Jerry Sandusky Is Penning A Tell-All Book

    August 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jerry Sandusky, perhaps one of the most reviled men of this decade, is writing a book during his time in prison in order to tell his side of the story.

Sandusky, who was found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts of sexual abuse against 10 boys back in June, has been in jail since then awaiting his sentencing, which will occur next month. To occupy his time, he’s writing his account of how things went down, with the help of his wife Dottie. In fact, Dottie has been sending him so much correspondence that she’s had her privileges revoked by prison officials.

Throughout the trial Sandusky was very quiet, but his attorney, Joe Amendola, says he had been looking forward to getting up on the stand to address the accusations against him. He never got the chance, however, because his adopted son Matt came forward with his own allegations of abuse at the last minute. Amendola expects his client to speak at his sentencing, however.

“He wants everyone to know that. He had looked forward to testifying at his trial, and because of unforeseen circumstances [allegations of abuse by his adopted son, Matt Sandusky], that didn’t happen,” Amendola said. “Jerry views his sentencing as an opportunity for him to tell his side of this.”

If Sandusky is allowed to write this book, it will be his second; his first was published in 2001 and bears the now-significant title “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story”.

  • Jay

    maybe he can write about how he’s takling it up the butt in prison.

  • Jcw

    GROSS!!!!!!!!!! Who will read it?! More sex offenders that want to know how he did it to so many for so long before getting caught? More sex offenders that want to get ideas of how they can perform copycat schemes? Oh yeah & if he wasnt guilty … Then there would not have been any fear of taking the stand even if his adopted son was going to testify. The man is just repulsively warped, sick & disgusting.

  • Forgot My Meds

    He had better not profit from this “book” in any way what-so-ever. Sick S.O.B. Not to mention his wife who “supports” him through all this and is helping him write this supposed tell all book. If he “tells all” he will wish he could stay in prison forever knowing what the public would do to this sick freak. He’d better stay in prison no matter what now anyways. Just where he belongs, butt-sex 24/7 if he wants it that bad.

  • Thomas Koscinski

    Has he met Baba yet? Someone please introduce him. T.K.


    That so called Man,has no business being able to write a book.Even if he does no one will buy it.

  • Danette

    If he’s not gonna tell the truth, then don’t bother.

  • Mimi

    Is there no end to this pathetic man to staying in the public eye? I’d love to forget I ever heard about him. Now a book? The ability to publish and profit from your perversity needs to be against the law for prisoners until/IF they are ever released.