Joe Biden Won the Debate If You Ask the Xbox LIVE Community

    October 12, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that they would live-stream all three Presidential debates and the sole Vice Presidential debate via their new Elections Hub inside the Xbox 360 dashboard. But unlike YouTube, who’s simply streaming the events, Xbox is asking (Xbox LIVE Gold) members to provide feedback during the contests.

“Throughout the debate, the Xbox LIVE community will be able to weigh in with their opinions by responding to real-time poll questions about the candidate’s performances, their responses to questions and views on issues,” says Microsoft.

And according to a Major Nelson blog post, over 800,000 individual responses came in during last night’s Vice Presidential debate. That means that Xbox LIVE users averaged about 30,000 responses per question posed during the debate.

Based on those reactions, Xbox LIVE can confirm that undecided voters swung heavily in favor of VP Biden.

Here are some of the quick stats from last night:

  • Biden won the debate with Xbox Swing Voters: 44.1% of undecided voters declared Biden the winner with 22.9% choosing Ryan.
  • Biden was overwhelmingly viewed by our swing voters as being more truthful, garnering the favor of 72.2% of undecided respondents.
  • An overwhelming 70.1% of undecided voters do not consider a candidate’s religion when deciding for whom to vote.
  • 53.7% of undecided voters felt that Biden is better prepared to step in as president compared to 21% for Ryan

When you look at the “who won the debate” question, 88.5% of Obama supporters (whether strong or leaning) chose Biden. The undecideds chose Biden, as did those who identified themselves as “other” – 52.6% to 26.4%. The only voters that picked Congressman Ryan as the winner were voters leaning Romney and those strong for Romney.

The same breakdown exists for the question “who do you think is more truthful.”

If you missed out on participating in the live polling on Xbox LIVE, don’t worry – you’ll have another two chances. Both remaining Presidential debates will be available on Xbox LIVE. The next one is on Tuesday, October 16th.

And while you wait for that debate, you can check out the Xbox Elections Hub for videos and more coverage of the campaign 2012. They say that they’ve made two more additions to the content that should be appearing later this week – BBC and Comedy Central.

  • Noel

    I was one of the many who answered these questions on Xbox – it was nonsense. One of the questions was, “Are the candidates telling the truth?” That’s a bogus question and designed to slant the voting outcome. It should have read, “Is Biden telling the truth?” or “Is Ryan telling the truth?”

    And in all honestly, Xbox, being owned by Microsoft, which has a stake in MSNBC, which is totally owned by the Left, should be made note of in this article. With questions like these, there was no way to know the truth. That’s something the left does NOT want known. Biden was a mess. He was rude, arrogant, and smarmy. Ryan on the other hand was cool and collected and appeared far more sincere.

    The Xbox community that I know would have eaten the old man alive if the questions were honest. Either that, or these results are the sad facts of misguided 24 year olds still living in their mom’s basements.

    We’ve given Obama/Biden the last 4 years. It’s time to vote for new blood. I say vote em out every four years. Never let politicians get comfortable in their jobs!

    • Nick

      Noel, Microsoft and NBC split earlier this year. Microsoft no longer has any stake in MSNBC.

      Also, your comment is generalizes the participates of the poll and is rather “rude, arrogant, and smarmy.”

  • Jon KIng

    I have a feeling had the poll said Ryan won the first poster would have been just fine with it. Bush got 8 years to take a hammer to the china shop….Obama deserves 8 to try to clean up the mess. Fair is fair.

    • Marie

      I agree 8 years is needed to clean this up. It makes sense..heck Bush needed 8 years and he made mistakes too. Also,lets be real Bush and Cheney fucked this country up when they left office. Republicans should call it for what it is. No president is perfect if they’re Republican or Democrat. People are never satisfied. This recession will come to an end, and for some reason I believe this issue will be old news in years to come. The govenrment will be on the next bad wagon of issues.

  • Andy

    Okay, I’m a Republican – but seriously, Biden kicked Ryan’s ass. I’m still a Republican and it hasn’t changed anything but he did do really well. Why can’t Ryan represent Romney better? He can’t even stand up for Romney or explain his policies. He may just be young. It would be interesting to see Ryan in a couple years.

    • Naya

      I appreciate your honesty, but Ryan did a great job, considering all he was up against. First, Biden was the “elder statesman” and had Ryan actred the way his opponent had, the media would have been all over him, calling Ryan a “bully” and arguing that hew failed to repect his elders. Second, Biden does have more experience in the governmental arena, which Ryan had to respect. These are NOT excuses, the way Democrats wanted to excuse Obama’s poor performance at his first debate. Whatever happens in the next weeks, and whatever spin we get from the pro-Obama media, the first debate showed truthfully how weak Obama is and how much better off the USA will be if Romney anbd Ryan win in November.

  • James

    So most Xbox users prefer Biden? Hmmm, why am I not surprised? Most Kardashian lovers prefer Obama. The less intelligent variety tend to flock to their own kind.

  • klove

    I wouldn’t read too much in to this. When asked who was winning the first debate, most of those polled on Xbox Live said Obama was. Almost 2 to 1.

  • http://WebProNews BC

    Biden is a moron — most X Boxers are morons — two peas in a pod