Jessica Alba Balances Family, Fun and Business

    November 11, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Many celebrities stop partying and start to settle down once they have children. It can be hard for anyone to balance parenting and a social life, especially if you are living in Hollywood. Jessica Alba seems to have found the perfect balance between the two and although she is a dedicated mother, she still enjoys partying and staying out late every now and then.

Over the weekend, Alba attended the Baby2Baby gala, a popular event for many celebrities. She stayed at the event late, but was still able to get up early and spend the next day with her family on an outing. The family spent their afternoon at Coldwater Canyon Park.

When Alba isn’t attending celebrity parties and galas or spending time with her family she is running her company, the Honest Company. Her company sales non-toxic baby products and recently raised $25 million. The new profits will be used to increase product development and international expansion for the company.

“Our mission at The Honest Company is to provide healthier, more sustainable products for today’s families and generations to come,” added Alba. “We are excited to work with supportive partners that share the same vision and look forward to continued growth and reach.”

Since Alba seems to be great at multitasking with her family and social life, there is no doubt she will be able to make her business a success and bring her vision to life.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

  • Wow

    I hate these articles. They totally distort reality.

    Here is the reality. Alba is worth millions. She isn’t running a company. Running a company is actually work. At least, 12 hour days. Taking care of kids is work. Acting is work. Modeling is work. Partying is work. Then she needs to sleep, eat, and travel.

    Who are we kidding. She has nannies. Someone is running her company for her. She looks good and just shows up at places from time to time. She is a figure head.

    Heck, she doesn’t even need to do all that stuff. She could not work another minute and still be set for life 20 times over.

    • JK

      Don’t try telling people reality. They want to believe in make believe things. I run a company. I can assure you that I am in the office at 6am and I don’t leave until 7 at night. Let’s assume Jessica does that. Let’s assume Jessica needs 6 hours a sleep. That give her 5 hours to eat, take care of the kid, go to parties, travel, go to these galas, and date.


      Jessica is so pretty she can sell ice to the eskimos. She is just like you said. A figure head.

  • Really?

    Yeah, I know it is all nonsense. Women buy into that crap too much. They actually believe that there are women out there that are CEOs, models, actresses, wives, and moms — all at the same time. Sorry there just isn’t enough time in the day to do all that. Jessica is getting a lot of help. Tons of it. In fact, I highly doubt she does much with her business. Someone is running it for her and she shows up to maybe close deals.