Jill Duggar Weds Derick Dillard In Front Of 1,000

    June 23, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard shared their first kiss ever in front of 1,000 friends and family as they became man and wife on Saturday. The couple, featured on the show 19 Kids & Counting, will honeymoon at an undisclosed location for obvious reasons.

Jill Duggar has been courted by Derick Dillard for a long time. Courting is a practice long held dear by the Duggar family for their children and has been more and more embraced by the general public who are inspired by the family.

Generally, there are only group dates and family visits until engagement. Then, the couple may choose to hold hands and hug. Their first kiss is on their wedding day.

This practice has also been made popular by the higher-than-normal moral standards of the Duggar girls, who are looked up to by many in this generation of teenagers and preteens as a new option in the pit of over-indulgence and careless living standards of many of today’s youth.

It takes courage to live like that, and a new generation is taking notice.

However, the long practice of courting for Jill Duggar and her beau didn’t make it any easier on Jill’s dad, Jim Bob Duggar. He was actually enduring the loss of his first daughter to get married quite bravely, but it still hits hard.

“It really hit me that Jill was leaving as she was packing her bag the other night,” he said. “We all realized she was really leaving. We are so glad that Derick is an answer to her prayers. It’s an emotional time, but a joyful time.”

Jill Duggar holds her family in a very special and very high place, and it showed at Saturday’s ceremony.

Five of the older Duggar sisters were bridesmaids and two Duggar brothers were groomsmen. Five of her other brothers were ushers, and her sisters and a niece were flower girls. Another brother and her nephew shared the duty of ring-bearer.

Congratulations to Jill Duggar on becoming Mrs. Derick Dillard!

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  • BLazed

    I wonder what their kiss looked like. I have seen quite a few over the top make out sessions when virgins kiss for the first time.

    • pete14789

      it was quite long and look like they knew what they doing

      • Momof2princesses

        because they probably did. I really do not believe for a moment that these two stuck to their parents over the top rules. I think they are good kids but I think they probably did kiss before.

    • disqus_inLasVegas

      its funny because my husband and i never kissed in front of my parents until our wedding day, and the first time they saw us was at the altar as we were pronounced man & wife. our kiss was over-the-top! LOL (just naturally) my mom still blushes about that!

    • AmberBubbles

      He had fish lips. And she was bend so far back that she was probably more worried about falling than she was about kissing him properly.

  • Jason

    Guess now they can hug…idiotic…

  • AndyR

    Lacy, if you had any knowledge of this couple, you would know that they have only been courting for a few months, NOT a long time…

  • Cindy

    Yes, one month is a very long time to court.

  • Patti Escabi

    How come Michele Duggar always looks like a frump, the husband doesn’t though. Something off with these people.

    • Christine

      Nineteen, twenty pregnancies will do that to a woman.

  • JoyC

    I hope they use birth control and limit their family to 2 children. This is a scary thought: if all the Duggar children had 19 kids like their parents did, Jim Bob and Michelle would have 361 grandchildren. If the grandchildren all had 19 kids there would be 6,859 great-grandchildren. If that pattern were continued there would be 130,321 great-great-grandchildren and 2,476,099 great-great-great-grandchildren. If the pattern were 2 children (The Duggars had 2 kids, they had 2 kids, etc.) there would be 32 great-great-great-grandchildren.

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      Why is that so scary? It’s scarier for all the women in the projects to be reproducing. The Duggars are healthy happy contributing members of society ( and the young ones will be too).

    • BLazed

      Wtv there are tons of children like myself with deadbeat dads and multiple children. Those children will be blessed to be born to such a loving family.

    • momto2princesses

      That is the point of the quiverfull movement. To over populate the world with their drones.

    • Sam

      I don’t see a problem with that. We need more people in the world like the Duggars in my opinion.

  • pete14789

    right no kissing but that don’t mean she not polishing his Johnson…

    • http://marvel.com/characters/54/spider-man Spider-Man

      LOL… Not with her parents watching her like a hawk.

      • pete14789

        heard that before where there is a will there is a way and hes got a lot of will

  • Manny

    Who gives a rats arse? Really, are they good at anything other than making babies?

  • pete14789

    this just kills me “higher than normal moral value”?? the only moral values the right knows is no sex..but the moral value of helping the poor get health care so THEY DONT DIE!!!!! well then its too bad sucks to be you..

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      What does healthcare have to do with the Duggars sex life? NOTHING.

      • pete14789

        improve your reading and comprehension .I was specifically talking about there warp view of …MORALS….which isn’t just sex..its helping the poor too ..its in that book they read called the bible…Jesus was pretty big on it…

        • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

          Why don’t you improve your writing and punctuation, a$$wipe. I just love how idiots try to prove how smart they are by trying to insult someone when they respond to something. YOU make no sense.

          • sinners

            He makes perfect sense…you like so many so called christians refuse to hear the truth because the truth hurts. So long as the person is a slave and does as they are told (living a christian life) everything is okay, but go out of that circle and all hell breaks loose! Morals are a lot more than just telling your kids to not have sex. Is having people as slaves moral? Is killing people that are of a different belief moral? Is treating people that have a different sexual preference moral? Is denying people the same rights as everyone moral? Is taking away benefits from any human or animal that needs it to survive moral?
            Your religion forces you to discriminate based on stupid thousand year old rules made up by a bunch of desert tribesman from the middle east that require you to “stone” anyone for the dumbess things…yet you guys know what morals are!!! What a joke you guys are! What you need to be doing is convicting all the “moral” leaders from the churches that rape little boys and steal 10% or more of it’s followers hard earned money!!!

          • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

            Well aren’t you so smart that you can tell by mental telepathy that I’m a bible thumping Christian. Sorry, you’re wrong mr atheist. Is this just a standard answer that you copy and paste?

          • nightowl

            Hey Fly by, you need a life instead of arguing with people on the internet. Fly, fly fly…….

          • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants


  • bri

    I understand having morals and all that. This woman is how old, and had to go on dates with her boyfriend with her family tagging along? She was not allowed to hold his hand or even HUG him until they were engaged, and not allowed to kiss him until they were married. This is just ridiculous. You have to know someone before you can marry them.

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      This kind of courtship is part of their spiritual beliefs. If the ones doing the courtship are alright with it, then what’s your problem with it?

    • Pam

      That’s the whole point. They get to really know each other before all the sexual stuff gets in the way. I would place odd on their relationship lasting for eternity unlike 50% of US marriages, 99.9% of which started out with sex first.

      • http://marvel.com/characters/54/spider-man Spider-Man

        Getting to know each other? They’ve known each other for a relatively short time and their engagement was short, as well. And half of marriages fail because often there is a lack of communication and commitment, not necessarily sex as part of the equation. I wish them the best, but there’s something to be said about the growth gained from dating more than 1 person at different times.

  • http://www.boxingthestars.com/ Kala Bernier

    This is what I don’t understand. If you want to have 19 kids or whatever fine, but why not adopt? There are so many children in need of a home, does their god not care about them?

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      Why don’t you ask the “parents” of all the children that need a home. The Duggars can have as many children as they want. They support their children without any financial assistance from others. So what’s the problem? The amount of children HAS NOTHING to do with our God not caring about others.

    • http://marvel.com/characters/54/spider-man Spider-Man

      I agree with your point about them adopting since they want to continue to have more children, however God cares for all people regardless of their home situations (foster kids, etc.)

    • disqus_inLasVegas

      i agree that there are children who need homes, but alot of people who share your views have never adopted any children (not saying you haven’t) i just feel it’s odd to point fingers and say “why not adopt?” when that person hasn’t adopted either.

  • jay wold

    1000 people at the wedding? Insanity

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      So what!!! It’s their wedding and their business. Insanity would be the Kardashian wedding that most of America has been drooling over.

    • disqus_inLasVegas

      if we would have invited every single person on both sides of our families plus friends, church, and neighbors, etc. we would have had close to 1000 guests as well. we had a very small wedding with 100.

  • ronnie

    So much for teaching their kids how to live in the real world!

  • Sultry_Clue

    I find something rather romantic about this arrangement. It certainly is a breath of fresh air from the extreme rebellious nature of famous youth.
    On the other hand, this situation also seems a bit extreme to me. Why do we have to go extreme either way? And to some people, sex IS a very spiritual act.
    I just hope these two are happy, and that all the kids aren’t tied down to this kind of life if they don’t want to be.

  • Tavia Mosaic Kennedy

    Something about this family is just off. They always smiling and happy. Wonder if any of the duggar kids are gay?

  • nightowl

    Well she ought to be giving birth in 9 months to yet another Duggar. God help us all.

    • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

      How does that affect you?……..right, it DOESN’T.

      • 19postsandcounting

        Flying, I see you making comments on several posts that have something negative or seemingly negative to say about the Duggars. Why don’t you relax and let people have an opinion about this family. It’s great you support them, make a giant post about it. I am finding it really difficult to enjoy reading the conversation and reading your comments every step of the way. We get it, you think they rock. But some of the things they do now are not the “norm” today and it will spark a debate. Please, get over it and continue on with your fan mail.

        • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

          I can write when I feel like writing. If you can’t “enjoy” the conversation because of my comments, then that’s your problem.

  • Sandy Price

    As much as people don’t want to admit it, a healthy and satisfying sex life is an important part of a relationship. How happy are they gonna be when they realize that their sex life is awful and they are not sexually compatible?

  • Bpt Liz

    How can you truly know a person if you are chaperoned all the time ? Of course with people around you will always be on your best behavior. I worry these kids will regret their decisions when they find themselves alone with someone they thought they really knew but actually don’t.

  • momatad
  • Pat Voiro

    When you trust in the Lord for your wants and needs nothing is impossible So I wish the newlywed couple many blessings and much happiness