Jodi Arias Faces Another Hearing On Friday

    May 12, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Jodi Arias, the woman convicted last year for the 2008 murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander, is expected in court for another hearing on Friday as prosecutors prepare for a second penalty phase of her trial.

Arias first claimed that a masked intruder killed her boyfriend, but later changed her story after evidence showed she was engaged in sexual acts with him right up until his death; a camera found at the crime scene still had photos on it of the two of them, as well as pictures of Alexander’s dead body in the shower. He had been stabbed 30 times, shot in the head, and had his throat cut. Arias eventually admitted to killing him but said she did it in self defense after he attacked her during an argument.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked the jury for a decision of first-degree murder, which carries the threat of the death penalty; however, a decision couldn’t be reached regarding a sentence, forcing a second phase of the trial which will take place in September. If a decision still isn’t made, Arias faces 25 years to life in prison.

“The state is asking that you return a verdict of guilty, a verdict of first degree murder, not just premeditated murder, but also felony murder, for no other reason than it’s your duty, and the facts and the law support it,” Martinez said in his closing arguments last May.

In order to be given the death penalty, Arias will most likely have to be found guilty of murdering Alexander in an “exceptionally cruel” way.

Arias made headlines last month when it was reported that she filed suit against a sheriff and television personality Nancy Grace; Arias says she’s not getting proper medical treatment after contracting Hepatitis C from a dirty needle during a TB inoculation, and that the same sheriff released sensitive correspondence of hers to Nancy Grace.

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  • Thomas_Jefferson1

    If she really does have Hepatatis C, then she already has a death sentence.

    • jennyjames

      Not exactly true anymore thanks to new Hep C drugs coming on the market. Our doc has already seen remission with some of the older drugs, too.

  • tonyboloney

    I’m in awe as to how long people who kill are allowed to live, while their victims weren’t given a choice. This women is a parasite!

  • Journee

    Crackerjack reporting by Amanda Crum. Does she take ALL of her stories straight from TMZ without checking her facts? Because *responsible * journalists discovered within just a few hours that the motion so gleefully reported by TMZ – regarding Hep C and Arpaio and Nancy Grace – was COMPLETELY BOGUS, NOT filed by Arias.

  • Elba Martinez

    Don’t let the sad face fool you. She is a cold hearted killer. She deserves the death penalty. Hepatitis C is controllable with medications. So don’t let her sad long face fool anyone. She has to have judgment with God.

  • flyswatter55

    I sure would like to witness her execution.

  • Lg319

    if you lady;s was treated the way she was you all would have done the same thing…. so don’t sit there and act as you wouldn’t….this girl killed him cuz he took advantage of her and took her life by doing the crap he done to her…

    • gail silmser


    • Meemer

      He never touched her. She is a lying bitch. Juice her!!!

    • gary wagner

      Are u serious! You’re as crazy as she is!

    • johnny dude


    • johnny dude


  • Ardeare

    She deserves the death penalty.

  • Cindy

    We just had a case in Arizona in which a woman was found guilty of killing her husband with a hammer. The jury found her eligible for the death penalty. Yes, this was a horrid crime, however look at what Jodi Arias did to Travis Alexander. How could the jury be undecided on death or life when how she killed him was so heinous? She stated after that she would want the death penalty instead of life. Just because she is asking for the death penalty, I would give her life and make her suffer when she gets beaten by others in prison. She is not going to have it the same as in jail.

    • DP Needle

      Cindy, quite obviously you didn’t follow the trial (or case) to fall for that “load” (Inmate #P458434 WANTING the death penalty). You, yourself (apparently) fell for it .. hook, line and sinker. That was stated by Inmate #P458434 to attempt to poison both the CURRENT jury at that time (between the guilt phase and penalty phases of the original trial) as well as possible FUTURE jury pool participants (for the re-trial of the penalty phase). Otherwise “IT” wouldn’t be filing motion after motion after motion in trying to AVOID a possible death penalty sentence. It’s called reverse psychology. Hoping they would/will decide, “Let’s give “IT” the opposite of what “IT” says “IT” wants.”

  • gail silmser


  • Mims

    Oh please, strap her on the gurney and give her a final injection with a dirty needle.

  • Meemer

    Ewww. Nothing sexy about that tore up looking snatch.

  • Croid

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