Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams Share a Kiss

    December 19, 2013
    Alexandria Sardam
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Thats right, the beautiful ladies of Golden Globe nominated film, American Hustle shared a rather intimate moment during the recent filming. The two ladies locked lips for Hustle and according to Adams, Lawrence has very soft lips.

39-year-old Adams went to director David O. Russell and told him she felt the two should kiss in the bathroom scene of the movie explaining it made sense for the characters.

“The volatile energy between Jennifer and I, it almost borders on intimacy because it’s so immediate and so there and then she kisses me,” Adams told the Daily News.

While Adams was all for the idea, Lawrence was a little apprehensive once Russell informed her of the new scene idea.

“[The director] brought it up to me and was like, ‘Amy thinks that you should kiss her in a scene,’ and I was like, ‘What? Why?’ I didn’t understand it,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood. “Then when we started the scene…it completely made sense. [My character] has a toxic need to be in control and to overpower a situation… I did not think it made sense before David called action and then as soon as we were in the scene, it happened organically because it was just so true.”

Catch Lawrence spilling about the juicy moment below.


You can see Russell’s film in theaters now. Be sure to catch the Golden Globes in January to see if Hustle wins big.

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  • Amazing

    Isn’t it amazing how Hollywood is constantly talking about being gay or alluding to the fact that someone might be gay. Less than 2% of this country is gay, but Hollywood makes it seem like the majority of people are gay. It is like they are pushing an agenda.

    At the end of the day, I don’t care if someone is gay. I just get tired of hearing about the fact that someone is gay or having it pushed on me. What a person does in the bedroom is absolutely none of my business but on the flip side, it is my right not to have to hear about it either.

    • Miranda

      Actually there are 10% or more gay people in each country. You might think that there are not a lot since some gay people are still in the closet (believe it or not) but there are actually LOTS of gay people. I’m in year 12 and in my school at least 1 out of 10 kid is gay or bisexual. It really is more common than you think.
      Try going to a gay bar!

  • http://www.hollywoodstories.com htales

    Jennifer was right, the kiss didn’t make any sense, it just seemed like two beautiful actresses looking for an excuse to kiss each other. The whole movie is overrated, no characters to like or root over, overacted and disappointing.