Jimmy Hoffa: Police Have “Credible” Tip On Body

    September 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jimmy Hoffa–once a very powerful union leader before his imprisonment in 1967–has been missing since 1975, and since then the FBI and law enforcement have been working seemingly endlessly to try and unearth his body, with tips coming in from all over the world and with no statute of limitations. It seems every few years a new tipster will make claims as to where Hoffa’s body was buried, and officials have investigated them all, digging up bloody floorboards and excavating old barns to no avail. Even Geraldo Rivera thought he’d made a discovery and televised it, only to open up the supposed “tomb” to find nothing at all. With all the conspiracy theories and outlandish claims–such as the one involving Hoffa being buried beneath the Giants staduim–the search for any clues to Hoffa’s whereabouts is ongoing as officials try and weed out those which aren’t credible.

Now, a new tip has come in from a Detroit suburb, and police are calling the tipster “credible”. The person claims that Hoffa is buried beneath a home, and investigators say they will take a soil sample to test for human remains. If it comes up positive, they’ll excavate. A radar has already confirmed that something is buried down there; they just can’t tell what it is.

“It could be anybody down there, could be nobody. It could be a dog,” said Roseville, Michigan Police Chief James Berlin.

In other words, no one wants to get their hopes up. If an excavation is given the green light, it could take days to find anything, and even if what they find turn out to be human remains, they might not necessarily be those of Hoffa. The tipster hasn’t claimed that the body belongs to the missing man, but says a body was buried beneath that house around the time that Hoffa disappeared.

Both the informant and the owners of the home are being cooperative with police. If the search is successful, it will put an end to a 37-year old mystery.

  • edward

    if they find his body, then they can put his scum son in there with him.

  • William

    When they find his body then we can move foward & be done with all the speculation about WHERE jimmy hoffa is really buried. Enough already It’s old news

  • http://yahoo Galen Johnson

    It’s been known for over 30 years where Jimmy Hoffa is. It’s on Tammy Baker’s face.

  • Rodney

    Hoffa isn’t missing, he’s been voting as a Democrat for the last 37 years.

  • jim

    Geraldo Rivera did Al Capone’s vault on tv and it was a bust. He did Jimmy Hoffa too> I don’t think so!

  • Erma

    I knew Jimmy Hoffa and his friends and associates. My father was a union what Hoffa called astrike breaker, my dad Nick. He was at our home in Sedalia, MO. My dad had become disabled and his health was falling fast. Hoffa and Leo L had come to ask Dad to go to Calf. to break a strike. Dad was too ill to go so his answer was NO. Another person that was in his group was a lady (Juanita Tealander) my mother said that her baby was my dad child. The Hoffa that everyone was so awful was to our family , a friend and a gentleman.

  • Jvkla

    Geraldo Rivera did not open “Jimmy Hoffa’s Tomb”, it was “Al Capone’s vault”.

  • jonathan

    Please give a source for Geraldo Riverra doing a Jimmy Hoffa’s Tomb special? I think Amanda Crum is mixing & making up stories. Garaldo did an in depth story on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. He also did a sensational special on Al Capone’s vault… a walled in basement where it was rumored that Capone may have hiden a body or treasure…. he found a gin bottle.

    • Tom

      you are correct. that was Al Capones vault he opened on national TV and found nothing. suprised this reporter did not know this. I thought evryone did.

  • bobbi

    “It could be anybody down there, could be nobody. It could be a dog” That is a credible tip?

    • http://yahoo.com ed smih


      • http://yahoo.com ed smih


  • Overdubbed


  • Adam Schramm

    Does anyone out there have an accurate count of how many times authorities have said they have “a credible tip” on the whereabouts of Hoffa’s body? I’ve lost track.

  • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

    we ate/eat jimmie hoffa along time ago! make no mistake! dat da mafia,kennedies,fbi,aclu,teamsters, an others in the coal country of penna, made sure he would NEVER cum bak.

  • foodforthought

    My guess, he’s been fish food in Lake Michigan since the 70’s.

  • foodforthought

    My guess: He’s been fish food in the bottom of Lake Michigan since the 70’s.

  • Captain George

    Hymmmn, growing up, with many fine Sicilians, [where in Providence,R.I. i won’t disclose!…].I Have Always, been enamoured, with “Mafioso”, Teamster, Construction, ect.! Moving to Marathon,Fl. “Keys”; i was informed of a small hotel, type land parcel, with apartments, bought by Mr. Hoffa, in the mid 1970’s, for $450K, Cash!… [the property owner, still has the receipt!.local, knowledge]. Afterwards, Jimmy and friends rented a small boat, to go out fishing; a few days later, the boat was found Abandoned, at a marina, in Havanna, Cuba?… Hymmmn, thinking, We United States, No longer are able to visit this beautiful place; [Thanks to J.F.K.]. U.S.Government’s, only,[Supposed contact, is in Guatanemo Bay, U.S. Naval Facility]. Could he Somehow, have Eluded, our Government, and “Mafia” Connections, and is living there, on the “Lamb’, for so long, as his “Compatriate”, Mr. “Whitey Boulger”, of the “Winter Hill, Gang, out of Boston did, for so many years?… Naw!… You Can, Elude, the Government, [As So many Have!… lol]. But, “Not So”, the case, with the “Guys”, in the “Fancy Suits, Big Cares, and Friends, named “Guido”?… Just, a Thought!…

  • Captain George

    typing to fast, i misprinted Cares,for “Cars”

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    You guys crack me up. I love the mystery. I hope they find something down there with him even more intriguing than he is. And if it isn’t him, we get to enjoy some more of the crazy scramble to find him. Didn’t Bruce Almighty already find him though?