Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup, Smoking A Joint?

    March 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jennifer Lawrence has had quite a week; after an Oscar win, an Oscar tumble, being hit on by Jack Nicholson, and flying to Hawaii to finish shooting for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” immediately after all that, she’s bound to need some R&R. Perhaps that explains the pics some lucky photographer snapped of her relaxing on her hotel balcony, drinking some wine and possibly lighting up a J.

No judgement! If J-Law wants to let her newly-brunette hair down and get lifted in Hawaii, she certainly deserves it. Of course, it could just be a cigarette. An oddly-held, oddly fat cigarette. Either way, she’s using her downtime the way a lot of young people who’d just won an Academy Award would: however the hell she wants. Makeup? Pssh. Who needs makeup in Hawaii? All you need is a bottle of wine and a good friend to chill with while whale-watching (it’s their mating season, you know).

Of course, all this does is up her street-cred, which wasn’t suffering to begin with. We love us some Jennifer Lawrence.



Images: FameFlyNet

  • Serena

    1) If it’s pot, she’s breaking the law.

    2) Her parents moved her from Kentucky to LA, and paid all her expenses for years while she auditioned and worked her way up. They must be proud to see these pics.

    3) In a recent LA times article I read, “She’s also acutely aware of the influence she has on young women, particularly now that she’s playing the strong, self-possessed heroine Katniss Everdeen”. Obviously these pics show us how seriously she takes being a role model. And what about that pic of her flipping the bird at the Oscars right after her acceptance speech? Yeah, great role model.

    • Tom

      Ah leave her alone, these pictures are zoomed into her hotel room, think about privacy invasion, I admit it was kinda stupid to do it… well obviously, but she has a high flying career and is just taking a break. She did this indoors with a friend, relaxing with wine, maybe she just saw the cig and said sure ill have one too… she does take her role model thing seriously… and if u saw her putting her middle finger up ud know very well that it was unmistakably clear that it was in good humor… a joke

    • Lara

      Serena, it seems YOU could use a toke.

    • sara

      calm down girl is just one time she is taking some vacation ( 1 week) I think so calm down is not like she is smoking every day eat every hour chill a little bit

    • Giantrobotbil

      Can I ask what time of the day you are perfect? I’ll plan to send my paparazzi to photograph you then so no one will see how much of an asshole you are.

    • Giantrobotbil

      PS. If that was to hard for you to understand, I’m calling you a dumb bitch. :)

  • http://www.truehigh.com Bob Schubring

    The nation’s biggest drug-related public health problem is drunk driving, which kills 20,000 Americans annually. Miss Lawrence is setting a fine example, by doing her drinking at home, instead of going out to clubs. As for the cannabis, it’s legal in 10 states, it’ll become legal nationwide as soon as Congress realizes they need to collect a tax on it, and it’s useful for the nausea that occurs with hangovers. It also has anti-cancer properties that we SHOULD be studying, instead of wasting our time trying to justify the $1 Trillion we’ve borrowed and wasted on prohibiting cannabis use, since Nixon unconstitutionally and treasonously declared war on Americans who use it, out of pure political animus.

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