Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake On The Rocks? Maybe, Maybe Not

    January 10, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Lately there’s been a lot of chatter about Total Recall actress Jessica Biel, and her R&B crooning husband Justin Timberlake. For the past couple months, the celebrity couple has been battling the constant divorce rumors, as the media keeps hinting toward  ‘trouble in paradise’. But why?

Biel and Timberlake haven’t actually been seen together publicly for quite some time. However, its not just the public moments where the paparazzi are breaking their necks for a picture of them walking down a street. Its the big events, and the most recent fire alarm went off this week.

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the “Suit & Tie” singer showed up at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards without his wife. According to US Magazine, Timberlake the singer did thank his ‘beautiful wife’ during his acceptance speech when he won the award for ‘Favorite Male Artist’.  But, she was definitely a ‘no-show’.

“Thank you! I would like to thank Ellen for all the personal inspiration and the cookies — bakes a hell of a cookie,” Timberlake, said of Ellen DeGeneres, who he sat next to. “No, I’d like to thank my parents for continuing to instill in me that no dream is too big. I’d like to thank all the fans who voted. I’ll take it — people’s champ, I love it,” he continued. “And I’d like to thank my beautiful wife for teaching me patience and the little things like just putting the dishes in the dish washer. It goes a long way — fellas, you’re welcome!”

While this could be just an innocent absence, this isn’t the first time Timberlake has showed up to an award show event alone. This is actually the second time in a row that he’s had to fly solo, because Biel didn’t attend the American Music Awards in November as well.

However, US Magazine also reported back in November that the 31-year-old actress did explain the ‘missing in action’ moment on Twitter.

Although her excuse was quite evasive, it was an excuse. But, Hollywood Gossip shares alleged details of about their marriage from a different perspective. Its also been said that the two can’t come to amicable terms with certain aspects of their marriage, and inward opposition is beginning to show on the outside. 

OK! Magazine reports that a source close to the couple was able to sum up their opposing views with a brief statement. “Before they wed, Justin promised Jessica they’d try for a baby,” the insider alleged, “but then he decided to put his energy into touring instead. Jessica can read between the lines … she feels like a widow, and one of her closest pals has said she was the ‘loneliest housewife in Hollywood.”

Could this be the real reason for Biel’s ‘no-show’ moments? Only time will tell.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Jessica Biel

  • Crystal

    Did anyone stop to consider that these two have crazy schedules? There is no “off season” for either of them. She’s usually busy filming and he’s got a tour with sold out arena’s worldwide. Are you seriously going to assume that because she’s not attached at his hip 24/7 that they aren’t a happily married couple? If they weren’t why would he have thanked her? This story is garbage.

    • Christine

      I sure hope this is BS!!! I love these two as a couple and I have loved Jessica since seventh heaven,it was a truly heart breaking when she left that show come on dear lord keep these two together!

      • Ashley S.

        How the hell can you actually like this boring excuse of a “couple” she has zero personality it’s like watching paint dry. And 7th heaven was the most boring show of all time and I’m not just saying that.


    Only winners have to attend the peoples choice awards. They are notified in advance and are forced to attend or face public humiliation. Awards are a scam perpetuated by people like the late Dick Clark and exploit the celebs. Why many refuse to allow their ‘celebrity status’ free access to these producers.

  • marcia proch

    anyone who has been married knows that in the beginning of a married life
    both people have to make adjustments to their previous lives apart and
    learn how to share and compromise if they are to make it work. in a celeb
    marriage it must be one hundred million times tougher to do this, since
    they have everyone pulling them in different directions all the time! give
    them a chance to work their way thru all the garbage and learn how to mesh
    their lives into a real marriage, and stay out of their business so that
    they can find their way!!! they are both very talented, but have to let
    go of some of their business lives and make room for their relationship,
    and that can’t be easy for them!

  • kylie

    on November 20 I had the best experience of my life when I got to sit next to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake at the movies in Tulsa, ok. They seemed happy and in love… it’s about the small moments not just the ones in front of the camera

  • Anonymous

    Anyone think maybe it’s just because they want a little privacy and don’t want their marriage exploited? Or maybe she’s pregnant.

  • Terri

    She’s staying out of the public eye because she’s pregnant.

    • Ashley S.

      Ha! Funny she’s not though hahhaha

  • Lyn

    Men are not monogamous and I think he told her to stay home so he could have some fun. She is a good wife.

    • SC

      @Lyn…Trying to be funny? I don’t know. I do know that “men are not monogamous” is BS. I would never hurt my wife, girlfriend, or significant other that way. Doing so, shows weakness, and you’re not man enough to live up to your vows or do the right thing and go your separate ways before you act like a selfish fool…

  • seanah

    She is just pregnant. That is why she is staying out of the public eye. :)

  • Lori

    Is there any Hollywood couple that they don’t say are “on the rocks”? Media doesn’t give a rats ass about anything but selling their story.

  • Britt

    Just part of the fate that he and Britney were destined to be together! He needs to ditch Jessica, then Britney ditch her current guy and then maybe these two can end up together again and it work out this time! Cant help it but I am guessing lots of people still have hope lol. J/K I wish them all the best and happiness with whoever makes them happiest.

  • lindy

    Not a good sign.. In Hollywood circles, this is usually the first indicator. Tough to stay connected and married in that lifestyle I would imagine. Hope it is false tho, they do look fabulous together.

  • Bill

    I just don’t think I could ever be on the “rocks” with her. Simply too delicious…

  • Joyce

    It is has shown not has showed. English is deteriorating in this country.

  • Porter 1

    It was only a matter of time. JT only cares about his inexplicably successful career (in music, that is. His film ‘career’ is going nowhere, which is why he keeps showing up on SNL rehashing the same bits). No way this lasts beyond this year. I feel bad for Jessica-she deserves better-but she is strong and will persevere. She should concentrate on her career. She is very talented and shines on screen, and should be looking for Oscar-caliber roles.