Joan Rivers Stages Apparent Protest At Costco

    August 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Joan Rivers isn’t known for being subtle about things; her standup comedy act is still full of the brash, expletive-laden humor that made her famous, and she’s been more than candid about the many plastic surgeries she’s had over the years. But when she showed up at a Costco in Burbank, California on Tuesday and chained herself to a shopping cart, onlookers were more than a little surprised.

Rivers was apparently irked that the store refused to sell her new book, which she claims is because of a quote by Marie Antoinette.

“You’re banning a book because it says a funny quote by Marie Antoinette? Where is this going to lead us to? This is a store that sells 300 rolls of toilet paper at the same time, and I say, any customer that buys 300 rolls of toilet paper deserves to have a funny book to sit on the toilet and read,” Rivers said.

Rivers brought an entourage with her to aid the protest, but was shut down fairly quickly by police. They ended up leaving peaceably, but something tells me this won’t be the last Costco hears of Ms. Rivers.

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  • http://yahoo Mary Wilder


  • http://yahoo Smilingator

    She’s a foul-mouthed simpleton who is about as funny as a dirty,
    smelly toilet! Why give her any publicity when there are
    people with talent arount to talk about?

  • howard

    the old hag must be broke

  • jekely

    They should have left her there.

  • http://yahoo!mail christina brewer

    thats suck they should let you sell your book this world is geting bad you cant say god at all some place and it is dum i have 4 kids and school all a round us are griping about are kids weight and food what they eat and you would get a rested for missing school the pareunts will go to jill

  • Diana Phillips

    Her act is dated. Cruel and dirty humor isn’t funny. It’s time to retire.

  • Tiberius1701

    It is not about banning books. A retailer has a right to carry and sell what merchandise he or she chooses. If one chooses to sell trash, so be it. Kudos to Costco for standing up to the current Pop culture that thinks Ms. Rivers is funny.

  • Terry L Garrett

    I think Joan Rivers is so beautiful. I don’t care for her face lift… it wasn’t necessary. She has the most beautiful eyes, and at least I can still recognize them; but, I’m in love with her personality! If she ever met me … she’d want to MARRY me on the spot. I’ve been mistaken in supermarkets for being a model, attorney, the govenor, an actor, and a famous musician … I know she’d go ‘gagga’ over me. LOL (seriously) … but, how do I meet her?


      Terry, Have you had an eye exam lately.? Beautiful? She has a face that looks like an old COMBAT BOOT.

  • Susan

    I’ll spend even more money at Costco just for not selling her book. She’s ghastly, looking more and more like Jocelyn Wilderstein (you know, the socialite who has made herself look like a lion).


      Good grief, What the hell did she do to her face.? If this is what celebrity’s pay to have done, then they should get a refund. Ugly, and distorted, is what I see. Grow old gracefully. Please.

      • http://google fran

        Did you ever see her “before” pics. Horse face, ugly. Even
        with over doing it, it is an improvement.

    • xCLMx

      Jocelyn Wilderstein has had a lot of “reverse” surgery and is looking so much better than plaster face Joan.

  • Scott James

    I broke my tailbone working for Costco one summer,. my boss told me to get back to work. I was never compensated.

    Costco even opened the Garden Grove CA Location without bolting down any of the freezers steel racks piled with tons of frozen food. Dangerous !!!

    They also left all the concrete dust in the freezers to blow on the food because they were in a rush to open the store.

    All true Facts !

  • Gloria Stewart

    I love Joan. She is a good person through and through. She may have a dirty mouth but so what. It’s her thing. She has good heart and loves life. She could stay home and be an old lady or go out and have a blast in a publicity stunt that worked. Joan, I want to be you!

  • http://google fran

    I read Joan’s new book and it is a laugh a minute. Saw her in person
    last winter. Love her cutting remarks and candor. Between her other
    shows, and outlets for her book, she does not need Cosco. She could probably loan God money…….lol.