Jimmy Kimmel Wants You To Unplug The TV During The Super Bowl

    February 5, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Jimmy Kimmel is becoming something of a master troll these days. Every now and then, he asks viewers to do something to piss off loved ones, capture it on film, and post it to YouTube. He then selects the best clips and shows them on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In October 2011, he asked parents to trick their children into believing that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy. The responses from the children were hilarious, and ranged from anger to utter despair. During Christmas, he asked parents to give their kids a crappy present – and the results were similar.

Now he wants you to mess with one of the most scared institutions in America – the Super Bowl.

Kimmel is asking that you wait for a big moment in the game on Sunday, maybe a crucial 3rd and 1 or a game-winning field goal attempt – and just before it happens, unplug the TV. Of course he wants you to film everyone’s reaction and upload it to YouTube with the title “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Unplugged The TV During The Game.”

He will pick the best reactions and present them on his show next week.

Be prepared: this prank is sure to bring about harsh reactions. Vases may be broken, noses could get punched. You might even get a hot wing to the face. But the reactions are sure to be pretty awesome.

Earlier, I mentioned Kimmel’s Halloween and Christmas pranks. Check them out below and please note that your friends might have the same reactions as these children when you black out the game on Sunday.

  • Robin

    What the hell is wrong with these parents!!! They are willing to put their children through this just to be on television!!! IDIOTS!!

    • Batman

      Robin calm yo tits.
      “Put their children through this” – I want you to think hard about what you wrote and realize that you are a tool.

      • Joker

        Why so serious?

        • Harley Quinn

          Oh you sooooo funny Mr. J! <3

  • Laura Gullett

    The videos are funny but so wrong for us adults to be entertained by children’s pain. I like when the kids stand up to their parents and fight back. Children should still always remember to respect your parents though and realize they love them too. The world outside can be much worse.