Jennifer Lawrence Named Celebrity of the Year

By: Kimberly Ripley - December 31, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence has been named Celebrity of the Year by NBC’s The TODAY Show. The announcement came today on the morning news show. Named Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press just about a week ago, it seems everyone is quite taken with the Catching Fire, American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook star.

The TODAY Show announced that Lawrence was their “runaway choice” for celebrity of the year. They repeatedly cited humorous and just slightly off-color things the actress was heard saying in the past year, noting how down-to-earth and unscathed by stardom the 23-year-old is.

Jennifer Lawrence also made her way on to Barbara Walter’s yearly list of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2013.” She has certainly intrigued people–both with her acting skills and her sense of self.

Some things The TODAY Show hosts loved about Jennifer Lawrence during 2013 include her comment after winning her Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook last January.

“Oh, what does it say? I beat Meryl!” she joked.

After tripping on her dress at the Academy Awards just a month later, Lawrence said, “I’m sorry, I did a shot before I …”

And in April, at the L.A. Film Critics Awards, she coughed and shook hands with people, after which she told them, “I’m sick so you’re screwed.”

In addition to the fun had at Jennifer Lawrence’s expense, she has become a role model for women everywhere. Deemed on the “fat” side by Hollywood standards (she definitely isn’t fat!) she has kept her healthy look and has no intentions of conforming.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is a good choice as The TODAY Show’s Celebrity of the Year?

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  • boner

    She’s the greatest.

  • Jason

    Barf….I am so sick of Jennifer Lawrence being plastered all over everything.

    • gab

      oh please she is amazing, so I highly disagree with you. Did it ever occur to you she is plastered everywhere because she’s is very talented and people love her.

    • AThought0r2

      I was in an airport Dec 17 and out of curiosity looked at the magazines for anything with her face on it. Nothing anywhere, so I would hardly say she is overexposed at this point. And she is not nearly as plastered over everything as the Kardashians (famous only for being famous, Miley Cyrus (famous for being crude). At least she is authentic and funny, and a genuinely talented and skilled actress, with some reasonably thoughtful things to say about her experience of being a celebrity.

  • Hugh Hefner

    Her “girls” are amazing….

  • Oh Please

    I love how Hollywood just forces a person on everyone. I swear all this stuff is so planned out. I used to laugh at people that said most major stars belong to the Illuminati. Now, I am not sure. Jennifer went from doing basically nothing to scoring major role after major role — basically overnight and then all of a sudden every Hollywood news outlet is pushing her non-stop. It is all so planned and manipulated.

    That being said I actually like this girl. She is pretty nice I think. I just hope it doesn’t go to her head and she changes into a crazy woman like just about every major female star ends up being. As for her weight, she is 5’10” and weighs about 136. She is not a short girl. The average girl in America is 5’4” and that would translate to a woman being about 117, which is pretty much a great weight. Most porn stars weigh 117 and regardless as to whether or not you like porn stars, the fact is they are very good looking women most of the time. So people that think this girl is fat are clueless. Plus remember, TV adds weight to you.

    Here is where the real problem. The average weight for a female in America is 164 at that 5’4” height. That is not good. (If you want the exact numbers for American women these are the ones printed by the USA Today and cross-referenced with the CDC —- 163 pounds (74 kg) and 5′ 3.8″ (163 cm).

    Simply put. American women are pretty much the fattest in the world. It really isn’t close actually, which is sad. It never used to be this way. I grew up in the 70s and 80s. I can’t really remember too many overweight girls or guys for that matter. Yes, they existed, but not like now.

    • gab

      Nobody cares about being fat or skinny. This is about Jennifer Lawrence, and I think she is the best actress out there. And she is definitely not fat.

  • Runner

    Does she get an award for this?

  • Melanie

    I love Jennifer! Im not surprised in the least! Shes gorgeous and funny and extremely talented. She plays her roles wonderfully and I love her sarcastic attitude. Shes definitely my favorite actor!

  • Emily

    Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant person and deserves the award for person of the year

  • Kelcie

    Jennifer is an incredible actress, no doubt at all. Jennifer Lawrence is my role model for the right reasons, not because she is super skinny, pretty (even though she is) and popular, but because she is truthful and is down-to-earth. Fame hasn’t changed her personality- if it has in a GREAT way. She has won awards for both her films and for being herself. Jennifer has had a few wardrobe mishaps like falling up the stairs and she proved how amazing she was by laughing and getting over it. She has taught me so many things and made me a much more confident person about myself especially. Thankyou Jen! You deserve this!!

    • Linda

      I agree with you about learning from watching Jennifer Lawrence. It isn’t often we see such a talented person who gives us so much to admire! She deserves her success and it is great to have a real person like her to cheer on!

  • Clayton Nolan

    I think that Jennifer Lawrence may be not only the brightest star in Hollywood, but also its most down to earth. She doesn’t conform to other’s standards and is herself. The only people who complain are those who are JEALOUS.