Jessica Biel’s Marriage Is Too “Hard Going”

    February 10, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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One of the biggest celebrity weddings of 2012 was the marriage of 7th Heaven’s Jessica Biel and former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake. Since then, there has been tons of speculation regarding their relationship, especially when Biel didn’t attend last year’s American Music Awards with her hubby, who was given several awards during the show.

Biel quickly took to Twitter to address the speculation saying that she was content to be watching the show from the comfort of her home.

Not only was Biel fed up with the gossip, Timberlake’s mother Lynn Harless had also had enough, and took to her personal Facebook page to set the record straight.

““I really try not to comment on bulls–t stuff, but I get so sick of all these stupid tabloids printing all the crap that they do about my son and his beautiful wife, who by the way are immensely happy and so much in love!” she wrote at the time. “Why don’t some of you act like journalist and print a real story! Report some actual news and stop making up rumors about people’s lives who are otherwise VERY happy!”

So, apparently their marriage isn’t on the rocks, and people are starting to wonder when there will be little Jessicas and Justins running around.

Sadie Bomar, Timberlake’s grandmother, dished out some information about her grandson’s marriage, and revealed that their relationship is too “hard going” for them to have children anytime soon.

“They are married but they are so busy, both of them, it’s hard going,” Sadie was quoted as saying. “I’m sure when it’s right to have children they will, but not now. They do love each other dearly but they are apart so much it’s going to be hard going for them,” she explained. “I think Jessica finds that really tough. She’s on her own a good deal.”

Bomar also worries that the couples’ hectic lifestyles will one day hurt their relationship. It’s not surprising that Biel and Timberlake are always on the go with their music and acting careers, but will that lead to the fall of their marriage?

“If he’s not coming back at night that puts a strain on things, of course it does,” Bomar said. “It’s hard to keep it all going but you have to have faith to keep it all going. I have faith in them and I believe they love each other dearly but I know they need time together.”

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  • Jim Park

    Who really cares?

    • donald

      Clicking on the story tells the advertisers and web site that you do.

      • Liberalism is Hedonism

        @disqus_CQFWzgbpMF:disqus now you know we cannot have truthful comments like that on here

    • Cliff Dickerson

      At least it is not a story about Jennifer Aniston. Every week we see a headline about Aniston and how her hemorrhoids are doing or what she thinks about the shrinking wombat population..and NO we do not care about "too hard" Jessica Biel. Next..

  • Dan Lewis

    come home .. no one in Boulder cares

  • Gossiping Pens

    She's in the early stage of pregnancy.

  • tim

    I really don't care if they get a divorce or not. Maybe they should. Things don't usually get easier the longer you're married and when you have kids it's even tougher. I think JT might be happier with someone in music too.

  • howard patters

    Just goes to show that narcissists shouldn't marry…

    • bluesnvegas

      It's also that many celebs are very insecure and need attention 24/7! A mate cant supply that kind of attention for long unless very strong.

  • walterbrob

    That is a waste of a fine piece of tail on that geeky puke Timberlake..Shame

  • John

    not enough time for each other? probably shouldn't have gotten married!..sounds like a divorce is not far off

  • dave

    Hey justin if you aren't man enough for her i'll bet the line is already a few miles long of guys who would gladly volunteer to at least try to make her happy.!! Spend some time with a gorgeous hot woman,who wouldn't,[or couldn't], find the time.If he's too busy his priorities are ALL screwed up.!!

  • Leon Greks

    They have a lot of money.They can spend less career time and more together if they want to help their marriage be even better.

  • Milly

    Before Jessica and Justin got married they must of known that the marriage was going to be hard and it will not last. Or were they just interested in publicity.
    My My how much of these actors think or cares about love or marriage. As for them not having children, that is the best thing to happen as why should children come into this world if they only have parents who are interested in themselves and publicities. It takes great people to be parents and make a home. There are some celebrities that do and they are not from the younger generation. I feel sorry for children who are born into this world because of publicity and not love.
    Marriage means not only partnership, it also means love, and being as a family not worlds apart.

  • Di

    What a bunch of naysayers you all are. Nothing says their marriage is on the rocks. You are as bad as the tabloids.

    • Hey Now

      Thank you, Di, so much for your post!! It's the only one that makes sense. People are really "gone" these days. Frankly, it scares me. Thank you again. (Now on to Lynn's page!)

  • lito_2010

    If he doesn't have the time to impregnate her, I'll do the man a solid and take care of it. You're welcome Justin

  • lindy west

    It would seem that there are much more newsworthy stories other than "fretting" over the reason there are no children yet in the TimberBiel household. It truly is not necessary to detail every minute piece of trivia where there is none. Twitter has taken care and seen to that.

  • Sarah

    Grandmother should shut up…so too should the mother and the wife. The point is, it is no one's business what happens in the private life/marriage of these two people. I do not understand why they all feel they should 'set the record straight' by giving explanations on social media. Some sh!t needs to be private. Keep your private life off social media.

  • Patricia Brisebois

    I hope their marriage works out. Marriage is hard enough without others planting the "seed of doubt". A bit concerned that Jessica would rather watch an award show from the comfort of her own home rather than attending with Justin. Maybe she has agoraphobia (new rumor has begun right here!).

  • Esman

    Isnt that the same thing Jennifer Aniston sort of said and next thing you know Brad is married to Angelina with a bunch of kids . Jessica girl , you better get your life !

  • AlleyCat

    I was in love with her sister on 7th Heaven, Beverly Mitchel – MEOW!

  • Fossil1944

    Take something as difficult as Marriage and pile a Hollywood career on top of it. Only a lucky few have been able to do it.

  • lindenfrank

    this woman would never be on her own that much with me..dumb guys to leave women like that alone too much

  • NAN752

    They are a great couple and I think it would be wise if the dumb ass media left them alone. As usual, they're not happy if a couple isn't breaking up…so pathetic! They will have children when THEY are ready, not when the media tells them too.

  • kd

    Having kids seems lame…I don't want them, and maybe they don't either?! I agree with Jim, "who cares?"— lame story