Jerry Sandusky Jury Reaches Verdict: Guilty On 45 Counts

    June 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Cheers of jubilation could be heard outside the courtroom tonight as a judge and jury handed down the life-changing verdict in the Jerry Sandusky case: guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse against 10 boys, occurring over a period of 15 years.

Sandusky reportedly showed little emotion when the verdict was read and made his way calmly to a waiting car outside, accompanied by officers who escorted him to jail. He will stay there around three months, awaiting sentencing. And word is, the sentences will be long enough to keep him in prison until he dies.

The prosecution called upon former Penn State employee Mike McQueary to testify that he found Sandusky having sex with a young boy in the school showers; his allegations that Penn State Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno didn’t do anything after being told about the abuse led to Paterno’s termination from the university. Unfortunately, he passed away in January, so McQueary’s story couldn’t be corroborated. Among the victims who testified against Sandusky, the stories remained shockingly linear; similar tales of oral and anal sex being forced upon them on school grounds or at his home were a consistent thread, as were tales of abuse occurring in the school showers.

Sandusky’s adopted foster son, Matt, asked to be included in the witnesses for prosecution yesterday but was denied since deliberation had already begun amongst jurors. His statement was still taken, however, and officials discovered that he tried to commit suicide as a teenager after living in the Sandusky home for just four months. He was ultimately adopted, along with five other children, and as of now he is the only one to come forward with a story to tell. What that story is, we’re not sure just yet, as his statement hasn’t been made public. In such extremely emotional and painful situations, the mental state of the victims is always taken into consideration.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly said thanked the victims for their bravery in coming forward.

“One of the recurring themes in this case was, ‘Who would believe a kid?'” she said. “The answer is ‘We here in Bellefonte, Pa., would believe a kid.”

  • spencer burke

    The Pope himself is guilty of even greater crimes against children. Why is every country afraid of arresting the head of the Catholic church.

    • Gertrude Humpmire

      Suck em all but fix and save them as pawlbearers

    • Nolito DelaCruz Yu

      Why include the Pope in this topic? He had nothing to do in this case. It appears to me that you hate the catholics. Stick with the facts at hand please.

      • deborah

        what do you mean…the catholic church is just as guilty for covering up all the abuse for years….they all need to held accountable.

        • Nolito DelaCruz Yu

          Why single out the catholic church. You mean leaders in other churches do not commit sins/crimes?

    • donna capehart

      leave the catholic out of it this is about Sandusky, not the catholic church. Not all catholic are perverts, like not all whites are raciest.

  • brenda

    I sure hope that the legal system goes after the ones that covered this up for so long. They caused more victims by them not enforcing the law to report under their job discription, and the law for that fact. SHAME ON THEM, they need to be put through the ringer so-to-speak and not get promoted like they always seem to……

    • Gertrude Humpmire

      A-men, I hope their @$$e$ are stretched out as wide as his!!!!!

  • Frank Turner

    I hopes he lives to be ninety and meet everyone in his prison shower.

  • Gertrude Humpmire

    He will get what he deserves in the rear end! I knew the peter puffing
    belly blowing sand-sucking pedophile would get convicted of his perverted behavior. The bonus prize for him is he will have more of what he wants in a way he does not want it for the rest of his short @$$ life. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer??? Sandusky will not receive his punishment in as hospitable fashion. It might really hurt!

  • Rambo

    This guy and everyone like him is a monster. He needed the death penalty, not life in prison for what he did, to show that as a society we don’t tolerate people that abuse and take advantage of our kids like that.

  • Irma

    Good decision. Hoping is going to live to 100 years old.

  • Stuart

    Glad to see this video report taking the Ped State community to task, without naming Joe Paterno or his so-called bosses, for enabling this to go on for 13 YEARS after the real mother of one of his foster/adopted sons pressed charges in 1998 that were dropped by the prosecutor. Joe Paterno could have stopped this 13 years ago! His termination was entirely fitting.

  • Ijeoma

    Now it’s time to go after the top dogs who knew what he was doing and turned the other cheek.

  • Borj

    Bading ka kasi! lolok-bu ka sa kulungan. wawa ka naman. Tanda mo na. Di mo na magagamit mga pribilehiyo mo matanda ka! Hehehehe.

  • William Choate

    So, what do we learn? The power of one victim coming forward, of adequate investi-
    gation, of the Grand Jury indictments, and of the efficiency of the jury trial on the
    merits. We also learn of the power of the pre-judgment. in the parents’ attempt to
    get the attention of the school administration, law enforcement, the Media, or even
    in gathering signatures for a grand jury, at a time Paterno and Sandusky were so
    popular, they were refused with, “He wouldn’t do such a thing”. Case closed.
    So, how many more cover-ups are out there denying Justice and encouraging other
    wrongdoers on the public payroll to repeat their crimes and bog down the Economy
    with a smirk because they know the power of the pre-judgment?

  • http://Yahoo william

    This story is not about being gay.? It does offend the gay community because I would assume they live life as it would be to happy couples as wellas the courts see it, and the States which passed a marriage condition bil for same sex.Continued on this was a cse of a man gone wild as being a male whore going out freely and being attracted to children most above or in around high school ge or pre college juniors or freshmen who were being man handled or minipulated by a man who gave gifts and showed a friendly side until he could lure you into a area to whereno body was around after a practice of football or even sports exercise an area where a man in his stature could be allowed to hang in an out of locker rooms and peek or watch weak potential young men he could use or prey on with his professional antics towhere hardly anyone would even think about why he was there in the first place as it was a daily activity which brought many people there to take showers and clen up but again he was cool and very selective and sharp agressor who miniulated on his talanted players and made promices probally about playing in a game or getting the individuals favor of who he was nd how great they were going to be playing for Penn State and with his power and talks with coach Paterno the game was on until he was caught and finally somebody finally dug up the truth and real story. This man should rot in hell and never be out side again and to be treated for his sickness and also keeping a predator off the streets to hurt and ruin other youngmen in or at Penn State.This should warrent a guard to over see all ctivities in the school and in the shower rooms while being used or attended with a open log of who is there and why keeping track of each name and visitor.

    • Selwyn Quamina

      Of course it is about being gay, William. It is about one depraved gay individual willfully and deliberately corrupting the minds and psyche of young boys, turning them into potential deviants just like him. And just imagine he was able to do this undeterred for over 15 years because several people in authority who knew about his behavior turned a blind eye to it for all the wrong reasons. In view of all this, could you imagine the kind of decadent society we will be living in if same-sex relationships are encouraged across the board by way of legalizing it ?!!! God, I hope President Obama re-thinks his position on the subject.

  • http://Yahoo Cathy

    Dottie Sandusky should be charged as well. She turned and looked the other way. She is as despicable as he is.

  • http://Yahoo william D. gIPSON

    This was awfull events that physically damaged alot of young men`s lives. Ashamed and afraid of speking out becauseof his power nd who he was and how he prounced and managed to lure these men into his wicked cleaver mind. As if he was a spider with a web waiting to select and lure his prey waiting for then to fall or get stuck in his web. His stature and like ability and his power of who he was helped him be your worst enemy ll the while you tried to complete your future degreewith playing sports football and graduating with honors and not being humiliated and man handled to where you were threatened and besides who would believe you and that it was your fault because you was a prey and lured by this man not knowing if you could even mention it because you only wanted to show trust and graduate not ashamed or afraid but confused and embarassed it even happened.

  • linda

    i agree with the person who wrote that sandusky’s wife should be charged as well. i see her as an accomplice in these disgusting acts. sandusky himself should get the death penalty, in my opinion, and all those people who looked the other way while young men were being abused by him should be brought up on charges. all you priests better watch out. your turn is coming!

  • Rene

    I am soooo glad to see this animal go to jail. I hope they put him in general population so he can get a taste of his own medicine! He is a pig!

    • Johnny DoNothing

      Problem is Jerry is going to like a taste of his own medicine….

      • donna capehart

        Not the way he is going to get it.

      • s oliver

        glad he was convicted, but it reminds me of the “rabbit and the briar patch “tale. It will just be up his ally

  • http://yahoo hombre

    do you remember the chowchilla kidnapping of 27 students? well one’s out now I don’t call that justice the same thing will happen to him he’ll be out soon film at eleven

  • Justice Johnson

    Sandusky should be striped naked and be thrown to the general prison population. This grossly, depraved animal, will very soon, I hope, receive the kinds of humiliating acts he heaped upon his victims ten fold. It is safe to say (courtroom) justice has been rendered in this case, however, the rounding-up and prosecution of the persons who were complicit in the perpetual cover-up, has yet to happen. That should be the next step among steps, in (attempting) to administer justice for the victims.

    • donna capehart

      Now let justice ring. Let him get what he deseve.

    • kelvin

      very well said!!!

    • http://yahoo david

      i agree totally,the person or persons responsible for the cover up should be held accountable also,they played a major role and should be charged with conspiracy as well as aiding,this would be unprecedented but would send a very strong message,Penn State’s reputation will forever be damaged,there is no way in hell this should have went on as long as it did,screw the athletic dept,the dean,president or anyone else who had the slightest inkling and failed to do anything,mostof all screw Sandusky and his wife because truth be told she knew she just decided to stand by her man whether right or wrong,i dont give a damn what she says,that long of a marriage,yes she knew him inside and out

  • Lola

    This is really poorly written. Glad he’s going to jail though.


    Justice was served. His wife should have been charged with someting as well. Sandusky should have also been charged with murder. This whole situation is what killed Joe Pa quiet as its kept.

  • ms.v

    We as a people need to know that it is wrong to be judgemental towards anyone. Who are we to make dispicable comments on what we think should happen to the man who has done such terrible things. A family member of mine had the same thing happen to him, we all forgave that person. The Bible says and states clear as day, that ‘anyone who is without sin, cast the first stone’ and that ‘how you judge anyone God will judge you with the same measure’. NOT JUST FACTS, BUT THE TRUTH…..THE MAN WHO HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF ALL THESE TERRIBLE THINGS HAS A FAMILY, AND I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT IT HURTS REALLY REALLY BADLY. AT THE END OF THE DAY IT IS BETWEEN THE LORD AND HIM. GOD WILL FORGIVE HIM FOR THE THINGS HE HAS BEEN CONVICTED ON WHEN AND IF HE GOES IN PRAYER. It is discusting to me that anyone has a right to say the things they do, because we ALL are sinners. God looks differently upon sins that is done in this world. Man judges differently. In God’s eye’s sin is sin whether you stole a piece of gum or whether you killed someone, to Him it is allll sin. None worse than the other. Maybe one day people will learn instead of being judgemental and placing horrid comments on sites like this….

    • kelvin

      Ms. v
      you are way off!! way off target! The man is wicked and evil! and the bible says GOD is angry at the wicked everyday! WE are not judging GOD has judged him. and rightly too!

      • Nathan Mizrahi

        Nice to know we mortals have such an enlightened being such as you to “tell” us what and how G_D thinks.. Are YOU not “judging” the comments of the other readers ?? Stealing a stick of gum = RAPE !!!! I agree no one should wish harm on another, but venting one’s feelings are a healthy outlet of emotional anger.. Forgive the “man”, but keep one eye open when you sleep…

    • Mizarsix

      I totally agree you in the common sense aspect of your comment. God had nothing to do with it, and for his sake, hit the [caps lock] key!!!! A guilty man got his due process today, nothing more. Church belongs in church…

    • Tim

      Really? We as a people need to know it’s wrong to be judgmental? Excuse me, we as a people DID judge him and we WILL protect others from the harm of this predator. It is disgusting to me that you come here to speak of God and forgiveness. Was it Gods will that Jerry Sandusky perform oral sex on young immature boys? I am delighted that your God will forgive him, as for me, I’m happy to pay higher taxes to keep the son of bitch locked up.

      You mention it’s disgusting to you that anyone has a right to say the things they do, does that include you? So no one else has a right, but you have the right to profess your belief in God?

  • kelvin

    Down with the status quo! they get away with everything! but not this time. I hope.

  • allen price

    i guess bubba has a new girl friend for 400 yrs lol

    • http://yahoo david

      someone said this on another site”from Penn state to State penn”and that summed it up,i hope the victims can get past this and realize they are not at fault,kudus to them and i tip my hat to them,it was a brave thing to do and may GOD bless them all,they did society a favor and got a serial pedophile rapist off the streets and more than likely saved another child from being physically as well as mentally damaged,may Sandusky get what he deserves,put him in a cell with the biggest,strongest,meanest most athletic rapist they can find and im talking one who is lonely and haven’t had any in years,justice is served

  • Mizarsix

    It’s bad enough we have a sexual predator in our midst. It’s made worse by our “hang ’em high” mentality. Today was a sad day for everyone. Anyone who takes joy in watching this play out has significant issues of their own. Just turn around, walk away from it, and get on with your miserable lives. Go back to your “reality” tv. A guilty man got his due process. It happens every day. Move on, people…

    • Leigh

      Thank you. I echo your sentiments.

    • http://webprossocialmedia l

      When you have walked in the shoes of the children and others violated by this man (for years) you would most likely and not necessarily in the literal since,( although this should be allowed vs. 3 sqaure meals in a prison paid by tax payers) want to “hang someone high”. You sound pretty out of touch yourself in redard to the degree young lives have suffered and been destroyed. “Happens every day,” you say. I vote for a hanging as Sandusky will live out his days in prison in luxury compared to the pain he caused these boys. This will imprison them for a lifetime.

  • http://webpronews.comjerrysandusky-jl Donaldbryant

    Sandusky is A disgrace, to all that is around him, Thoses at work,wife,friends his church all trun their head to this moster. Down here in Kentucky we have aA saying, Birds that flock together are of the same mind.I don’t even like it that my tax money is spent to keep up such A bastard.

  • mochakisses

    i feel as though this whole terrible horrible act by someone that was supposed to be helping kids with this charity has just destroyed the innocence of children who trusted him. people like him should suffer the safe abuse that he put those kids through. and for those who kept things quiet how would they feel if someone did the things to their kids that this man did to his victims and had someone cover it up they would be singing another tune.he doesn’t need to be put in pc he needs to be out in the general population so he can be abused the same way he abused his victims and maybe then he will know what it’s like to be abused well really he will never know what it like to be abused as they did since he’s a grown man and not a child but still he deserves what ever god has in store for him may it be by a man’s manhood while serving his time or by god himself on his judgement day trust and believe he will be judged

  • http://yahoo mommiedearest

    Maybe now the sob will get that sh*t eating grin off his face. He’ll have lots of men wanting him in prison.

  • http://webpronews.comjerrysandusky-jl Donaldbryant

    Sandusky,has disgrace all that was around him.At work, wife, friends, church, all that were close to hime trun their head one way or the other. No dout there are many sick prople around him that are monsters as well. Down here in Kenyucky we have A saying Birds that flock together are of the same mind.


  • jon

    just remember this- the majority of people who sexually abuse kids are their own blood family.

  • http://yahoo Linda

    Although Sandusky’s victims are glad that he is going to be punished for his crimes-most of them will NEVER be able to get past what he did to them. I know people who were abused as children and they are in their 50’s and 60’s and still living with the abuse. They think that somehow they are responsible.

  • Radical Ed

    Hey Jerry, now it’s YOUR turn to bite the pillow…

  • Scott

    Nuke him!!! What he did is worse than murder. Kill his ass!!!!!!

  • Terri

    I am glad Sandusky was found guilty. His fellow in-mates will take VERY GOOD care of him!!

  • http://webpronews ida lewis

    I am more delighted than I can believe. You may not believe someone 73yrs still lives with the pain of molestation from my biological father. I know what not being believed by my mother hasso much pain. I am so happy that maybe the tide is being turned,since this crime has gone on since time began.The jury is tobe comended.I hope they realize this will be something they will live with

  • http://yahoo sandy

    we DID NOT get the whole story.

    Hard to believe he did not photograph these kids. maybe so he could trade info with other “men who really love youths”
    What about his emails—he must have been talking to somebody else and bragging about it. like his own defense counsel said hard to believe
    he only started doing this just 15 years ago–when he was in his mid-fifties. lets hope for more truth!

  • mary

    wonder how that’s working out for the idiot district attorney in 1998 that could have stopped 14 years of molestation from jerry sandusky. there was a report done and you did nothing not a damn thing. you need to pay for some of it to because indirectly you allowed it to continue, and for the assistant coach why didn’t you do something, call the police, instead you tell others incharge and then talk with your father about it. what was wrong with this whole picture. so all these years have to pass before this guy is caught, charged and finally found guilty, for the victims it’s a life long nightmare and i hope they can get passed it and move on with help and keep their love ones close and if you have or ever have children protect them. as for the sandusky family it’s going to be really hard and they should all get therapy because it’s not going to go away especially for the one son that has now stated he also was molested.
    does jerry sandusky even really know how many lives he has changed and destroyed, i mean really. someone changed and destroyed his life and he just continued until he was finally caught. as far as penn state university’s reputation as a whole i don’t think much of penn state right now and if i were accepted to go there i would back down

  • Serfdad

    Next – Penn State. A disgrace to the American educational system and who’s authority to degree students should now be without merit. Just as guilty and should be shut down forever. Better yet be made into a school for wayward boys.