Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List Is Cancelled

    November 2, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Jennifer Love Hewitt, will have to start looking for work soon, after her drama The Client List just announced its cancellation. The Client List has been cancelled by the Lifetime network after two seasons on the air. She is an actress that has starred in several television shows and films.

The Client List was a racy drama, and perhaps too racy for television, that centered on a massage therapist (Hewitt) who operated at a happy-ending massage parlor, trying to make ends meet after being left by her husband.

The show finished its second season in June, and was based on the 2010 film of the same name. Hewitt also served as the executive producer on the series.

The announcement of the show’s cancellation comes just months after a disagreement between Hewitt and the network. According to Deadline, she had asked about her fiancee playing the baby’s daddy in the show, in an interesting plot arc that the other producers and network did not seem to agree with.

Many different storylines were analyzed and considered, but it seems that the decision to abort the show may be have been largely due to their disagreement about the show’s future.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has previously starred in The Ghost Whisperer and Party of Five on television, and rocketed to stardom in the Holllywood life at a young age with her role in the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Whether Jennifer Love Hewitt decides to go back to work soon or not, she will undoubtedly have her hands full, as she is also expecting a baby with her co-star on the show. News of her pregnancy with Brian Hallisay made headlines in June, and the couple are very excited about starting a family together. Talking about her future with Hallisay, Hewitt said “We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family.”

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  • jan lemos

    i’m furious over the cancellation of such a good show.you people r idiots for letting such a talented cast go over something so stupid!i will never watch lifetime again.

    • http://yahoo.com Dwight Clark

      Why not close out the series, b4 U cancel it for the next season, U A&E idiots! U left it incomplete, without closing it out, so that the series can be bought, as they are online, as well as in Wal-Mart.

      WHat Are U thinking, A&E? U did the same w/Dog the Bounty Hunter! I think U ppl deliberately delete good shows for no reason @ all!

      All we’re gett’n on tv Is too many Louisiana show, another version of Hatfields ans McCoys, except this one has to do w/moonshine.

      U ppl need to wake up, and, think about what Ur doing! Make the suggestion, since Riley was about to be possibly arrested, for her to temporarily close the massage parlor, that she has, but, to com back and reopen it after her trial, “IF” she’s found not

      And, since, Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant, incorporate that storyline, in the final series, but, she’s finally aquitted of the crime she’s charged with, but, to close out the series, she tells her employees, that she’s pregnant w/her hubby’s baby, and that she’s not gonna be able to work there anymore, so she’s decided to close the massage parlor, permanately, and, maybe re-open it, to see how things work out.


      • Dia

        I have to correct you, The Client List was on Lifetime not A & E!

        • Lissa

          Dwight is actually correct. Lifetime is owned by A&E Networks, who make all final decisions.

          • Tito

            I hate to correct you but Lifetime brass make those decisions, not A&E. And to go back to the Dwight’s comment, Lifetime was just the broadcaster, not the production company (read: owner of the show), so they have no concern with its future sales.

    • http://explorer phyllis v

      I loved that show some of your reality shows are more riska then that one and it came on late enough that small children didn’t need to see there is a lot worse things on tv then this show im upset at life time they do this all the time we get really intrest in a program and then they cancel it or change all the characters in the program so the best thing I can do is not get interested in any thing on life im do sick of all the reality shows

    • Michael

      Letting the show go over something so stupid. I hate to site artistry in a show that had little, but this wasn’t a minor issue. She was demanding a complete overhaul of the direction of the show even though she was not a writer nor a creator. JLH is at fault here and she’s the reason why a cast and crew is now out of work.

    • Rich

      Has JLH ever heard of SHOWTIME or STARZ or HBO? Why doesn’t she move her ‘racy’ show over to a pay cable channel and then she can do as she pleases. Including using what ever actors she chooses to use. Still, I bet she won’t go over to a channel like Showtime because she would be expected to do NUDITY and she won’t do it. (yet) Or perhaps the show wasn’t that good to begin with because a racy show like that really does require nudity.

    • nncy


  • Mark Kow

    I am really disapointed. Some great acting and a show with both guts and heart. You don’t see too much of that in network tv. Thw women on the show were gorgeous and I am sure the ladies who are fans of this show would say the men were hot. Maybe it will get picked up by another network. It has happened.

  • beaches

    I do not understand why this show was cancelled, it was very interesting.

    And as far as what they say about this show it is one of the best on TV.

    Try watching some of the crazy comedy that is on ABC Network on Wednesdays.

    I sincerely hope another station picks it up.

    And all of these reality tv shows have got to go, they are not very interesting at all.

    How can it be a reality when someone has to be there filming the shows.

    Get back to good TV.

  • Kim

    I can’t believe. The ONE show I was waiting for, that I really liked and you pull the plug??????? Sheesh, maybe I oughta pull the plug on Lifetime. ALL summer I’ve been waiting for it to start up again.

  • Paul G.

    I hope the news of Lifetime network canceling The Client List, demolishes the ratings for the network. I have seen much worse racy scenes on network television. That can not be used as an excuse. And the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt made a suggestion for the upcoming season should not be used either. All the network and the writers had to say was no or it would not be good for the story line. May the ratings plummet for Lifetime Television!!!

  • http://Twitter Antonio Benjamin

    Secret Dairy of a Call Girl is way more Provocative then The Client List ever was. Plus Billie Piper looks way Hotter Nude then Jennifer Love Hewitt who won’t commit to the Fully Monty anyway!

    • DG

      “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” was on a premium channel. Lifetime is a basic cable channel. The comparison was to other basic cable shows, not to premium. Cinemax, Showtime and HBO have all shown series far more racy than Lifetime. That was the point being made.

  • Precious

    I am saddened by the cancellation of the Client List. Everytime I get excited about a show, the network decides to pull the plug. You all make the shows, realize how people feel when they get enthused in the movie and want to see how it all pans out. There were some very good actors/actresses in that show. so sad.

  • mark

    avg show; didn’t really get it. her ghost show was brutal. she is not a good actress and it’s bizarre how she keeps getting shows that dont do well.

  • Kyle R Brakenbury

    guess there is no market out there for A-list performers giving a rub and a tug!

  • stephanie

    I am so bummed they cancelled this show. It is one of my favorites. I hate it when they cancel good shows and all the obnoxious reality shows stay on the air. They should have worked harder to reach a compromise about the direction the show was headed.

  • ian flanders

    the network took off ghost whispr that was highest in its ratings and another great show that had a huge folling for no apparent reason lifetime needs to keep this great show hope another netowrk picks it up its a great show i love it i will miss it and doubt lifetime could find a better show to replace it

  • Josh

    I’m so mad! Just a couple of weeks ago I bought the first season on iTunes and after that season I bought the second season! It is getting better and better and to hear that it’s cancelled is a slap in the face to the fans!

  • Kim

    I really like The Client List. It’s a great show. As for being too racy for TV, anyone ever watch “The Son’s of Anarchy”? Maybe they should move The Client List to the FX network. There is partial (almost not partial) nudity, pretty graphic sex scenes, lots of violence and blood and bad language in Son’s, The Shield was also on FX and had all of the same things. So move The Client List, don’t cancel it!

  • http://Yahoo Wolfe

    Can’t believe the cancelled this show, we loved it. It was very tastefully done and not vulgar or lewd in my opinion. Hell, soap opras go further then this show did. Apparently lifetime has a lot of uptight, pruddish people.

  • jema arbea

    I dont understand , why the good shows , are canceled , but this was terrible news , as I enjoyed this series very much , perhaps , another network can pick up the series .

    keeping fingers crossed

    would love it

  • Cherise W.

    I watched this show quite a bit and honestly it was pretty darn good. Well guys I guess you need to do a dumb reality to get good ratings these days. Movies, tv shows and music has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  • MCullenNE

    Instead of a decent adult soap they would rather have these stupid shows like such and such wives. What a bunch of crap. Real acting out the window. It is a good thing I refuse to watch that crap anymore. I read they are cancelling Army Wives too. Another shame.

  • Spacewaste

    “Client List!” The implications are SO obvious!! Heh heh heh! And it’s also obvious that Lifetime got tired of sponsoring a show where Jennifer Love Hewitt played a PROZTIDUDE!! Whenever vapid, airhead broads wanna make some money, they always go for the “SPREAD YOUR LEGS” formula, AND THEN FUGGIN’ RUN WITH IT FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!

    • Gabby

      Wow. You’re scary intellectual! So intelligent…wait. No. You aren’t.

  • Frank

    The show sucked…. It was just a long dragged out remake of the movie.

    • http://yahoo melinda

      I’m with ya…..It was just a terrible stupid show.

  • Frank

    The show sucked. It was just a long dragged out remake of the movie.

  • hollywoodnc

    The different networks keep on the stupid, brain dead shows, such as Keeping up the the kartrashians, who have NO TALENT, but they cancel this show?
    Where’s the logic?

  • Robert

    Love her, but haven’t seen this show. Glad to see her move on to other projects I might be able to view.

  • Delta

    I guess her healthy twins don’t have the staying power they once had

  • carol

    I cant believe it, Life time better get it together…First u cancel Army Wives then u cancel the Clients List..whats next? looks like im going to find another channel to watch cause every show I get into u all cancel the show so why get into one!!!!! im so upset with u….

  • DG

    I hope JLH and the show owners can take the show to another network for Season 3.

  • Sandra G

    This was an awesome show that I looked forward to every Sunday. I can not believe they would cancel this show!!!!!! Furious!!!!!

  • Lakesha

    I loved that show, too. My kids and I loved watching it and were waiting to watch it again. I hope they change their minds and come back to TV soon on any channel.

  • mo

    I liked the Client List. It was finally a show that wasn’t the same as everything else out there. Disappointed that it is gone.

  • Gabby

    Shop it around, girl! Get the heck off of this loser channel!Has nothing to do with “racy.” Look at the garbage on t.v. There are other factors at work here and it’s a shame because their shortsightedness has disappointed Hewitt’s loyal fans and a great show to be cancelled. I blame the network.

  • Stephanie

    Sorry to hear that the Client List was cancelled. I was waiting for the 3rd season. So many good shows are cancelled. Yet they keep other shows on that the commercials are better viewing material. Hope the Client List will be picked by another channel. Great cast

  • http://www.yahoo.com pattib

    I really liked this show. I hope the show was canceled because of low ratings and not because she requested her real life baby daddy be the father of her baby on the show. I hope she didn’t make unreasonable demands and lose her job. Why do so many actors on hit tv shows shoot themselves in the foot and lose their shows? They not only lose their jobs but there are countless other people who work on the show who lose their jobs, too. Charlie Sheen on Two and One Half Men is the perfect example. That show made him a millionaire many times over, but his ego got the best of him. Did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ego get in the way, too.

  • T.L.

    Another great cable show cancelled. This is the only reason I ever watched lifetime. Maybe they will become USA, TNT, etc and play reruns 20 hours a day of that hideous show Law and Order. Lifetime all done with you. Can’t take your B actor movies and the horrible story lines and actors.

  • NOLA Viewer

    Knew something was up when after 1st season the cast drastically changed. I think there is something going on with hewitt and shows producers etc on another level that we may never know or hear about. Too fishy.

  • Disgusted

    I am so disappointed in lifetime. First they cancel Army Wives and now they cancel Client List. I have no need to tune into Lifetime any longer. These shows were the best, most entaining and should never have been cancelled.

  • Sharon

    Really it took them 2 seasons to say it to racy. That is such crap. Violence is too racy. We can see horrible murders but “The Client List” is too racy?
    I will miss the show

  • http://yahoo melinda

    I thought that show was terrible….pure crap.

  • Phantom

    I loved this show also. What is the matter with Lifetime anyway. My whole family liked this show. It was NOT TOO RACY…….have you ever scene the sex and nudity on Sons of Anarchy…..of course I like this show also…..but it has a good story line. Its nice to have something to watch other than reality crap, police shows or hospital/doctor dramas. Army Wives was good too, and they cancelled it. Maybe another station will pick this up. YOU ALL NEED TO COMPLAIN AND LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD so maybe some other channel will pick up this series.

  • Tito

    There’s a reason that actors are told what to say, what to do and what to wear. You don’t want to know what they actually think, and neither does the rest of the cast and crew that actually made the show and is now sadly out of work thanks to this twit with big boobs.

  • sick

    this sux

  • Kayla Oneal


  • http://webpronews camille

    The Client List is one of my favourite series! Cannot believe that is has been cancelled. I feel like they should at least make one or two more episodes to close it off? That would be better than just cancelling it.

  • Frustrated viewer

    I loved the Client List. Please bring the show back. A disagreement is not enough to cancel the entire show. You guys are adults and have the ability to come to a compromise. Bring the show back!!!!

  • sad viewer

    i loved this show and looked forward to watching another season, it was something different than the usual shows they have out there, i really hope some other network picks it up because it was a great show and it will be missed!!!

  • Chelsea

    This is completely ridiculous why cancel it? Because they couldn’t agree on who the baby daddy should be. Well for one riley never slept with her brother in law, she only slept with her husband and the guy that paid her to sleep with him. And two its bullshit shes the star of the show she should get a say in who her baby daddy should be. Bring the show back or at least move it to a different channel.