Jimmy Hoffa: Former Underboss Knows Where He’s Buried

    January 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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After almost forty years, a former high-ranking member of Detroit’s La Cosa Nostra says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried and he wants to end his silence about it once and for all.

Tony Zerilli, who at one time rose to the ranks of “underboss”–or second in command–in the infamous crime family, says that while he was in prison when Hoffa was killed, he knows what happened, who did it, and where the body is buried. And while he maintains that he’s not a stool pigeon and won’t give up any names, he does want to put an end to the mystery of what happened to the legendary mafia figure.

Zerilli says that Hoffa went to meet two people–an alleged member of the Detroit mafia and a teamster from New Jersey–at a restaurant in Detroit that summer day in 1975, and ended the day buried less than twenty miles away from that diner. He says he was close to the boss and still regrets that he’d just been pinched for illegal activities in some Vegas casinos.

“If I wasn’t away I don’t think it ever would’ve happened, that’s all I can tell you,” said Zerilli. “I would’ve done anything in the world to protect Jim Hoffa.”

While there have been many, many stories and “leads” concerning the whereabouts of Hoffa’s remains over the years, FBI agents say they are hopeful that this could be the lead that actually goes somewhere. Certainly Zerilli would have been informed of what happened once he was out of prison.

“Clearly when he returned he would’ve been a person, based on his position in the hierarchy, who would have been able to learn the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance of James Earl Hoffa,” said U.S. Attorney Keith Corbett.

One very big thing working against Zerilli, however, is the fact that he is now 85-years old and in desperate need of money. He is working on a book about his story and hopes he can cash in when Hoffa’s body is found where he says it was buried.

  • dan blauser

    Its been over 40 years. he was a no good mobster. who cares where he is buried

    • Toni Huntsman

      His family cares.

      • james davis

        F**CK hoffa’s family the man was no good he got what he deserved so just let it go.

    • richard

      hey blauser you’d still be working for minimum wage without guys like him wether you like them or not you must be one of the scabs of the world a butt kisser !!!

  • Toni Huntsman

    His family cares and would like to know where he has been for many years

    • http://wnp kevin

      Good for you toni, for you are right and on the other hand why be negative?

  • rob taylor

    i hope they never find the bum and he rot’s in hell the goverment needs to worry about the people that come up missing everyday not some cold case that the mafia did back in the day find the people that human traffic now

    • 1032-4U

      Rob I would bet that Hoffa is buried in a pig lot. A fitting place for a thug, thief and selfserving son-of-a-bitch.

  • Big E

    Hoffa may have been involved in organized crime but he sure did a lot of good for the teamsters. I hope they find his body so he can finally rest in peace!!

  • Big E

    Hoffa may have been involved in organized crime but he sure did a lot of good for the teamsters. I hope they find his body so he can finally rest in peace!!

    • Jeff

      He stole the pension money from the Teamsters, the guy was a crook who only did good for himself. He got what he deserved for getting involved with the mob in the first place. They shouldn’t waste taxpayer money looking for that piece of human waste.

  • Domenic Brady

    Remember, Hoffa may have helped the working conditions for the working man…however, he squandered there life savings many time over. Without checks and balances, the Hoffas of the world and politician continually squander the peoples money!

    • http://yahoo Susan

      Domenic Brandy, don’t you have better things to do than comment on old mob figures like REALLY get your Board Certification to practice “PLASTIC” surgery instead of just emergency medicine, and stop ruining people’s faces.

  • Mitch

    Let the dead bury the dead!

  • TG Special

    You are THE only person in the country who isn’t curious as to where he is buried. Its a humongous national story. It will be front page of the news for a long time. If indeed this underboss actually knows.

  • wygent

    It might be good to bring this whole episode back to life – just to remind people that the AFL-CIO and all its associated unions are absolute poison to their members. Hoffa and his goons ransacked the Teamsters health and welfare funds for their own enrichment. They stole the Teamsters retirement fund and used it to futher criminal enterprises. The Teamsters, Longshoremen’s, Operating Engineers, Laborers, Ironworkers all fleeced their members and cared far more about getting rich than about protecting their “brothers”. Anything that reminds everyone of that is a GOOD thing.

    • Tom–Teamster

      Then why does the teamsters have a oversite committe that watches the funds distribution and it is solvent. Over 20 billlion in the fund and nobody can touch it, only members who have worked for at least 5 years are eligible. The word ransacked shows us readers you are a false accuser.

    • 1032-4U

      Hoffa was a thug……………period.

  • otha jones


    • nunya


  • notunion

    Did good for the unions? What a laugh, he stole my grandfathers savings while he was in the union. Good Riddance. I think it was the working man he was supposed to be helping that killed him for stealing their money.

    • Tom–Teamster

      Stole your grandfathers money?? More details please! How? When? And where? Did your grandfather drink? People paint with a broad brush sometimes if they are ticked at the union. That doesn’t sound like the Hoffa I knew.

  • Wayne

    Stories, stories, stories — let’s see the body!

    • Jeff

      This is idiotic, even if he tells the truth about where Hoffa was buried he’s giving someone plenty of opportunity to dig him up and bury him elsewhere. If this guy is going to lie about where Hoffa was buried he’ll simply claim that it was the burial site but sometime since 1975 someone dug up the body.

  • http://Facebook Inga

    It’s about time someone speaks up & let the puzzle answer. I don’t
    know if Hoffa was part of the mob but still people are curious to
    know where he has been buried. Toni Zerilli took his time deciding
    to tell authorities where Hoffa’s body is buried only to get money
    with the book he is writing & also the tabloid will pay for this
    one if it’s true.

  • Dindor

    Jimmy Hoffa is dead?????????/

  • Jeff

    James Earl Hoffa? I thought they were looking for James Riddle Hoffa

    • ScottieJ

      Your right Jeff. I was just looking through the comments to see if anyone else caught that mistake. Seeing as someone comes out every couple of years to say they know where the body is buried only to come up empty handed proves that this is probably someone else looking to get headlines on the last days of thier lives. I don’t see them every finding the body (that is if it is still in one piece). Back then they liked making sure the “body” of evidence would be so small the largest piece would fit in your wife’s handbag.

    • http://yahoo Mike Carpenter


  • http://yahoo.com Sam

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword….but I would really like to know what happened to Hoffa….it’s been the best kept secret in the world, except perhaps for “who really ordered the assassination of Jack Kennedy”…..inquiring minds want to know! I don’t believe he was all bad, everyone has some good in them….someone loved him too!

  • Hardboot

    The Kennedys done it.

    • Vince

      The Kennedys? JFK gone in 1963 and Bobby gone in 1968. Hoffa gone missing in 1975. I think you have your math a little off friend.

  • Big Rob

    I think he is spread out from Detroit to Las Vegas! Should I write a book about my findings so I can get rich?

  • Billy Turner

    Given their notoriaty, they are mere “rats”. Also, I could never accept the fact they would go on a killing spree, and then to confession–“Bless me, Father, for I have killed several people.”

  • antonio andolini

    Look at them up there, sitting on their fat asses,
    drinking coffee and eating doughnuts !!
    Have you had enough of it?

  • csiguy74

    Jimmy Hoffa is buried in Japan according to late Mafia hitman Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski. In Philip Carlo’s book entitled “The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman”, Mr. Kuklinski describes his contract he fulfilled by killing Jimmy Hoffa and emplacing his remains in a trunk of a car, which was sold to a Japanese export company with links to Detroit, MI specializing in re-furbishing automobiles (pages 188-190). “He’s part of a car somewhere in Japan right now”, Richard confided (reference: page 190).

  • jack murray

    you idiots have’nt a clue/ it was not jimmy hoffa that ransacked the teamsters pension funds/ it was tony pro/ and jackie presser (then president)/ for your information/ hoffa wanted to reclaim the teamster presidentcy after he was released from prison (after being railroaded by bobby kennedy. he threatened to expose the coruption and consequently was murdered/ so get your facts straight befor you shoot your mouth off stupid/ jimmy hoffa did more for the working man than anyone else/ you dopes deserve to continue your pissy jobs at walmart/

    • http://yahoo Mike Carpenter


    • Joe

      My, my, a bit testy aren’t we? Who really cares except clowns like you.

    • Marc

      Right on, only wish local 3 had someone that cared as much as Mr. Hoffa and his son

    • jhonson

      Got that right, for once someone has the facts right

  • http://yahoo Mike Carpenter

    well,first off,it truly bothers me that someone in the press would be allowed to write of this who’s obviously not worthy…i find it sadly laughable that they can’t even get the mans name correct. it’s James Riddle Hoffa not James Earl…and yes i think it’s sad that people remember him as a mafia member when he was no such thing..He made a loan to the mafia to build Vegas and made interest on this money that went back into the pension fund as profit,making it the most solvent and strongest pension plan in America ..He did this for his brothers,the Teamster members..and went to prison for what they call today stock option expensing and investment banking which many CEO’S enjoy as an employment perk today..(the new mafia?)Please folks’., quit watching TV and believing everything on it ..lol Not to mention that his son., now Teamster President has endured this B/S not knowing where and what happened to his father all this time..please..have we no respect.. thank you..MIKE CARPENTER TEAMSTER

    • kbj

      ANY Teamsters/ Union workers are the worst of the worst. The Unions were to “Protect” the strong workers.. all they do now is protect the lazy ones.. want to find the laziest, most entitled workers in the world, look no further than anyone in a union..

    • James

      Unions suck

  • nunya

    Everyone deserves a decent burial and closure. He may or may not have been a no good mobster/gangster however, he was someone’s son/brother/uncle/husband/father. Somebody cared, and saying you don’t care well that displays your personality and your demeanor. So while you may think he doesn’t deserve it, does his family deserve it? Do you really think the government is going to focus solely on one thing at a time? The government can multi-task, they have the man power.

  • Robin

    I dont understand why they have to dig….. why cant they use one of those ground xray machine ?

    • PoloPony


  • David puliery. S

    Everybody has good and bad in them no one can say that they don’t “let the one that never sin throw the first stone” so with that in mind let’s think that if you had a family member that vanished so many years and had a chance to find them and give them a proper burial i think that would be a good thing not to mention the closure that the family deserves. god forgives us all for our transgressions so find it in your heart to forgive others. d.p.s

  • Phil

    Legendary mafia figure……..he was head of the Teamsters Union,not a mafia boss.The writer of this article is clueless…..

    • Ed

      Phil, you are the clueless one. They are saying the guy in prison Zerilli was the under boss not Hoffa. Wow sometimes people read crap way to fast before they post replies…

    • ken

      he was both who do you think ran the teamsters and the steel unions

  • nunya

    It’s easy to point the finger when you’re not on the other end.

  • http://yahoo.com RUDI

    I was nurse’s aide for Hoffa’s mother at the time — it was a shame that she was not allowed to watch tv or look at a newspaper — she went to her grave never knowing ANYthing about what happened to her son….crying shame if you ask me no matter how you felt about HIM, she was his MOTHER!!!

  • Dan

    George W. Bush did it.

  • http://YAHOO pHIL

    Local 237 Teamester and proud of it !!!!!!

    • BOB


    • jim

      Sorry to hear that

    • David

      Sorry to stray, but I’ve been in construction for 35 years and have seen it first hand that union workers are distgustingly overpaid and lazy. Maybe back in the day when workers were abused by management, a union was relevant. Now they just whine. You want to find a foreman? Look behind the stack of pallets. He’s the one drinking beer before lunch….making $65 an hour.

  • Emoo

    As I have said for all these years I know where the body is buried at I 275 under the Pennsylvania overpass. No one believed me before as no one does now but we shall see

  • Rabbit

    This story is filled with incorrect information,to begin with if your going to write a story about someone the very least you should do is get the persons name right!

  • ljethrogibbs46

    I think the US Atty is confusing James Riddle Hoffa with James Earl Ray…Of course, everyone should know that Jimmy is alive & well & living in Brazil. Or is that Adolf Hitler – was never sure.

  • http://yahoo Al Nagy

    I doubt he will ever be found. Politicians, union officials, they pat their members on the back with one hand while picking their pocket with the other. Anyone who claims to be “for the working man” is one you should run away from, not towards. Trust in God, trust in yourself. If you don’t prepare yourself for the realities of life while younger, if you want to hang around street corners, join gangs, etc. then you deserve minimum wage. Stand on your own two feet.

  • Kevin

    My father met Hoffa in prison and when he was released, Hoffa got him a job driving truck. Later, after my father had cancer and was unable to work, he did “paperwork” for Hoffa. This was about the time of Hoffas disapearence. I remember my father coming home one day very freaked out, grabbing his bottle and telling my mother he had just visited a union bosses house and not being allowed in. When he got back in the car, he says he could of sworn he seen Hoffa looking out a window. My mother told me years later that this was about 2 months after he vanished.

  • Michael

    What good will finding him do anyone ? Hoffa has been presumed Dead since 1975. Finding him now will only give the posibility to find out who killed him. The why he dead doesn’t matter anymore. Yes the family will have a funeral and some closure but nothing changes. So why the big deal. He pissed off alot of people and I’ll bet he expected that sooner or later it was going to happen. The same as Kennedy, he new he wouldn’t make it through that drive thru Dallas. I say other than for the family it’s a wasted effort…

    • John Flechas

      Really? JFK knew he wouldn’t make it to the end of day in Dallas? A guy with the vigor of life that HE had, 2 kids, lovely wife (and his ability to “play the field” as he wished) really wanted to die there in Dallas 11/22/63? That’s a new one. Make that 7,436 different stories I’ve now heard on Kennedy’s last day. I was 9 years old and recall the day very well. Interesting angle I’ve not heard before about him KNOWING he was going to be knocked off. NOW I’ve heard about everything on this issue.

  • Nick Jacholson

    I think Jim Carrey should have broken the story…..

  • http://webpronews Ron C

    I vaguely remember when the unions stood for the working man, nowadays they stand for the union!

  • Chuck Anthony

    OK, here is what happened. Coleman Young was first black Detroit Mayor in 1975 when Hoffa disappeared. Henry Ford recruited Young through a black church Henry used as screening for employees. They became friends. Henry used his own money to construct the Detroit’s Renaissance Center in Detroit. In mid 1975 they were pouring enough cement to cover a football field 22 stories high. 7000 construction workers were used. Coleman was used as an unlikely go-between for the mob and the teamsters because he was black. Thus the battle for control started. Hoffa is buried under a million tons of concret close to the fish. The site that started the battle between Hoffa and the mob (Detroit’s Renaissance Center). I thought everyone knew that. Henry Ford got wind of Youngs “connections” and refused to attend the opening dinner with Bob Hope in his own 500M investment. Zerilli wouldn’t know the exact details, he was in the clink at the time.

    • LuckyD

      I’m just wonderng exactly how you know all this when no one else seems to.

  • twinstick

    While Zerilli might be peddling a book and in need of cash, there’s a very good possibility that he’s right.

  • Tom–Teamster

    I wonder if this is another wild goose chase, the old mob boss’s final joke on the goverment that he hates. We have seen that movie before a few times.

  • ws1

    2 words, wsitnwss protection

  • ws1

    2 words witness protection

  • charles

    my grandfather was a former U.S. marshal and indeed jimmy hoffa was placed in witness protection after he flipped to the feds but he is dead now

  • pete

    I think this will be another dead end tip. The guy is writting a book to make a living, and this will sell his book. I think i will write a book about where is JFK’s brain. you know the brain was missing.

    • kjm

      His brain was always missing.. he was a democrat

  • TrikerDude

    Who cares?

    • Vince

      TinkerDude: I would rather hear about stories on Hoffa than hear stories on Kanye and Kim, Justin Bieber, or whatever else is trending now a days. Just look at Yahoo! and their top 10 “trending now” Hoffa’s story just happens #5. The #6 story you might ask? “Tommy Lee Jones is grumpy at the Golden Globes”.. now who cares about that sh*t..

    • Vince

      TinkerDude: I would rather hear about stories on Hoffa than hear stories on Kanye and Kim, Justin Bieber, or whatever else is trending now a days. Just look at Yahoo! and their top 10 “trending now” Hoffa’s story just happens #5. The #6 story you might ask? “Tommy Lee Jones is grumpy at the Golden Globes”.. now who cares about that sh*t..

    • Vince

      TinkerDude: I would rather hear about Hoffa stories, instead of hearing about Kim and Kanye, Justin Bieber or any other of today’s stories. Just look at Yahoo!’s top 10 trending stories.. Hoffa’s story just happens to be #5. The #6 story you might ask? “Tommy Lee Jones is grumpy at the Golden Globes.” Now who cares about that sh*t, and how is this important to society.

  • Tristan

    How many people will come forward with info on where Jimmy Hoffa is at ?
    Just a few months ago they were digging up someones driveway because they had a deathbed confession. I’m going to take this with a grain of salt.

  • pete

    I think Jimmy had many good qualities, like loving your fellow working, and wanting a fair wage for a fiar days work for all his drivers. But Jimmy was no saint, thru in with criminals, and went too extreme, and treated the labor problems as war. I hope everyone learned from the Hoffa / JFK era, and ne we can go ahead in a more peaceful manner.

  • LuckyD

    @Chuck Anthony I just wonder how you’re one who knows this when no one else seems to. What’s your source. Just curious……….

  • http://yahoo WHebert

    badda bim , badda boom who gives a damn about Jimmy Hoffa

    • jimmythepainter

      Yeah just like nobody is gonna give a f**k when your parents die either….loser

  • Harry Shapiro

    Although Jimmy Hoffa was playing ball with the Mafia (in those days if you didn’t you’d get nothing done), he was not a member of the Mafia. Nor was he a puppet. If he had been he would’ve left that diner and gone on with his day. The man is painted in such a negative light already, to add inaccuracies is tasteless and hurtful to the Hoffa family. Not to mention it is shoddy and sophomoric journalism.

    • Richard

      Thanks for the comment. I too noticed how this “journalist” commuted Hoffa from a union leader into a mafia boss as if the two were the same. So far off and really sad how others have defined unions.

  • J. Hancock

    Everybody has known for 40 years. Jimmy has been the CORNERSTONE of what the Union Bosses of the Teamsters call. A Man of Stone Cold Character.

  • John Flechas

    The deal about Hoffa’s body being under one of the end zones in a stadium is nothing new. However, if what Mr. Zerilli is saying is true, it would certainly shed light on a piece of history many have pondered about every so often. True, in today’s era, Hoffa’s disappearance would not matter to many, But, should Zerilli’s claim be backed up with actual evidence, it still brings a compelling mystery to a closer conclusion. From a historic standpoint, I hope Mr. Zerilli’s story has some veracity.

  • James

    Hoffa’s middle name was “Riddle”, not Earl. He ate his last meal at the Macus Red Fox.

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    Dead? What the hell’s y’all talking about? Been staking out in Cuba for years you fool’s. If I was buried, Nicki wouldn’t of killed Marko them two days later. Not to mention killin Speno out in Vegas in a hole out in the desert after giving me some trouble, and what i founds out in that dinner that day in Detroit.



    • John Flechas

      Spot on Gary!! Hoffa may have been a lot of things, but one thing’s for certain — he represented his members well. He was 150% into getting what he could for the membership he looked after. Don’t think there was ever a doubt.

      • jimmythepainter

        150% ??? wow another fricken genius

    • jimmythepainter

      what the hell are you yelling about?…apparently the 2 bucks an hour was acceptable…you did take the job right?

  • FredGarvin

    Witness protection rebuttal. Not saying it didn’t happen, but a couple of things make be believe this is not the case.

    The mob of that era has been gone for decades so my guess is within the past 20 years it would have been safe for him to leave the program and return to his family and hit the talk show circuit. Also, had he been in the program he would have been long dead by now and it would have been safe to release this information to the public.

    I am leaning away from this theory.

  • nordquist120@yahoo.com

    Mr. Hoffa’s name was James RIDDLE Hoffa, not James EARL Hoffa.

  • Mashman

    ALL union members are socialist SCUM!!! I’d rather buy cheap crap from China, than support a union shop!

    I wish ALL union members would find their way into a shallow grave somewhere!

    • Gregory A. Rapp

      The person that wrote this article needs to correct their information! His middle name was Riddle not Earl!

    • Fehk You

      I’m a union member and I make just over $43 an hour in my envelope $78 total package to do next to nothing EVERY SINGLE DAY working for the Gov. Thanks A-hole! Now go crawl back into your misrable hole and go collect your welfare check. Cause as far as society goes…YOU’RE the BIGGEST SCUMBAG OF ALL!!! Bwahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dave

      You suck. Obviously you’re not in a Union. The whole u.s. government are socialists. Whats wrong with better wages and benefits?

      • walt

        Amen brother…IAMAW………Local 79

    • michael

      then move to china they only have 1 union called communism now go get lost at walmart asshole

    • jimmy hoffa

      Oh my god You are a douchbag!

    • rabnjb

      You are just some right wing nut bag who still can not believe the REPUBLATERDS lost the election! You should be in your backyard digging a shelter and buying beef jerky.

    • walt

      People like YOU are the reason this country is in the shape it’s in. Get out of the USA, you SCUM.

    • jimmythepainter

      your exactly what is WRONG with America today….dont stop at supporting the child labor using countries….MOVE THERE

  • Errnest

    No One Will Ever Find The Body, Hoffa was Made Into Dog Food!

    • vince

      Woof Woof just like my homework my dog ate it lol

  • Raymondprimrose@rocketmail.com

    Dead and buried is not the case. Dead and gone is the case. Death insects done eaten and took his flesh and bones to places never to be seen again after all these years have gone by. And this mobster who’s 85 years old cannot remember where he left his teeth yet he says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa chopped up body is. ”That’s right chopped up and fed to the sharks !” Everybody thinks Jimmy is buried when in reality he is tossed. ”Tossed out at sea !”

  • Paul GC

    Sounds like horsehockey to me. I’ve heard the exact same story from so many of these old mobster guys over the last 4 decades now, that it’s a joke. They all claim they either know what happened, know who did the hit, and/or know where the body’s buried, and they all turn out to be horsehockey once they’re investigated. Stories. That’s all they are; just stories, to get attention. Nothing more. The details change a little bit from story to story, but that’s all. None of them ever go anywhere. This story will probably end up just like all the rest & turn out to be just as empty as Al Capone’s vault.

  • jeff

    And because of unions look what we have now no jobs. They all went overseas for cheaper labor and no unions! All our jobs are buried with Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      @ Jeff, You can thank Unions for safer workplaces, 40 hour weeks, and a minimum wage. Unions have nothing to do with jobs leaving overseas whatsoever…do your research.

      • Roger

        You can thank unions for safer workplaces, 40 hour weeks and a minimum wage. So what you are saying is that if we never had unions, none of those things would have ever been created. You don’t think that Congress or the states would have at some point come around and made the changes without the unions? Yeah, America would be a bunch of sweatshops with out unions. Whatever. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

        • Rich

          If you think congress would have done something about working conditions and minimum wage you are drinking the “head in the sand” Kool-aid. Have you ever known congress to do ANYTHING without being pushed?

          • Bill

            From my experience, mostly what congress does is raise there own position in life, with salaries, and retirements, with full pay, only after a four year term. They are exempt from all the laws that govern us. ie. Any part of Oboma care. They live like royalty , above the law, while we make the country what it is, and take the scraps they drop.

        • Brad

          Yes! you drink your flavor and he’ll drink his.

        • mondo

          you r right if it was’t for jimmy hoffa i would’t be retired right now he took care of all the teamsters works and its not his fault that jobs when over sea its r new government that let this happen and who put these people in power we did so thing about.

      • Rich

        Bob you are absolutely right. Corporate greed is what sent jobs overseas. Don’t they realize that if the middle class disappears they will have no place to sell their products. Henry Ford realized that a hundred years ago when he paid his workers 3 times more than other factory workers. When asked why by the other rich moguls he replied.”If my workers can’t afford to buy my products, who will?” He got it and he was definitely not a union lover.

    • Ed Taylor

      If it had not been for Jimmy Hoffa all the truckers would still be making .25 a mile also ever time we got a raise you got one also.It is the greedy owners of a company that move over seas so you can draw minium wage at you flip a burger job.From a retired TEAMSTER and DAMN PROUD of it

    • Don

      Congress was lobbied to change the laws to cheaper for imports and to have the majority of the item made overseas and US workers would finish it up. Shirts were made overseas and we sewed the buttons on. Congress was also lobbied to change the status of an employee so that they could import more contract workers and pay them less, thereby pulling US workers wages down and allowing corporations to keep more of their profits for themselves. Congress would have done nothing to protect jobs or wages and really could care less about you unless it is time for elections.

  • http://Yahoo Lolalove

    Hopefully they find his remains…….

  • Todd Milelr

    Amanda again. She gets the interesting stories. WTG! keep up the good work.

  • Maxine Freeman

    So what I read in book about the son of the “Godfather” is not true?

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com National Show Tickets

    It would be nice to finally put this to rest and know what happened. Lots of speculation but whenever a book is written you have to wonder if it is just about selling books or if there is any meat in the story. I would like to know though! So will probably buy his book.

  • michael simmons

    im sure we all would like to know where jimmy hoffa is

  • pedro fernandez

    let’s make it into a pay-per-view and charge $49.95 and then we end up with some chicken bones and a rack of consumed spare ribs.

  • flo

    Ain’t no bug eat him up, ain’t no fish eat him up. He’s in the concrete footer of one hospital. Is true ya won’t find him. God knows where he is!

  • http://yahoo kitty

    if zerilli wanted to get this over with he would tell the fbi now.it has to be for the money.

  • ward

    James “Earl”??!! Hoffa, James Riddle Hoffa. James Earl Ray is the assassin of Martin Luther King…

  • ghostjohn

    It’s a Cookbook, 😛

    • http://shaun-webb.com Shaun

      It is!! To serve man!!

  • http://shaun-webb.com Shaun

    These guys love to send the feds on wild goose chases and the feds are more than gullible enough to let it happen. They’ll never find Hoffa no matter who says what. This mobster laughs his a** off as soon as the reporters, feds, and anyone else involved steps out the door. He really gets a kick when they spend a month and hundreds of thousands of dollars digging up old button-hooks and tin foil. Hilarious.

  • just saying

    Call Giraldo (Hill-rad-oh)cant spell, have big show of diapointment like, THE AL CAPONE EMPTY VAULT.

  • Jerry

    You think congress would come around… it’s 2013 and your congress is about to hold the country hostage with some debt ceiling freeze which will again lower our countries AAA rating -which in turn sours the economy.. which also affects the economy of other countries… And you know all that money we owe China… They will be able to increase the percentage rate they are charging us for that money we owe…Just like your credit rating affects how you borrow money. Wake up Tea Party supporters.. You are too stupid to govern and to weak to debate.

  • dan casey

    Interesting how history repeats itself. The Union are once again controlled by the mob. But now, their head boss is Obama.

    • Sharon

      This was a humorous but true statement. Good use of language.
      Hope more people actually share this view. Thanks Dan Casey for my laugh of the day.

    • james wonton

      thats just a stupid remark


        it’s true

  • Dean Martini

    Jimmy is down in South America with Elvis.

  • ? maureen

    The mob usually gets rid of bodies so they are never found,unless they are trying to leave a msg. mr. Z is finally singing because of his book deal. None of the mobsters responsible for the hit on Hoffa are alive now. Z needs the money now.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Rodregez

    After all this time, does anyone but the FBI care where this man is buried? Its not like finding him will bring him back or even lead to the person responsible for his demise. As for Mr. Zerilli wishing to clear his conscience, well one does not look for money to do so. Just give the FBI the whereabouts and be done with it.

  • Cathy

    He must be alive. I have seen his name on every Rest Area along the major highways in the US. Along with James Dean, Elvis, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, I have even seen John F. Kennedy’s name. Of course these names were entered and I used to see those names on those registers, at least 15yrs. ago. They may have passed away by now.

  • Joseph Blowe

    JImmy Hoffa was a POS murdering killer (ordered the Jock Zablonski family killed including an innocent wife and daughter), so he got exactly what he deserved! Who give a sh** where he’s buried as long is positively dead! That’s what counts! “What goes around, comes around!”

  • http://yahoo JIM GUNDER

    james R.Hoffa, one person called him a mafia person,Jimmie was not even italian………….I was a member of the #299 jimmies local president, before he was President.In Detroit, and he did more for th truck divers back then40’s 50’s a great man and yes i have been to hos house ewhen james jr was just a nice kid, now he took his fathers place,we all knew Chuckie hs step son had something to do with it, but all heresay, a great man a bigger loss,God bless you Jimmie

  • YourWorseNightmare

    He must still be alive, at least 15 yrs. ago I saw his name entered on a Rest Area Registry along I71, for travelers to sign their name and where they are from and where they are going. Among such names were his, John F Kennedy, Elvis, and various other entertainers. Like I said it was at least 15yrs ago, they may be passed away by now. (NOT a true story)

  • Heemster

    they will never find him stop wasting money please

  • Don Kebals

    Hoffa is still alive I swear he is the greeter at a walmart in Texas

  • Social Bob

    We all know Jimmy sleeps wit da fishes

  • Brian

    In the Iceman Confessions he claims he killed Hoffa while working for the Gambino family.