Jesus Portrait Taken Down in Ohio Public School

By: Sean Patterson - April 3, 2013

An image of Jesus that has hung in a Jackson, Ohio middle school for over 60 years and was recently moved to a Jackson high school has now been taken down.

According to an Associated Press report, the Jackson City School district has agreed to take the picture down amid first amendment concerns.

The picture was hung in Jackson Middle School in 1947. It is owned by the school’s Christian Hi-Y Club, which took the picture down on Wednesday.

The decision to take the picture down came after a student and two parents, with help from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Ohio and the Freedom from Religion Foundation, had sued the school district. The lawsuit claimed the picture was unconstitutional, as it promoted a particular set of religious beliefs.

Superintendent Phil Howard told the AP that the decision was based on the high cost that battling the lawsuit would cost. The school board had initially voted to keep the picture up, arguing that removing it would violate the Hi-Y Club students’ free speech rights.

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  • Naime

    We have people of other religions at our school that include Hinduists, Indians, Buddhists, Muslims, and I even know a Wiccan.

    In choir, we sing all sorts of songs that praise Jesus. In Latin we sang sang songs that praised Jesus. We have Christian clubs. We even had a guy at lunch one day stand up on the table and give a sermon on Jesus Christ. When he sat down everyone in the lunchroom applauded him. We have a Bible as Literature class available for students. My teachers love to talk about their faith.

    You know something interesting? Out of all of that and the students of different religions, the students accept the fact that the large majority of our school loves Jesus. They respect our beliefs, and we respect theirs. They people of other religions stand up for the pledge, they sing the songs in choir (even if they do not believe in Jesus). You know why? Because they are good people with great hearts.

    And then one year, we had a single girl. Her mother was the head of the club for gays and lesbians. The girl asked the ROTC instructor his opinion on gay marriage. He gave her his honest opinion, and she did not ‘approve’ of it. Then, she went running out of the classroom like a whiny baby. Next, the girl’s mother tries to sue the school. She even dragged the FFRF organization into it. But soon after there was a meeting concerning the school system. Many, many ROTC students -myself included- showed up to support this ROTC instructor. He is a wonderful person, and he has taught us many things. Everyone stood up for him in that meeting – no matter their religion. Even the school system is on our side. Since then, we have not heard one peep from the girl, her mother, or the FFRF organization.

    I love my school and its students!

  • .benson

    why is it that every time the aclu says this cant be everybody is scrambling to oblige them?how can one girl and those parents get away with that crap.Are we going to stand for what is right or keep quiet about what is wrong ? if people had enough guts to stand up to those idiots they wouldn’t get away with it.

  • Kathy

    There are so many ways that people are trying to take God out of this or God out of that, totally stupid. Why is God so threatening to people that choose not to believe. One needs to realize that he is the Air that we breathe, You can certainly remove everything material that you see about him or words that are spoken about him, but you will never be able to remove him from all that believe in the truth!

    • Amabele

      I completely agree with you. God have pity in the non believers.

  • mad at the world

    Forcing the school remove the painting is violating first constitutional rights, not the other way around. Hang a picture of Buddha or Brahma with the picture. This is very sad.

    “The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference.” – from

  • clint

    It’s not about religion. It’s about role models. As a real or imaginary figure you can argue that Christ is a very good role-model. The Reverend Martin Luther King is a great Christian role-model. Joan-of-Arc is a Christian role model as well. The examples these individuals set is exemplary. It would be helpful if attached to the portrait there were a paragraph saying what is thought to be exemplary about the pictured persons behavior.