Jennifer Lawrence Talks Butt Injury and Timberlake

    November 10, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Jennifer Lawrence is the latest celebrity to risk the pixie cut, according to Access Hollywood. We knew more were coming, as this seems to be a trend that is destined to hang on for a while. “It grew to an awkward gross length, and I kept putting it back in a bun and I was like ‘I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off.” Understandable. Haircuts happen.

However, that doesn’t mean Katniss will be sporting the cute blonde pixie as she battles her peers on the new “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” movie. “This isn’t how Katniss is going to look in the next movies – I’m wearing a wig for filming,” she said. Whew! I don’t think Katniss would possess the same fierceness if she was looking so adorable.


Speaking of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, apparently she was injured on the set during a battle scene with some monkeys. But, not to worry. It was only her butt.

“We were in the middle of doing this scene with the monkeys, so we’re all fighting these imaginary monkeys and it’s choreographed and all of sudden I was like, ‘Ahhh!’ It was like something just whipped my butt. Everybody was like, ‘Nothing happened – it was probably just a charlie horse,'” she said, but she didn’t buy it.

“Josh [Hutcherson, who plays Peeta] is telling me it’s the ancient [Hawaiian] spirits, and I’m believing it, and then we slowed down [the tape] and we saw that the end of Sam’s [Claflin, who plays Finnick] trident, when he was spinning, just flew off and whacked me in the butt going like, 100 miles per hour!”

Ah, it’s a dangerous job being an actress. It’s also a dangerous job being a teenager. Jennifer spoke of her childhood crush, saying she was absolutely in love with “’90’s Justin Timberlake.”

“I remember buying the *NSYNC CD,” she said. “Remember how CDs had the pullout picture things? I got so overwhelmed with hormones, I almost threw up!”

She must have a thing for curls?

“Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is coming soon to a theater near you! November 22nd to be exact. I, for one, can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss again.

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  • Yep

    Yep, this article is a prime example of why no one would ever take a woman seriously. Women are so easily led too. It is no coincidence that all of a sudden celebrities are all getting pixie cuts. Lemmings have more sense than women.

  • Z.

    Great article!….can’t wait to see Catching Fire. I also LOVE Jennifer Lawrence’s new haircut!..shows off her beautiful eyes/face!!.