Jodi Arias Wanted To Cut Prosecutor’s Throat, Cellmate Says

    December 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jodi Arias reportedly wanted to put a mafia-style hit out on prosecutor Juan Martinez, and her former cellmate says she was obsessed with him and wasn’t shy about it.

Cassandra Collins told Fox10 News that Arias said she would have Martinez killed if she was sentenced with the death penalty, but she also seemed to have feelings for him.

“She asked me questions like ‘why doesn’t Juan Martinez love me?’ And I’m like, love you? He’s your prosecutor, he’s there to prosecute you for a crime,” Collins said. “[Jodi] tried to manipulate every inmate there and tries to control how they think about her case. She’ll try to suffocate you with her version and her side. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell.”

Arias is still awaiting a second trial after jurors couldn’t come to a decision on whether or not she should receive the death penalty for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Alexander was found in the shower–shot, stabbed, and with a cut throat–and Arias denied having any involvement with his death at first. Later, she recanted her story and said she had killed him in self defense.

The hangup for the jurors seemed to be that they couldn’t prove that Arias had killed Alexander in an “exceptionally cruel” way, which would automatically lead to the death penalty. A date for the new trial hasn’t been set yet, but the judge has ordered that no cameras are to be allowed in the courtroom. Attorney David Bodney, who represents several media outlets, is leading a fight for transparency during the trial.

“The trial court has gone from transparency to blackout and bewilderment,” said Bodney. “There have been repeated flagrant violations of the public’s constitutional right to attend proceedings.”

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  • Andy

    God I hate the media and the never ending sensationalism. I have read the Constitution many times and I find no mention of the “public’s” right to attend the proceedings, especially when that supposed right is to make money off of other people’s misery.

  • Tom

    The sooner she’s put to death the better. She’s nothing but a liar. You so called followers need to get a life.

    • Diane

      I guess you had a perfect life, so you feel that you are at liberty to judge. Yes, what she did was pretty horrific to say the least. I do believe she has some mental issues which should be taken care of. You do know that some people do snap when they are under extreme duress. I was married to a cop for 25 years and one time he held my arm behind my back and almost broke it. I took a gun to him and told him if he tried to hurt me again, I would use it. I was actually terrified to leave him, but I finally did. So what I am trying to say is you don’t know what went on behind the scenes, so try not to judge.

      • PJP

        He who is without sin cast the first stone. There is two sides not one to this story and yes she deserves to be punished but not by death. She needs mental help because obviously she has a mental issue that needs to be resolved. Only GOD has the right to take a life not mankind.

        • rocc

          we have heard her side of the story and it’s pure d crap ! thee is no help/cure or pill for chronic liars !

      • Amy

        What you are saying may be true in some situations, but if this article is true this woman STILL has no remorse. Usually with mental illness there are more lucid moments!

        • kalani

          Oh I’m glad you know so much about mental illness and how lucid people are. If people kept up about mental issues, they would know these peoples brains are very different from so called normal brains. Some of these actual serial killers have imbalances in their brains and also have been severely abused. The reason that some of them become killers are the way the were brought up. If they were abused as children, then they more than likely will become serial killers. If they were nurtured instead of abused, then there is a good chance that they will know of their problem, then they may have a chance of not acting on their impulse to kill.

          • rocc

            a personality disorder is NOT a serious mental illness. AND she was not severely abused. and stats do NOT support yr theory that severely abused children are more than likely to become serial killers. it’s you who doesn’t know much about mental illness.

    • http://yahoo debra

      No Jury will convict me and you can mark my words on that, um I wonder how that’s working for her now, they need to get this trial going and stop babying her every need and keep the trial rite where she is, its been long enough and I hope a jury sentences this heartless its all about me to death, she killed Travis in cold blood this was (IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU NO ONE CAN), and as for self defense, I am will to bet that she took true stories that she learned in jail and used It in court, put her to death so that the Alexander family can move on, she don’t have mental issues she was just a spoiled brat that always got her way and Travis was not playing her way and she was not having it, this was like play misty for me, fatal attraction, and as for the movie I have to say it was as fake as she is, Jodi Arias uses other peoples stories and runs with it she is a liar and as long as you play her game she uses you and when you don’t play along with her she will do you harm, she knows how to play people……

  • Firedragon

    Why is she still around us?
    She clearly lacks empathy for others and will be a danger to anyone and is a text book case psychopath and should be put to death. So many people that are put to death unnecessarily or by mistake, but clearly Ms. Arias is guilty and has no remorse for her actions!!

    • shannon

      and clearly u have no empathy or compassion for others either….ur solution to people w text book mental disease is to put them to death!??? so wouldn’t that make u JUST LIKE JODI ARIAS??? do u have remorse for writing ur hypocritical idiotic comment? jerk! lets hang em!!

      • kalani


        Really it is so difficult to know anyone anymore with any kind of empathy. Myself, some times I wish I wasn’t born with so much feeling and empathy for people and OUR United States. I just returned from Pearl Harbor and was watching some of the survivors on a film that were telling of losing their beloved shipmates. I cried for the young lives lost that were protecting our United States of America. I was gladdened to see that “Mighty Mo” was looking over our fallen heroes that will forever rest with the Arizona. Seeing “Mighty Mo” standing guard over the Arizona and her BRAVE DEAD that was resting at peace beneath the water. I did cry and no I am not ashamed at all. God Bless Our Military

      • Mr Dave

        dear Shannon you should not want people hang just because they don’t say what do you want them just say if you like Jodie so much maybe you should let her live with you

  • Jean

    First of all, the jury had a “hang up” on “Exceptionally Cruel”, REALLY? Secondly, I personally think she needs to get life without parole, that way she can think about it everyday for the rest of her life. Third, I thought her attorneys were great, shes the one who sabotaged her own self. And finally, GO JUAN MARTINEZ, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. I’M BEHIND YOU 100%.

    • Monica

      I think if you sentence her to life w/out parole you are sentencing future cell mates and prisoners to cruel and unusual punishment…I would be terrified of spending more than a few minutes with this fatally narcissistic woman, that is enough to keep me out of the system!!

    • Emmy

      Yeah… stabbed countless times, his throat slit, then shot in the head but still the jurors could not agree on “exceptionally cruel!” UNBELIEVABLE. What does it take?? No critical thinkers at all.

      • http://yahoo Sandy

        They agreed it was exceptionally cruel but could not agree whether to give her life or death that is why she has this new penalty phase trial coming up…..I have seen many stories of murders but Jodi makes my skin crawl, there is just something that makes me very unconfortable when I see her I think she should get death and put us all out of our misery to have to hear about her. I myself do not think she was abused or she would not have gone back to AZ once she was in CA when you are that far away from your abuser you are relieved and not looking to hook up with him. I think she killed him because he didn’t want to be with her and he had everything she wanted a home, nice lifestyle, and she didn’t want him to be able to move on with someone else. What a shame for Travis, just goes to show you, you never know whos’ path is going to cross yours.

    • Carey

      I also don’t see why it would be difficult to prove she killed him in an exceptionally cruel manner, but it’s an automatic death sentence if they find this true. Since she’s still a young woman (and though not to me, but by some standards attractive) some jurors will have difficulty being the one responsible for finding this circumstance and basically putting her to death. And now that the court is assigning a new jury, I think there’s even less chance of her receiving the death penalty, bc these people didn’t have to sit through her whole trial, and hear all the witnesses and see her reactions, and experience the entire thing. They’re going to hear what is presented to them, which no doubt will not be as compelling as what occurred during the trial. It’s a shame really, because it’s what she deserves, and I’m normally against death. In her case though, she clearly has no empathy, and is highly narcissistic(?), so I have no pity for her. It’s what needs to happen.

      My problem with giving her life instead, is that if she truly is a psychopath (which she IS), then she won’t think she’s done anything wrong, no matter how long you let her live…so what’s the point? She’ll start some cult of Jody on the inside and wallow in her own self pity forever. There’s no point in clothing, feeding, and sheltering her bc she’ll never be anything more than what you saw in court. She won’t think about it every day…not in the way you think, she’ll only see that she was persecuted, and that she’s a victim. She’s a completely stagnant human waste. Nothing more.

      I disagree about her attorneys. I don’t care how they felt about her, they very obviously let it show, and that’s unacceptable and highly unprofessional. I think they probably did the best the could, but honestly they should have been replaced IMO.

      And yeah, she hurt her own case horribly, which is why there’s such secrecy now most likely. The judge probably wants this to be open and shut instead of a means for Jodi to seek attention. She very obviously can’t resist the lime light, and someone has to put a stop to it. I think she has this idea that she’s inside some TV movie…little does she understand that this is life and death, and prison is the LEAST glamorous place on Earth. I think she might do us all a favor in the end anyway once reality sinks in and those bars close behind her forever in prison. Eventually reporters will stop requesting interviews, and she’ll begin to rot in her cell and wonder what happened to her youth, and all the attention. Once she realizes that this is forever, she’ll panic and freak out and kill herself. But never bc she feels badly about what she’s done, only bc she’ll feel sorry for herself. Sick.

      It’s hard to believe someone like her can easily coexist with the rest of society without someone taking notice. She is the definition of psycho. Next time you guys throw that around in reference to an ex, remember Jodi please, and decide if that’s truly accurate. People overuse this term so much, but THIS is was crazy is.

      • Julia Lopez

        You truly have exceptional insight into this persons case and her severe personality deficits!

  • Jean

    First of all, the jury had a “hang up” on “Exceptionally Cruel?”, REALLY??? Secondly, personally I think she should have life without parole so she can spend the rest of it thinking about all she did. Thirdly, I think her attorneys were great, she’s the one who kept sabotaging her on case. Finally. GO JUAN MARTINEZ! I’M BEHIND YOU 100 PERCENT, DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

  • http://Yahoo Meghan

    The jury did not have a hang up about the way she murdered Travis as exceptionally cruel. That was unanimous. The hang up was from the 4 men on the jury who were thinking with the wrong head. They didn’t want to put her to death, only to give her life in prison. If she had been ugly, there would not have been a problem with putting her to death. Why shouldn’t the public be allowed to watch the final verdict, afterall, the tax payers are paying for her unworthy defense.

    • John

      Thanks for telling it like it is ! Casey Anthony is most likely free do to the stupid men “thinking with the wrong head”. A very homely fat & fugly woman would be rotting.

    • Ryan

      Uhh…have you seen her? She is ugly!

  • Isaac Karim

    Personally, I can’t see why there was a hang-up on anything where this young lady is concerned. I mean, how cold-blooded can you get…? She had to have had ice in her veins. I watch the whole trial with the rest of the country. The death penalty is certainly warranted in this case. She attacked this guy, cut his throat, and shot him in the head…and the way she planed it and carried out her plan…man, she was something different. If ever a death penalty should be imposed, this is it. This lady is scary…..!!!

  • Tony

    Jody should be given life.
    IN HELL!!!

    • kalani

      You know, some of you judge others so harshly. Did you stop to think that some individuals have some chemical imbalances in their brain that bring on all kinds of behavior. I truly believe that Jodi enjoyed being with Travis and he with her at first. She wanted to please him and would submit to deviant sex just to win his approval and she hoped that through the sex he would marry her. But he soon made it clear after months of deviant sex and lies to his church on being a “Good Mormon” and telling friends that he was no longer seeing Jodi(even though the friends knew that he still couldn’t stop seeing Jodi. What about the “Spiderman underwear that he wanted “her” to wear. Even one of Travis’ male friends and his sister didn’t approve of the way he treated her and they had gone on many outings with them.

  • http://Facebook James Kenneth Terry

    Please, put that muderous bitch out of her misery now, kill her. That is what she deserves. Nothing better. No, the media should not be there. This is what she loves. Don’t give it to her.

    • Merri B

      James – I think you hit the nail on the head. The media LOVES their circus, and Jodi saw it as a chance to produce, direct, and star in “The Jodi Show,” which is exactly what she did. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that were a big part of the reason why the judge did what she did and kept the media out. The Jodi Show should NOT be renewed for a second season.

  • http://Facebook James Kenneth Terry

    Excuse me, this muderous liar is asking for donations for her appeal? Her appeal for a murder that she admits to committing? Really? The only thing I would give this low life is a shot in the arm. And quess what, that is too good for her. She should be made to suffer. How many different things did she do to her victim,i.e., stabbing, shotting and cutting his throat. Come on, that is an overkill, if I have ever heard of one. Come on, kill her. She does not need to consume any more of the valuable oxygen on God’s green earth. KILL HER.

    • Lorri

      Not only that, it obviously took a while and a lot of effort to kill Travis and the whole time the poor man of course was terrified and suffering. The jury is totally ignorant not to have come back with an immediate death sentence for that pig. As much as I wanted to see any new trial, I’m actually glad that Arias can’t act up for the public this time around –

      • Loxi

        The Arias’ fans are spinning. They are not going to get their fix on television! Boo Hoo!

        • Violet

          Naw..not spinning….it took an iron stomach to watch it the first time….we don’t need a rerun…..we need a death verdict ASAP…..NOT 20 years of appeals!!!

      • Violet

        Yes he WAS terrified and suffering…doesn’t that mean EXCEPTIONALLY CRUEL? If not then they need to re-right the dictionary. The stabbings (what? 29 times?) was cruel and painful, bet that shot in the head hurt, and the throat slitting? 3 out of 3 should send her to the needle.

  • pat

    Give her the fame on TV, then give her the death penalty as soon as possible! She’s a cold blooded killer and does not even deserve a second chance! Travis didn’t even have a second to retrieve his breath after the first hit! Casey never admitted killing her daughter, still she should have been sentenced for life in prison, but Jody did admit killing Travis!

  • Loxi

    After reading about what her cellmate said it seems that one day an amazon will hear enough of her BS and she will do to her what Jeffery Dahmer had done to him. Some women have nothing to loose.

    • Diane


      I find it humorous that you actually believe someone in jail that stands to profit from saying these things. Just look at her picture. Do you really think she is telling the truth. I feel for her when the rest of the inmates find out she is narc. She may not last long herself.

      • Brianne

        Just like anyone believes Arias is a moron which would be you Diane. Her countless lies including the ones she admitted to on the stand(remember those) have proven she is unreliable and a pathological liar who should never be believed yet you believe her. Funny how that works isn’t it a bit hypocritical on your part don’t you think. A person who believes a liar telling someone else not to believe a liar. I already thought you were pathetic but now even more so I almost pity you for buying into her lies and manipulation but unfortunately it is hard to feel pity for stupid people.

        • jasmine

          Why don’t you quit being so hateful to people? These comment sections are for stating your opinion not calling people names and putting them down.

  • Dr J

    Fist NO One was there when the 200 pound rapist attacked Jodi over and over and then chasing her into a closet. He soldomized her hundreds of time and got away with it. According to facts, he was also a pedofil.
    NO ONE knows what really happened or who was there the day/night this dirt bag was killed. So get over it.
    As for your comments of revenge, you all had better wake up and see that the courts are not on your side. They will lock you up for a traffic fine and execute you for less.
    The real issue is why Jodi is being railroaded by a kangaroo court for defending herself. PTSD and Our of contro Fear of being attacked over and over again, caused her to loose control. We see it in the military on the battle field all the time. You are attacked and you defend yourself, and its hard to stop killing even after the enemy is already dead.
    So, you people need to take a chill pill. Travis Rape doesn’t justify him being viewed as a saint.
    As for this jerk Juan Martinez and his prosecutial misconduct and intimidation, he desirves to live in fear. You don’t miss treat someone who is a victim themselves.

    Remember, you wern’t there so you really have nothing to say in this matter. You don’t know how this story was developed by the cops. You don’t know he fear Jodi suffered. You wern’t there. Get over it and shut your pie hole.

    • Brianne

      There was never any proof of abuse. In fact she even ADMITTED to being an active participant in there adventurous sexual foreplay upon cross examination. Throwing every thing she claimed out the window. Not to mention that ONE PHOTO of a child showed up on his computer AFTER HE WAS DEAD. She was NEVER an abuse victim she is a manipulative cow who only claimed abuse when her story of masked men wasn’t taken seriously. As an actual sexual abuse victim I am DISGUSTED by people like you who have believed her lies and manipulations. No one attacked her she attacked him, driving hundreds of miles with stockpiled gas so no one could trace her and a stolen gun. It was premeditated murder. P.S. ALL of her words are just that words there were NEVER ANY FACTS to back any of it. Only her one sided story with no real proof. So still your “supposed” because that is one they are facts up your backside.

      • Diane

        When someone verbally abuses someone, it can be just as bad as sexual abuse. I was abused for many years and at first I didn’t even realize it was happening until my friends told me that I apologized for everything simply because I was led to believe everything bad was my fault. I couldn’t even hold my head up high and look people in the eyes. Jodi may have enjoyed the sex but I feel she was trying her best just to have him love her, so I think she may have done things she may not have wanted to do…not just with the sex part.

        • Brianne

          Honestly I feel sorry for your plight but she was NEVER ABUSED. Not one thing she claimed could be proven, she even admitted to lying OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. What is wrong with people like you. Work hard to prevent REAL ABUSE. Not fake abuse made up in someone’s head to get them out of trouble. Pathetic, she is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR her family and former friends and boyfriends even said as much and you still believe her crap.

        • Brianne

          P.S. SHE ADMITTED TO WANTING EVERYTHING AND ENJOYING IT EVEN SUGGESTING THINGS UPON CROSS EXAMINATION. What about that don’t you understand?? Stop trying to play the abuse card for her because she was NEVER abused.

    • Diane

      Dr. J

      I totally agree with you. Martinez is a total jerk who just flew off at the mouth incessantly. It would be all I could do just to be in the same court room as this jerk.
      As for Travis Alexander, he was no angel himself. Trying to hide his kinky sexual habits from his friends, family and his church. Using Jodi for sex, but she wasn’t good enough for his little church going friends.

      • Brianne

        Don’t forget Diane there was never any proof of any abuse. In fact upon cross examination she admitted she was a willing and active participant in there sex life. That completely threw her whole story of abuse out the window. Not to mention she never even claimed abuse until her story of masked intruders wouldn’t hold up. You are one pathetic human being taking a one sided story with absolutely no proof as a fact especially out of the mouth of a pathological liar who has lied over and over and over again and even admitted that on the stand. From your little spiel I know for a fact that if it was a man who did this to a woman you would be calling for his head but because it’s a woman we should just let it all go because SHE MADE UP A STORY THAT NO ONE CAN PROVE. We can prove however that SHE stockpiled gas in her car so no one could track her, SHE drove hundreds of miles after already being broken up and in a new relationship(cheating anyone seem Alexander may have learned some things from Arias), SHE stole a gun and brought a knife, SHE attacked him in the shower from behind, SHE threw away the weapons and tried to clean the scene, SHE created an alibi before she even got to his house hence the man she ended up spending the night with, SHE created a trail of erroneous information by leaving messages that said she wasn’t there, and finally SHE lied and lied and lied until she came up with a story that would work the I was abused. Woman like you are a disease to our sex it’s woman like you who cause cops to question when woman claim abuse and rape because you believe woman who make up stories just to get out of something bad THEY DID with nothing absolutely NOTHING to point to abuse.

        • Diane

          Actually the abuse came from Travis having sex with Jodi, but also letting her know she wasn’t good enough for him. He didn’t want to let his friends, church or anyone else know that they were seeing each other. I guess she was good for sex, but nothing else. He was lying to his church, family and all of his friends. He didn’t deserve that kind of death, but you know people do snap. Oh and by the way, I don’t resort to calling people morons or any other name for that matter like you do. Oh and by the way, I worked in the police profession and was married to one for 25 years so don’t try to tell me how they act or think. There are good ones and not so good ones. Believe me.

          • Brianne

            NO ABUSE WAS PROVEN. The only thing that was proven was that she was a pathological liar. Who planned a murder after she was already free from a “supposed” abusive relationship. Funny how you keep overlooking that fact. Frankly your not very good at your job if you believe people who make up a hundred different stories and continue to lie over and over and over again. I would hate to ever have to deal with anyone who would believe anything out of a woman’s mouth just because she is a woman. Someone should tell you superior that you have a bias and shouldn’t be trusted.

      • Violet

        KINKY? They were 2 consenting adults doing actions they BOTH enjoyed doing. If Jodi didn’t like it she never should have returned for the second time of playing. The fact she returned over and over again she enjoyed participating. She was just pissed because he got tired of her being so possessive and HE MOVED ON……. she couldn’t deal with not being the center of his attention and couldn’t bear him finding a new love. PURE JEALOUSY..and she sought revenge plan and simple.

        With her consistently LYING….. the attorneys did the best they could with what they had to work with.

        She’s sly like a fox, she knew exactly what she was doing and she planned it out and executed her plan……..DEATH and I prefer those who kill another without a shadow of a doubt end their life EXACTLY they way they took another life. An eye for an eye.

        • Reason-Able

          Agree, Violet!

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      Dr J….You must be kidding right? If she was in such fear of Travis why did she go back once she was in CA? She planned the whole thing and I believe after having sex with Travis she got dressed had the knife on her while taking pix of him, and when he was not looking and was in a vulnerable position she put her plan into action. I know the court system is not perfect but I think you over do it with your accusations about the system. Travis had everything she wanted lifestyle and when he wanted to move on with another woman she was gonna make sure he did not do that. She is a very sick person(personally I don’t think she is human) Even her Mom and Dad said she has had major issues all of her life. I don’t think they even knew how to handle her. She has no remorse and thinks that she is the hottest thing going and thinks every man should want her ( she even thinks Juan should be in love with her) She manipulates men with sex and if you want to I am sure she would want a shot at you. Knock yourself out buddy !!!! She is all yours!!!!

      • Violet

        AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!^5’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • grunge_byte

      >>Remember, you wern’t there so you really have nothing to say in this matter.

      Ah but Dr. Stupid, the evidence WAS there.

      “Why I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
      –The pretty and innocent Jody Arias.

  • bobbaluba

    Shot. Stabbed multiple times. Throat cut. Not cruel way to kill someone? Who the heck is on this jury that decided this, Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy?

    • Emmy

      @bobbaluba… my thoughts exactly!

  • Peter

    Forget solitary confinement. If you really want to pubish an inmate for a rules infraction house them with or next to Arias

  • Meg Lorenz

    She is completely guilty. And, whoever posted she had been sodomized 100s of times. Really? How can you prove that. She sounded like an eager player with Travis. If she didn’t like it, why did it happen 100s of times. And, the jury could not agree unanimously that he had suffered an exceptionally cruel death. OMG! I hope she does get the death penalty, and then it is taken care of quickly – i.e. she doesn’t get to hang out in prison for years, whining about how she doesn’t deserve to be there.

  • Emmy

    Seriously… where do they pick these brain dead jurors from?? Casey Anthony jurors could not prove that she had heartlessly murdered her innocent baby so she could have “the good life,” GZ jurors could not prove that he had heartlessly murdered an innocent teenager in the name of “standing his ground,” Jodi Arias jurors could not prove that she had been “exceptionally cruel” in the ‘overkill’ of Travis Alexander yet she stabbed him, slit his throat, shot him! These jurors must be the kind that see Russia from their porch, or believe that Africa is a country, or that the religion of the Jews is Islam, or they can’t name one country that starts with U! How sad.

  • Jim Jordan

    Is Jane growing a beard? That’ some five-o’clock shadow she has going there.

  • @TheNokester

    Take anything you read from AMANDA CRUM with a grain of salt. Crum is a hack, wannabe-writer.

  • Andrea K

    I can’t believe the people who think this woman is innocent. According to their “Jodi is Innocent” website, they’re spouting off that there was another person there! Give it up! This psycho is as guilty as they come. She stabbed that poor man, shot him, slit his throat… that’s not self defence. Put her to death and let’s all move on.

  • tomp533

    Well is obvious she KNOWS how to slit throats

  • Reason-Able

    The jurors seemed to be that they couldn’t prove that Arias had killed Alexander in an “exceptionally cruel” way. (??)

    Stabbing someone about thirty times, shooting them, then slitting
    their throat is not an “exceptionally cruel” way? That scenario
    is definitely NOT self-defense either. And don’t say she was abused.
    Why then was she chasing after him all the time?
    She is a smart cookie but also loved roughness, the sex and perversion
    of their relationship or she wouldn’t have been in it.
    Where do they find these jurors anyway?

  • Betsy

    I LOVE it!!!! This girl will spend the rest of her life being obsessed with one of the best prosecutors in this country while he couldn’t give her another thought. But then again, this is Jodi’s way of keeping the public talking about her. If I were you Jodi, I would worry less about Juan and more about meeting your maker!!

  • Dwayne

    Jodi Arias is a nutcase. Most women are. Kill her to send a message to women everywhere.

    • shannon


    • Violet

      Just curious, was your mother a woman?

  • shannon


    December 2, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Why is she still around us?
    She clearly lacks empathy for others and will be a danger to anyone and is a text book case psychopath and should be put to death. So many people that are put to death unnecessarily or by mistake, but clearly Ms. Arias is guilty and has no remorse for her actions!!

    December 2, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    and clearly u have no empathy or compassion for others either….ur solution to people w text book mental disease is to put them to death!??? so wouldn’t that make u JUST LIKE JODI ARIAS??? do u have remorse for writing ur hypocritical idiotic comment? jerk! lets hang em!!

  • J

    Let’s not forget the victim here, “Travis V. Alexander. Like it or not she committed a murder in a state that has the death penalty. I don’t wish death on anyone. But, Life in Prison without the possibility of parole is fine with me. We got justice with the guilty of 1st degree murder!!! Thank God for that camera and the Prosecutor and the Detective’s and anyone who worked this case for the Alexander Family. And, just for the record. She is satan in the flesh she isn’t crazy.

  • grunge_byte

    >>The hangup for the jurors seemed to be that they couldn’t prove that Arias had killed Alexander in an “exceptionally cruel” way, which would automatically lead to the death penalty.

    So stabbing, shooting then cutting his throat isn’t exceptionally cruel ‘eh? Since he was stuffed in the shower I’ll bet she had drowning as the next phase along with maybe a meat cleaver to take off those “chicken wings and drum sticks” to make him a little more compact for the dumpster until she got bored with it all. I wonder about juries sometimes – in this case if they are asleep during most of the trial.

    Then again during the documentary the female narrator kept calling Jody pretty. Jody Arias is so ugly that I wouldn’t take her to a dog fight.

    Speaking of pretty murderers, I gotta admit that the gal from Florida – Casey Anthony IS very attractive. She’s probably the most attractive, cross-eyed murderer I’ve ever seen. ** he, he** However I don’t think she’s working with both oars in the water so partying with her would have to be done in a public place – fer shure. The reason she got sprung was because of her good looks that’s fer shure. After all it’s okay to have good looking murderers out and about – not uglies like Jody Arias. ** ha, ha **

    btw, IMHO, I believe Jody Arias is a homocidal maniac – completely – while Casey Anthony had a very bad case of laziness one day where she just decided that going partying was more important than changing diapers.

    “…fer shure…”
    –Valley Girl.

    –Pretty and lazy 21 year-old girls who’ve decided to party rather than hit the books.