Joan Rivers Accused Of Making Racist Comments

    August 7, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Joan Rivers doesn’t have a filter and she usually says whatever comes to her mind. It’s not uncommon for Rivers to say things that are offensive, and most people just laugh them off and let them slide.

Lately, Rivers has been pressing her luck and making more people mad than usual. Just a few months ago she was criticized for telling a joke about the women who had been abducted and held hostage in Ohio. She has also made offensive comments about Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and even President Obama and his wife.

Rivers has never apologized for any of her offensive jokes and says that they were meant to be funny and that anyone who is offended by her material should just lighten up.

Rivers has managed to make headlines again for her bad jokes and this time she is accused of making racist comments about Justin Bieber. Rivers made the comments on E!’s Fashion Police after being asked how she felt about Bieber.

“That little b***ch just gets on my nerves,” Rivers said.

“You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white,” she said to Bieber while looking at the camera.

Rivers had obviously said things that were much worse and the strange thing is that Bieber isn’t the one who is upset about the comments.

Victor Willis of the music group The Village People is the one who is angry over the comments. He called Rivers out on Twitter over the remarks and said that he believes she should apologize for them and stop being so rude and offensive.

Rivers hasn’t released a statement about Willis or his opinions and if she does it will probably just be something that offends him.

Do you think Rivers is too mean and would you consider her joke racist?

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  • emncaity


    Here’s what would be racist, if you thought the point was to take it seriously: “All black people are big black thugs.”

    Here’s what’s not racist: “You, Bieber, are not a big black thug.” That is, it’s not racist unless you’re prepared to defend the proposition that there is no such thing as a big black thug. (There are, of course, white thugs and Asian thugs as well, along with Hispanic thugs. Everybody okay now?)

  • james

    Racism is most often practiced by the politically correct crowd as a tactic to shut down contrary opinion or comment from people they do not like. They labor to find it wherever they can- such as this article. In the process of doing it, two things occur. First, they diminish by dilution real racism. Second, by using it inappropriately to further their own ideology, they reveal themselves to be actual racists.
    Justin Beiber is a spoiled little b***h and he’s getting the attention of the media, which Rivers cites, as part of a macabre vigil to wait for his ultimate crash and burn.

  • David

    I think Joan Rivers is often humorous, sometimes annoying, never serious. As to the comments, I agree with her…lighten up! As to the writer of this article–try proofreading or taking a grammar lesson.

  • Sue

    What Joan said was not racist. Always trying to make something out of nothing. Stop stirring the pot..let it go.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ron.thibodeau.56 R.T. (Ron)

    I think that the part that people were complaining about being racist was the ‘black thug’ comment, not the ‘justin bieber is white’ comment…

    Had she said ‘you are not a black man, justin, you are white’, there would probably be no issue. It was when she said ‘black thug’ that people got all upset (they felt she was equating all black men to ‘thugs’.) Although, the way this story is written, I can see why many missed the point….equating his outfit to that of a ‘black thug’ offended people.

    • jen

      Part of the PC police? She can say whatever she wants, if you don’t like it, turn her off.

      • https://www.facebook.com/ron.thibodeau.56 R.T. (Ron)

        If you noticed, I didn’t state one way or the other what my personal opinion was. Merely pointing out that the writing of the article really didn’t make the point clear as to why people were saying that.

        As for turning her off, I never would. I have seen Joan in Boston at least 10 times over the last decade, and love her to pieces.

        Of course, as you acknowledge, she can say whatever she wants. I believe I have the same right, as do you. If you don’t like it….

  • buggy


  • karen sheppeard

    This isn’t racism. It’s a joke, and we all know Joan Rivers has a “strange” sense of humor, that’s what made her famous. Anyone that thinks this is racist is an oversensitive racist themselves. They take it as a personal insult, which makes THEM a racist.

  • peace angel

    SHE did say Obama is gay and his wife is a man.

    THAT is true, but where is the racism in this story?

    How are the Village People still alive???

    • Leigh Combs

      Which BTW, was hysterically funny when you think about it!

      • peace angel

        DO you think it is funny that she said it or that it is the TRUTH??

        I mean it is true AND it has been proven already. FIND all the PROOF on Before It’s News. THIS is a compilation of hundreds of writers who ARE or are connected to insiders and whistle blowers from all corners of government and the military.

        I mean it is the BIGGEST lie Obama’s handlers have perpetuated on the sleeping nation. NOT TOO FUNNY TO ME>

  • Doobs

    What is Victor Willis weighing in on this for? Are we talking about the Village People here? Are we talking about the guys who dressed up as caricatures of Native Americans, cops and construction workers to get attention??! Willis is STILL illegally impersonating decorated military officers with his almost non-existent act. Get a life Victor!! Since when is talking about somebody “impersonating and dressing like a big black thug” a racist slur? You, of ALL people, should understand this one!

  • Yvette Jones

    I’m black and I wasn’t offended in the least. It was a joke based on Beiber trying to be something he’s not. He got the joke and so did I

  • Sharon McDonald

    I was watching the program where Joan made this comment. She was referring to his attine: baggy pants, I think they were leather, baggy shirt, gangsta wear. It was not racist in any way. Most of her spiel I find disgusting but this comment on Bieber was funny. He is dressing as if he is trying to emulate his black contemporaries and he cannot pull it off. He just looks like a black wannabe. Sad.

  • Marcos

    If only people paid as much attention to truly important matters like the inability of the branches to work together and get something done… we may actually get somewhere! What a complete waste of time!

  • Me

    This was not racist. It was hilarious adn absolutely true! I was watching the show when she said it. Again, completely hilarious.

  • Lburg

    I cannot stand Joan Rivers. I think she is crass and vulgar, therefore I do not listen to her, but she has a right to speak like everyone else. It is odd for me to say this, but I support her on this. She is actually rather accurate on her comments concerning Bieber. He is acting like a thug. It appears he and Miley Cyrus both are struggling to “redefine” themselves. Neither want to maintain the good little girl/boy image. She wants to exude her sexuality and Bieber wants to be a tough guy. What really stinks is that both are more worried about image than talent. Personally, I think they both suck.

    • bammbi

      amen! I hate what Bieber and and Cyrus portray. I have children who look to many Hollywood talents for “talent”. It makes me sick to see what these american icon’s have become. I was very pleased when my kids turned me on to Bart Baker and his hilarious put down’s on so many of these new Hollywood stars. We now find him to be the real talent!

  • anotheroldbroad

    Leave the old broad be. Rivers’ shock comedy is her “thing”, as it was with Don Rickles. Lighten up. You know what her act is like so if you don’t like this type of comedy, then don’t watch.

  • tee-y

    do anybody cares what plastic face say’s!

  • Tina McBride

    That WAS NOT racist comment whatsoever. She was just telling it the way it is. If he was a “thug” he would get much more attention than he should.

  • Carol Alexander

    Someone needs to post some REALLY nasty tweets about the TIRED OLD BITCH making all these obnoxious comments and we’ll all feel better!!!

  • john

    Hey anyone know any good jokes about spousal suicide? I think it is so funny when someone’s husband kills themselves leaving behind a young 18 year old daughter and a mean spirited Jewish comedian. Now that is funny. Come on Joooooooan. Lets hear one. Oh how about any Jewish ugly daughter jokes? Now I think everyone would laugh at someone’s feelings getting hurt over that one.
    Yeah hurting someone’s feelings is like money in the bank……..

  • john

    This was not racist by the way. She was putting down bitches and white people who act Black or pretend that they are Black supportive when they are as she says “ordinary and white.”

  • john

    What is most offensive is the fact that this writer didn’t even proof read her article before puking it on the public eye. Use a spell checker. They are free and take very little time. Use a grammar check after that. Your grammar sucks!

  • Elizabeth

    I heard this comment on Fashion Police and do not see anything racist about it at all. If Rivers had said or implied that all black men are thugs that would have been a different matter. She was making fun of Justin Bieber for trying to be something he is not. I thought it was funny and accurate. People need to lighten up.

  • Jack Tante

    Cant take a joke SCREW u

  • Laura Rossi

    I don’t get it, what was the racist part???

  • jen

    Could we just ban the word “racist”. It has become the number one put down word used to put whites in their place.

  • Strait Arrow

    Would people get a life! Rivers usually hits the nail on the head and ouch, it hurts! Leave the old broad alone. She has the guts to say what she thinks and some times we may not like it! It is about time we let freedom of speech rise again!

  • Mark Arellano

    THEY are only after her because she is a Jew….Lighten up liberals

    • socialismisevil

      the leftists are going crazy over her

      they cant control her


  • Alkebu

    No surprise here…. her views on Israel are well documented…

  • Morgan McCrae

    Well, let’s face it. There are, in fact, many many big black thugs out there causing problems in their neighborhoods. Just because it’s politically correct to talk about ethnic persons with glowing adjectives, there is this other reality.

  • jenniah

    I am so weary of people trying to put down black people. This country is in decay and most of the filth is done from rich caucasian people with clout. Get over yourselves!

    • socialismisevil

      no one does a better job of that then blacks

  • PhilipE1951

    Big Black Thugs dominate the rap/hip-hop “music” scene (where the “songs” glorify big black thugs doing drugs, big black thugs raping their women, and big black thugs shooting other big black thugs, otherwise it wouldn’t be called ‘gangsta rap’), big black thugs are hired as bouncers at night clubs because the owners know white people are intimidated by them, big black thugs play NFL football when they’re not beating up their wives and getting into bar fights with other big black thugs (unless there’s a white guy they can nail), big black thugs helped round up votes for Obama, big black thugs are shooting up the southeast side neighborhoods in the big city I live near, big black thugs are shooting up and killing innocent bystanders all across town in Chicago, and through it all, nobody calls the big black thugs racist.
    Joan’s point to Bieber was that he’s a no-talent whiny-butt little white prig who needs to be reminded that he’s not the Big Shot Star he thinks he is. OK, so lots of girls go to his concerts. Lots of girls go to the bathroom, too. . . . .

    • socialismisevil

      we all know that




  • Patrice Brandt

    She needs to retire!!!She has had just as much cosmetic surgery as Michael Jackson !!!!

  • socialismisevil

    pleaseeeeeee dont apologize

    the leftists are going crazy they cant control another lefty


  • bammbi

    Damn rich people in Hollywood have nothing better to do than slam an innocent joke! Lighten up people! She’s crass, she’s in politically correct and sometimes damn funny!