Jimmy Hoffa Results Due In, Here’s What Twitter Thinks About It

    October 2, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Last week, authorities took two soil samples from a home in Roseville, Michigan, in hopes that progress could be made on the everlasting search for Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa’s body. Today, the results from the samples are due to be announced.

Update: No human remains have been found.

Unfortunately, according to reports, the police will be unable to determine whether Hoffa was actually buried on the property, even if they do find something. They’ll only be able to tell if there was actually a body buried there. If that is found to be the case, they’ll have to start a whole new process in trying to determine whether or not it was Hoffa.

This particular chapter of the search that has been going on since 1975 began when police were tipped by a man who claimed to have seen a body buried on the property the day after Hoffa disappeared. According to CNN, the tipster allegedly once did business with Anthony Giacalone, the “reputed Detroit Mafia street enforcer” whom Hoffa was supposed to meet at a Detroit-area restaurant where he was last seen.

The story has once again captured the interest of the country, and people are anxiously waiting to find out the results.

Here’s a bit of what people are saying about it on Twitter:


    WELL i think jimmy was buried in concrete at the old giant stadium east rutherford,nj

    • sean heller

      Naaaaa he’s in a tree house somewheres in the smoky mountains.

  • Sam

    That’s because allot of people weren’t around when he died!!! Your such an Intelligate person,I think you should run for President, or at leart Congress or a seat in the senate!!!!! D.A.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • D Mantei

      Sam, you’re a moron. Incorrect contractions, horrible spelling, misuse of punctiation marks and yet you use irony to infer someone else’s inferiority? You are the reason this country fails. People like you. Idiot.

      • http://webpronews.com Kathy Strong

        D Mantei, you call Sam an idiot for horrible spelling and then you misspell “punctuation.” And he was not using irony; he was using sarcasm. If you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones. I’m just saying.

      • http://webpronews.com LD

        D Mantei, you also used “infer” when you clearly meant “imply.” But you did spell “you’re” correctly, so it evens out. LOL

  • vic bullock

    L A Mafia king pin Mickey Cohen said ir years ago : ” Hoffa
    was thrown in an undisclosed lime pit”

  • Casey

    They cant find Jimmy Hoffa because he went into witness protection so of course his body cant be found cause hes no longer hoffa hes someone else O.O

  • Dale

    Hoffa went in someone’s hamburger.

  • http://HOFFA mE

    Quite frankly…who gives a crap where Jimmy is! There are “bigger” things to be focusing on in this country…

  • pina


  • Joe

    In 1975 the day that Hoffa went missing I drove past the place where
    he was taken from on Woodward AVE, and then I drove past the Pontiac silver dome on my way home, they were pouring cement.
    On my way to work the next day they were still pouring cement at the Dome. (Just saying) Think about it when they start the pour on the huge stantion’s they can’t stop. (ALL TRUE)

    • Scott

      Hey Joe,

      You must have good eyes if you saw that resturant from Woodward.
      It’s located on Telegraph and Maple.

  • Nate g

    Well, what the hell ever. His son James P. Hoffa Jr. is doing quite alright as International President for the Teamsters. Maybe one day Jr., will at last find out what really happened to his Dad. Those were the true gangster days. Ill tell you what, Ive seen the inside of the how these guys operate. They still got pistols right next to them, baseball bats, lawnchairs, and tons of paperwork in the trunks of there black tinted Tahoes, Ford Crown Vics, or there Mercurys. Its not like the old days, but its close. Hoffa Sr. he was involved in the big time. These boys are hard at work. Well taken care of! If ur in the game, dont slip.

    • sean heller

      what? No Hondas?

  • Janet

    I believe Frank, the Irishman, and what he said in the book “I heard you paint houses.” His boss Russ said there would be no body. Hoffa was disposed of nearby: Funeral Home.. Cremated or sent to a meat packing house to be ground up. Frank said no one would send a body hundreds of miles to be buried at Giants stadium as many have speculated. I would be very surprised if Hoffa turns up under this driveway

    • kathleendoolittle

      yea im with you, my mom and dad knew jimmy hoffa and the stories i always heard he was ground up in a meat grinder,i dont think hes ever going to turn up. move on to something else

  • http://dognewsteam.com Franklin

    Look for Jimmy Hoffa in the yellow pages, under “Cement.”

    • sean heller

      no kiddin man….if it stinks it’s Hoffa

  • musiccub47

    What makes them think the government think they can find a body after 30 plus years when they can’t even end a war that should never have happened and trillions of dollars in debt doing so.

    • sean heller

      good point man!!

  • amanda

    Let’s hope there is some closure today! That would really neat. I live in NJ and it’s always been the theory that he was buried in Giants Stadium, but now that it’s not there anymore…it’s gonna be hard

  • rumuelus

    has it ever cross yours minds that he may not be dead. i mean no body and your still searching. they say he is buried. again they say.

    • sean heller

      hey dude, do the math…he’s dead already…if not I’ll smoke what yer having lol

      • rumuelus

        yea i here you but he would in his 80’S if he made everyone think he was taken. just cause they say he is does not mean he is boo…

  • CommentsFromME

    I was young when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. Guess what they were pouring at the time??????? I-96 express way Detroit – Redford – Livonia MI area. Have they ever checked there? It is just down the street from where he was taken.

    I have always thought this. When they do a complete repair of that expressway perhaps they will find him.

  • jeff

    stop trying to guess were he is its called the history channel
    anyone that new anything are gone like jimmy no one has any clue
    and never will that is how it works but then again maybe some day
    the authortities trying to save there jobs will find somthing thats not there and as time passes bye will be in the history book to like the rest of us dust in the wind

  • Nate g

    Yeah but, when there pouring such a big expressway and such, what, are they gonna just carry a body bag and just drop someome on some 53 stone and cement or asphault over. hmmmm. Maybe if they were really good, but I dont think so? We dont know, the population was way less and to get by with something was alot easier in them days. Im sure it had to do with something involved with land and lots of it, or farmers, these guys were on a one track mind. Come on, Its been almost a hundred years, them boys ate good, they dont live this long. The man is somewhere. Where is he? I sure would like to hear a they found him. Ive read books. Googled. Its a mystery. Solve it.

  • sean heller

    I’m not that shook up about Hoffa I mean, really? seems we all have more pressing things on our plate anyway. The dude would be dead now, and the dude(s) that offed him. Like, lets move on.

  • sean heller

    lets move on……the dude is dead and whomever offed him is as well. I think we have more pressing things to be concerned about. Like how to make a decent pancake.

  • Nate g

    U just cant use to much batter and u can make a hell a pancake!

    • sean heller

      THANKS FOR THE CLAIRIFICATION NATE!! LOL I was thinking I over did the salsa!! :)

  • Jay L

    Hoffa is compost. Probably mixed in with the dirt in the Silver Dome which would explain why the Lions haven’t done anything worthwhile in 35 years.

  • Jay L

    Hoffa is compost. Probably mixed in with the soil on the floor of the Silver Dome which would explain why the Lions haven’t won dirt during the last 35 years.

  • http://mozzilla tom shannon

    My understanding he is still alive and well living in Argentia, from the recent Fed Govt. photo’s if it is not him it is his clone, Oh that’s Oaw-Baw-mwma

  • Sylar

    Isn’t it obvious by all the comments. I mean by ALL the comments. NOBODY CARES.

    • ron

      speak for u self

      • Gregory T. Parker

        who was in office then and what did they have to loose?

    • Nate g

      We should care a little. That man started job organization.No matter what, he has made an impact on society. His boy is still in office and has did a great job.

  • Helen Barton

    Who the h*** cares anymore.

  • c risden

    poster Helen Burton said “who in the H### cares? being a parent of a murdered child we know that you don’t care about any family of a murdered person…you dont care about the parents,grandparents,children,brothers + sisters,aunts + uncles,cousins or friends of a murdered person who are the survivors…and this includes the very fact that you don’t care about john walsh whatsoever.nor veterans and we know you are a heartless about the survivors of a person murdered.

  • http://webpronews Joe Luciano

    Hoffa was cremated by a Mob related funeral director and his ashes were mixed in cement the same color. He could be anywhere that stuff is poured. Hoffa Jr told us at a Teamster convention in Vegas that his Dad was definitely killed by the Mob. end of story.

  • Joan

    Poor Jimmy has probably been put thru a wood chipper , then a meat grinder and fed to the carp in the Detroit River. Let him rest…Whats the point?

  • ??What..?? ray

    the missing “Hoffa” is ALPO. ! that would be dog food. Ground up and put in cans and ate by any ones dog. then as he should have been, shit out to be rendered into waste and nothing.

  • Wes S.

    They’il never find him until they exhume Tammy Fae Baker and dig under her make-up!LOL!

  • Ron

    Jimmy Hoffa was shot in a house in Michigan…rolled up in a carpet
    and taken down the street to be creamated. It was over quickly….and
    NO body is ever to be found. Read the book:’I heard you paint houses’
    and you will find out the rest of the story. It’s true !!

  • hiram

    jimmy hoffa is really alive he is the old guy that sits next to you at the meadowlands beleive me i know fugedabouit

  • Leslye

    He might be buried under the Meadowlands

  • http://Yahoo Irish Girl

    Hey, Jimmy Hoffa had balls, this guy worked hard for the Teamsters which buy the way he helped build. Yes, he went to the Mafia to get constuction jobs and dock work, so did the government consort with them during WW2 agenst the Natzi’s. Did we forget that? When he told Bobby Kennedy to “kiss his ass and stay out of the teamsters business”, I think he also reminded him that his father Joe Kennedy was also involved with the Mafia and one of the biggest Bootleggers during the early years that ever was. Joe did not make all of his money in politics or finance. We need more guys like Jimmy today that have the courage to stand up and call it like it is…………If he were running for president I would vote for him!!!!!!!

  • Nathaniel Semel

    Jimmy Hoffa swims with the fishes