Bill

    Funny, that now all of the sudden these emails come out when Joe isnt here to defend himself. Shame on the University trying to make him the scapegoat. Another case of CYA.

  • mtb

    Spanier is afraid he’s going to be indicted. AS WELL HE SHOULD BE! Shame on all involved to go after an icon who is dead. He can’t defend himself. Hopefully, all those who loved Joe will get the truth — he did what he was supposed to do. Let everyone who is guilty fry — not Joe!

    • http://yahoo Fred

      Don’t worry. He’s in a better place now. Hell where he deserve

      • Grace

        Amen, Fred…..he can burn while he waits for his buddy to join him.

        • Greg

          This has nothing to do with Joepa, Joe reported this in case you forget the facts of the case…and to pick on a guy who’s dead and can’t defend himself is down right ignorant!

          • Gaylon

            It’s always easy to blame a dead guy.
            I agree with Greg

          • Saintan

            He did not report it to the police.

          • pat

            So if it was your son you would be saying Joe did what he was supposed to do, right! Nobody at PSU had more power than Joe, remember when they went to his house a few year back to force him to retire, he told them to get the hell off his front porch, Joe knew and had the power to make it stop and he did nothing.

          • Robert

            This has everything to do with Paterno. He did tell those higher in authority, but those in authority held him in their confidence and took his advice to cover it up. It is in the e-mails. Joe, unfortunately, is just as guilty as Sandusky. Hell, Sandusky is alive and can’t defend himself. He is as guilty as you can get. Joe is in the same boat, dead or alive.

    • http://WebProBusiness Dale Joy

      Yes, they were all compliant in a crime by not telling the proper athorities about it. Accessory after the fact. All of them should be brought up on charges. Sandusky should lose his pension. It should be given to the victims. What does the poor and ignorant people have to defend themselves if these educated fools are running our higher learning school systems?

  • Jake

    These administrators knew and kept it quiet,
    their inaction contributed to the abuse of so
    many young boys.

    All to protect the football legacy and the University,
    not to protect the abused.

    They need to be held accountable in a court of law.

  • Grace

    I have 3 sons and they all have played sports and my 15 year old is still playing now. That being said, it literally sickens me to think that someone would walk in on a grown man brutally abusing a child and WALK AWAY!!!! Go tell someone??? I am a woman but my mother has thrown a punch in her life to protect me and I know I would NEVER have walked away and let him continue!!!!! One thing old man Sadusky has to be thankful for is that he never had the chance to “mentor” one of mine because I can guarantee you he wouldn’t be sitting in a jail cell right now but fighting off the flames of hell!!!!!

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    Whoever idea this was, God will take care of them. Some of my nieces went through this with 2 of my brothers, if they only knew how they destroy a human life!

  • M Wilson

    It seems strange to me that none of this came out until JOPA had the record for most wins for a coach. All of this had been known for years. The timing seems awfully suspicious to me.

  • Don

    This is not about Joe Paterno, it’s about Sandusky… The headline says, “May have”, you have to be kidding me, After talking to Joe and without the full context of that conversation, how in the world can you write that. I do remember that Joe did report it to his superiors and they made the decision. Every decision in hindsight is so much clearer for those who sit in the stands.
    I don’t know what Joe said, or what he didn’t say….. I just know I wouldn’t go out and buy the rope and look for the nearest tree based upon such shallow and shoddy writing.
    Remember that after the police and the A/G got the report, it took over a year to make an arrest. They apparently believed they needed to investigate before they made an arrest.

    • Richard

      I agree Don He did pass it on and than went on with his job In hindsight he could have followed up to see what happen but how many of us do that ?

  • Carol

    Talk about valley of the dry bones. Listen Paterno had to know this was going on, so he is an accessory, coupled with the fact Sandusky and Paterno were thick as thieves. I think victims were Sandusky’s reward from Paterno indirectly thru that foundation no one had heard of, it was a underground ring for pedophiles. Paterno hopefully asked for forgiveness and then G-d mercifully escorted him to where he will be forever and ever.Sandusky grow your nails long they like girls like you.

  • http://yahoo Denise

    Guilty or not,JoePaterno is paying the ultimate price-he got the death sentence without benefit of due process.God will decide his final fate,so let him rest in peace if thats whats happening.Focus on the live criminals.Theres enough of them.

  • greg

    Letters defending Sandusky reflect the “true believers” syndrome. By this I mean the exact opposite of what is known as the skeptic. As a scientist is generally asking as many questions as possible in order to weed out the truth, the true believer ties themselves in knots in order to affirm their established and tightly held truth which often forms the basis of their very being. The true believer will expound on how God saved the lone survivor of the airplane crash – and show no conflict in the fact that every single other person died in that same event. The true believer can vote republican – without apparent conflict – when those same republicans demand that every safety net for US citizens be eliminated on some constitutional basis. They will protest stem cell research while friends and family suffer disease due to some corrupted DNA.

    The idea that the true believer will absolve a coach because his team has done well – that is exactly what we should expect.

  • agnis

    guilty by omission is still guilty.

  • Saintan

    If you are defending any one involved, including Joe, you must like molesting children also.

    • bilbo

      Crimes at the highest level for these egomaniacs, to protect a dumb football record at the expense of raping kids. Pathetic. What a horrible farce.

      • Saintan

        Thank you bilbo!

    • LP

      And that comment is at the height of ignorance, Saintan. I’m not defending or accusing … What do they say, hindsight is always 20 / 20 (or better)? It must feel great to vent when your opponent will never have the opportunity to respond. It’s great that all this stuff comes out after Sandusky is convicted and Paterno is dead. IF this stuff was true, where was it in the media when the case broke or where was it while Paterno was alive or where was it during the course of Sandusky’s trial?

      May you all be personally judged with the same measure you are judging others. How does it feel to speak ill of the dead? Make you feel all important and special?

  • Debbie Steinholt

    Amanda Crum sounds like another left wing wacko who wants to encourage the molestation of children so lesbians can hurt even more families. Get rid of them all. Soon. Frick you Amanda. You swine.

    • Carey

      “Get rid of them all. Soon” Sounds like a threat to me….you are aware that that is against the law, aren’t you?

    • Bluedevilsrule

      Well stated. It appears that Amanda needs to change the carpet in her bedroom and maybe she wouldn’t be as bitter about life. For a few days at least!

  • Greg2

    Ms Crums article is again not news. The investigators in this case were thorough but untimely. Sandusky will serve life in prison and should. The administration should be held accountable and will be. Joe Paterno is gone and will be judged by a higher power. But Ms Crum does not report news. She pontificates on her high horse. Ms Crum, start your articles with “In my oponion” and you might be taken more seriously.

    • LP

      Well said, Greg!

      • DavidinDallas

        Open up your closed mind and look at the coverup the old man Joe Paterno did(even switching everything he owns to his wife in case a civil suit showed up before that old fart would kick-the-bucket)…….You must also be voting for Obummer!!!!

    • TommyA

      Touche’ … couldn’t have said it any better! These so called reporters today mix up “opinion & blogging about it” with “reporting on it”!!!

  • http://yahoo Alvin Bolster

    All idols have feet of clay.
    It’s time for Joe Pa’s statue
    at Penn State to come tumbling

  • http://yahoo Alvin Bolster

    All idols have feet of clay.
    It’s time for Joe Pa’s statue
    at Penn State to come tumbling

  • Sanchez

    Not Joe, he wouldn’t hide this for the sake of winning a Bowl.

  • Jay Alan

    It`s very easy to say what a person may or may not have done.
    Especially since the person is not around to say what REALLY happened as far as what he knew. People will say things now to make themselves look better, and to make Joe look bad. Knowing he can`t respond.

  • bob

    Let the f…… guy rest in peace. We are all human. “May he cast the first stone.” You know Paterno probably wasn’t an authority on sexual abuse. Joe was an old time football coach. He wasn’t any intellectual. Should they have reported it? Absolutely. Were they stupid and wrong not too? Yes. Joe Paterno DID do alot of good for alot of people. At one point in my life I loved all this stuff. Somebody gettin “found out.” Somebody gettin divorced. Somebody making a mistake. I salivated over it. Now? Not so much. Not so much anymore.

    • Trend

      As usual defending a child molestor I guess you’re Catholic also.

  • Sam

    How does any of this information prove Joe was covering up anything??? Lay off.

    • Trend

      He’s a typical Catholic, no more need to be said.

    • Alyce

      Can’t you read?

      “After . . . talking it over with Joe [Paterno] yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps.”
      This is from an e-mail. IN WRITING!

  • carl

    i think they should give all involved an unsanded broom handle and see how they like it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trend

    I don’t know why it’s a surprise to everyone this is what CATHOLICS do. Wanted all other to become Catholic so that they could molestic other kids. The priest are the worst and the mothers and fathers that knew this was going on and took hush money.

    • Floyd Hult

      It could have ALL been avoided. So so sad

    • Brad

      After reading some of your comments your bias and hate scream for you to get outside help FAST! Every group has its losers but only fools condemn the entirety.

  • Doris Bianchi

    This story is disgusting and a disgrace. Joe Paterno gave his life to Penn State and was instrumental in formulating young mens lives to improve humanity. Now, you are going to disgrace his good name when he cannot speak for himself. Sandusky is a slime ball and it is very understandable why Paterno kept this quiet. If he had reported to University officials,they were protecting their University. If Paterno knew, he was protecting himself and PENN State. Why did’nt the victims come forward??? Throw Sandusky in with other Sex offenders and let them have a go of it. Sandusky should NEVER see the light of day again.

  • carl d balderson

    let me look over my computer to find the right buttons to push on how to get rid of the crap they put into these machines ????hmmm oh i found it D-E-L-E-T-E .

    • Gary Plefka

      Say it ain’t so Joe….

  • billy powell

    This was all really sad bud now the university is gonna put it all on paterno.way to go penn state blame the guy who cant defend himself.you are trash and belong in the same catergory as jerry sandusky what a bunch of bitches

    • Charlie

      Get your head out of your arse. If Paterno knew and in all probability he did he is scum and so are the others that knew about the allegations and did not come forward.

      • Cynthia

        Amen to that. Of course they knew, and the good old boys turned their heads for years and talked about it in whispers and hoped it would just go away so nothing would get in the way of the almighty, precious football program.

  • John Doe

    It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says except the victims.

  • ken adair

    What ever happened to the coverage on the Syracuse Basketball Coach who was accused of the same type of crime.Could it be that we wont hear any thing more about this guy because he is Jewish.Everyone in this sort of trouble should be treated in the same way.If you people are going to crucify Paterno then you also better crucify the Jewish dude too The press in this country are getting pretty brazen in this sort of coverage,Hang everone BUT the Jews and dont tell me that Rabbis and other Jewish clergy are oblivious of this sort of thing,we all know better.For certain,we do know that there is a basketball coach of Jewish persuation who is accused of sex crimes and we are not getting any information like the info on Paterno and his assistant.Its not fair or equal reporting.

    • irony

      Seriously – are you talking about crucifying the jewish dude? LOL! Priceless.

    • Jim

      How stupid are you? That had nothing to do with someone being Jewish. That comment is utterly assinine. His accusers were liars and only wanted a quick buck. The lack of coverage was due to lack of a story and evidence NOT because he is Jewish. Idiot!

  • http://webpro Gary Stevens

    I would love to hear what Franco Harris and all the others that said “how dare we say 1 bad word about Paterno”.They should have been worried about the potential victims instead of the almighty Paterno!

  • KayBoesen

    Jerry Sandusky should be shot for what he did. He won’t last long in prison.

    • Steven Wilson

      Everytime I try to get a word out about Sandusky it gets jolted ,holted There is a conspiracy deep in that school and Allumni.

  • bill mosman

    as said, only in american can you put a staute and hail someone up in the middle of a kids school representing someone connected to child abuse ? is anyone suprised really ? no, really are you. there will always be excuses or reasoning, always. beyond shame on you

  • http://yahoo.com ellie

    wasnt there something about a Penn state sociologist who Paterno got fired because she complained about the shower hugger?

  • s.v.p.

    when jerry gets there, they will be waiting with open arms!!! and i hope his screams are unheard too.

  • Matt

    This is proof that Penn State was never the clean, perfect program that is pretended to be. Remember the fight accusations, the rapes. Sandusky, who knows what else that went down at State College? We know now that while they looked squeeky clean from the outside Joe was sweeping it all under Beaver Stadium. Pathetic.

    • william Noyes

      Penn State was always all that. I hope Sandusky rots in Hell. It is, and always will be a pure, and honest place. We do run a clean Football Program and are better people when we leave Penn State then when we arrive. We study harder , learn more, are more well rounded and positioned better to succeed that most college graduates. Penn State taught me how to be a winner, a better kinder person, and I am damn proud. they call it Penn State Proud. Don’t ever say any thing bad about Coach Paterno. He was a fine man, a great man, and one of the best coaches of all time . A legend larger than life. So to all you haters Get your mind right. Graduate- PSU 1990 Econ University Park.

  • right

    Well one thing for sure, a dead man can’t defend himself. This is disgusting to me, once again Penn State needs a scape goat, and Joe Pa, will serve as that scape goat.
    He did so much for the students and athletic department of that university, and now use him one last time. Dead men can’t defend themselves. I’m convinced he died of a broken heart. Sandusky did the act, and he should pay, but the memory of a dead man should not be tainted. Here’s one for all of you, did you know that Centre County DA disappeared, and has never been found, he was investigating this crap. All a little too familiar, Penn State is run like a mob.

    • Dr. K.

      Joe Pa behaved in a cowardly manner. It takes a lot of energy and moral courage to proceed with following through on such a shocking incident he was clearly told about. If you look the other way, you don’t upset the apple cart. He got off easy in death. He probably died earlier than expected because of shame and remorse. Just because he is no longer here to defend himself doesn’t mean that his behavior was without fault. Were he alive now there would be no defense for inaction. Even abuse victims are told to keep telling someone until they are believed and helped. Joe Pa should have been like the Energizer Bunny to keep going and going in the telling of this incident until something was done to stop this monster. But he didn’t did he? Joe Pa defenders still have their heads buried in the sand…and most likely always will!

  • rangerrebew

    The comment “we are aware of the first situation” makes it sound like the administration was aware of at least one other Sandusky sexual attack. If they were aware of the situation that McQueary brought to them and it was the only one, there would be no purpose in using the adjective “first.” I haven’t seen that mentioned by all the high paid pundits, as if saving Joepa’s reputation is more important than the truth.

  • http://microsoft7 jude anne

    I agree w/Right. They used Coach Paterno as a scape goat. It seems funny that this abuse came to light just before Coach Paterno’s retirement. Now that he is deceased, they are indicating that there is email to blame the cover up all on him. So glad that Sandusky is put away for life.

  • gotelitonthemountain

    All Curly says in the email is that Curly(he) was uncomfortable going to everyone. Curly only says he talked with Joe. He does not say he agreed or disagreed with Joe. Curly ultimately made the decision not to report it to everyone. In Curly’s position he should have reported it.

  • carolmullen

    I never stood behind Joe Paterno, and i took heat for that but i could of cared less about his supporters, it’s coming out now what i said all along he knew about it but did nothing to stop it, keeping it quiet was a better way of dealing with it. He along with his crew at Penn State were all to blame for these Boys getting raped..

    • Ed

      this is common, in my work life I have witnessed people who would shy away from full disclosure because they thought they could get away with it and usually they did. Morality and faith get trampled when you deal with powerful and insulated people. The legacy of Penn State athletics will be to remind people to be careful about keeping their perversions private.

  • Roscoe

    The man is dead, he died shortly after being fired from Penn State, a university that didn’t want to live up to their failings. Let him rest in peace and quit trying to upset his family just so YOU can look good.

  • Roscoe

    I had the unfortunate experience of working at a prestigious private college in Kalamazoo, MI for 11 years. You would be totally blown away if you knew how far they go to protect themselves and their money, even if it means totally destroying another person. Believe me, I won’t say it happens every day, but I WILL say it happens several times a month. Someone has to explain the missing money and missing inventory and the students who are claiming sexual abuse (there is a lot more behind the “claiming”, they claim it because it really happened), it’s so much easier to blame it on a lowly employee rather than hold the college responsible. Sad to say, even to this day, people buy that and other people are destroyed because of it.

  • Ken

    As I’ve stated in comments before on this subject, Joe Paterno DID report this to the police when he reported it to the campus security director. That was his moral obligation. Where it went from there was out of his hands. Would you report a violation to an officer, then call him and ask what he’s doing about it? I highly doubt it. People will say “Yes, I would.”; but, the reality is the majority of people don’t call and ask that question. As I read in a different post: Jo Pa didn’t have any influence in the matter. Jo Pa was one of the most influential people at Penn State. You cannot have it both ways, in the press or on the internet.

  • pm

    This is complete bullshit. You’ve taken one line from one email and tried to pin the cover up on Joe Paterno. The email is very vague. It doesn’t say what was discussed. It doesn’t say that Joe agreed with not going to police. To declare that the cover up was his idea is just tabloid journalism. Using the “may” doesn’t make it acceptable. The world may end tomorrow. It may not. My neighbor may be a pedophile. I have no proof he isn’t. So far there is no proof Joe witnessed any child abuse or participated in the cover up. Joe never used email & we don’t know what he did or didn’t know. He’s not here to defend himself so that makes him an easy target for lazy writers who want attention grabbing headlines.

    • psufan

      I agree this is utter nonsense.Take the word of two liars and what do you think they would do but make Joe the scapegoat,he cannot defend himself.I have lived outside State College all of my 54 years and cannot believe he would cover anything like this up.

      • http://yahoo lived a little

        Please pull the wool covering eyes off!

    • k

      the fact of the matter is Joe did know about it which allowed sandusky to violate more children..the emails pinpoint the fact that the “higher ups” in the department realized there could be repercussions for not going public with the information / which is anagolous to you and a passenger running someone over with your car last summer and mentioning it next summer.
      the problem is the “higher ups” knew what was going on and for some reason they didn’t take one second to think about how much damage would be done to future kids if this wasn’t stopped. trust me, if you were cornered in a shower by a 65 year old man when your 5 it would drastically mess with your future life..sick bastards

    • Mitchell


      Very well said. When I first read the headline, I was shocked. Then I read the email and thought, typical media in our country. Always going for the shock impact. That email does nothing to suggest Joe was the reason for the cover-up.

  • http://www.doucebag.com Barack Obama

    This Mother-less Phuck knew EXACTLY WHAT was going on…Rapist-U…that is what Penn State has become…buncha ass-rapin Catholic mutherphuck cunts who like boys…

  • Guido

    Amanda Crum?

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