Jodi Arias’ Second Penalty Phase Banned from Live Coverage, Judge Rules

    November 16, 2013
    Jasmine Allen
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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Sherry Stephens, has rejected a bid by convicted killer, Jodi Arias, which would move her retrial from the city of Phoenix. In addition, Judge Stephens has ruled that no video be permitted in the courtroom when the trial resumes.

Arias, 33, was convicted in May after admitting to the homicide of boyfriend, Travis Alexander. His executed body was discovered June 2008 in the bathtub of his Phoenix home. Travis suffered a gruesome slit to the throat, multiple stab wounds and a gunshot to the face.

Contrary to popular belief, Arias asserts that she was fighting in self-defense. However, the case has been painted out as an act of jealousy due to the fact that the victim wanted to end the relationship to be with another woman.

The first jury failed to reached a verdict on whether Arias should receive the death penalty, which then resulted in a second penalty phase. Arizona law permits prosecutors to seek the death penalty through yet another trial with a jury of new faces.

The Associated Press reported “If the second jury fails to reach a verdict, the death penalty would be removed as an option, and the judge would sentence Arias to either spend her entire life behind bars or be eligible for release after 25 years.”

This five-month trial has received extensive media coverage with backlashes from many who follow the case. In fear that the penalty phase would be unfair due to its media popularity, the defense attorneys requested that the trial be relocated to a different county. The attorneys also argued that by moving the trial, Arias would be avoiding such ridicule and chastisement from the public, which the attorneys claim she has been experiencing.


Thus, Stephens denied the proposal and reassured that there will be no warrant for live coverage, including mobile electronic devices. Also, she announced that the new jurors would have no prior knowledge and insight of the case.

“The court has no basis for finding the publicity about this case has been so outrageous that it will turn the new sentencing proceeding into a mockery of justice or mere formality,” Stephens said.

A recollection to last October verifies just how unpleasant people have taken to this murder trial, and it clearly seems others will not be supporting that appeal Jodi was asking for on Twitter.

A retrial date has not been set.

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  • Interesting

    If this were a man, he would have received the deal penalty and no questions would have been asked. This is the woman who claimed that just because she was a woman she would be found innocent. If she wasn’t semi-decently good looking, we would have never even covered this story. Such a double standard in our courtrooms. They cater to women and kill men left and right.

  • http://ChazBonotutorsforCher Marilyn Boes

    I feel that “they” should return to how things used to be in the “old days.” If tyou murder someone or commit some horrific act toward another human (or animal, depending on the circumstances), “they” should take the person to the closet, large public tree an hang them in front of crowd. At least they would have some idea of what kind of pain they inflicted upon someone else and the famly. You know “Do unto others……”

    • Interesting

      Problem is that in the olden days they got a lot of things wrong. We do today too. The prisons are full of innocent people. Only the poor go to prison in this nation — I promise you this.

      Now, she is guilty. Very guilty. But there are a lot of people suffering in prison who are innocent.

      I work in a prison and see all the files. Some cases are pure nonsense. Others aren’t. It is so sad.

    • Well

      Then there that other statement “turn the other cheek” and basically the whole New Testament that talk about mercy and forgiveness. Then there is the whole thing about Christ dying for all people — even those that killed him.

      Eye for an eye … is how we got into this mess in this country …. that is why crime never stops…. we punish … but we never stop the cycle. We never show mercy.

  • Lloyd Alpert

    fukin kill the bitch

  • dennis kircher

    Arizona police are like the rest of the country. I put the blame on them. I got a ticket doing 31 in a 30 mph zone. He was tailgating me for about 2 miles. I thought THAT WAS ILLEGAL

  • http://Yahoo Jaci H

    I had quite enough of seeing this lying, socio-path at the 1st televised court session. Please NO MORE! Just put the her and everyone else out of this misery. Especially Travis Alexander’s family and friends. She comes off as a conniving bitch, who only thinks about herself and how everything affect HER. Guilty. Yes. She’s already admitted it. We the people are paying for this travesty of justice. The laws need 2 be amended in so many situations. The lawyers, courts all the way 2 the Supreme Court need 2 tackle this instead!

  • whoodoo

    Media coverage was her last hope of avoiding the needle. Stick the fork in, she’s done, and not many will be saddened because of it

  • cheryl latham

    shes quilty found quilty so whats the problem if it were a man on trial it would be over and hed get death so stop being hipacritacal give her death which she deserves theres a lotta men out there that should be thanking god it could of been them still could if she gets out she will do it again mark my words why are you the court system letting her get away with tyhis crap painting or i should say tracing pictures making money beibg on yhe internet she should be in a cell totally aweay from every contact let her think what she did stupid bit// put her to death end this crap its only letting people know they can savagely kiull some one and get way out of truoble you the court and juryers are saying to hell let manuiacs do what they want