Jennifer Esposito Calls Out CBS On Twitter

    October 22, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Jennifer Esposito is being written out of the cast of the CBS show Blue Bloods after appearing in 42 episodes. As one might imagine, she’s not too thrilled with this news, and has taken to Twitter to call out CBS.

Esposito suffers from Celiac Disease, a digestive disease that interferes with the way one gets their nutriets from food. It damages the small intestines from an immune response to gluten. Esposito actually operates the Jennifer’s Way Foundation, designed to educate and raise awareness about the disease. She’s been dealing with it for years, throughout her acting career.

In a story she shares on the JennifersWay.org site, she writes, “In spite of all this though, I had managed to become a self made, hard working, award winning actress. Almost 15 years as a working actress in a god forsaken, takes no prisoners business that would make the strongest man crumble. Worked hard and managed to own my own home by the age of 25. And at this point of my life I was a friend, an aunt, a godmother, a sister and a self respecting 35-year-old women. I had traveled to foreign countries alone. I have had good relationships and bad. Cried, learned from mistakes, got back up. I’ve never fallen in to the evils of ‘Hollywood’ – never had an eating disorder, I worked out to stay healthy, and never took a drug in my life. I learned to meditate and developed a strong spiritual center. I’ve been at my lowest and knew to count my blessings for what was, rather than for what was not.”

Now, she appears to be dealing with some familiar “evils,” as CBS has written her out of the show, following a reported collapse on set. She has taken to Twitter to call out the network, which maintains that since she is only available to work on a “very limited part-time schedule,” she is “unable to perform the demands of her role,” and that they needed to put her character on a “leave of absence.” The network says it hopes she will be able to return at some point in the future.

Here is what Esposito has been saying (in addition to numerous retweets from her supporters):

The New York Post reports:

Sources tell us that Jennifer collapsed on the set in August, complaining that producers were “working her too hard…”

One source said, “She said she was being worked too hard and was escorted to her trailer and filming was halted. The crew was forced to come back to finish the scene on a Saturday a few weeks later, and that was when Jennifer discovered from the script they were writing her off the show.”

The publication also shares a statement from Esposito’s lawyer, who said, “The suggestion that Ms. Esposito created a scene and was escorted to her trailer is a vicious falsehood.”

The outpour of support from fans on Twitter has been astounding, giving us one of the latest examples of how Twitter (and social media in general) are truly putting fans in connection with the celebrities they admire. Sometimes, this even leads to increased awareness for a cause. If nothing else, Esposito can likely take some amount of comfort in that aspect of the story.

Image: Blue Bloods (CBS)

  • lenora green

    i think what has been done to her really stinks.she is a wonderful actress with a disability.pay her while she takes time to recover.every one deserves that much consideration.i really don’t care for the tactics of CBS head honchos.learn to live in the real world.

  • John Strauss

    I watch for Jennifer ever since she played the oldest sister on Related. We decided that Donnie Wahlberg has the best job in TV. He gets to squeeze Amy Carlson, ride shotgun with Jennifer, and have sit down dinners with Bridget Moynahan. And get paid. This may feel like a pay cut to him. Good luck, Jen.

  • sallie

    Too bad – she played the part well. GOod luck

  • Pat

    Deplorable conduct on the part of CBS. Although Blue Bloods is the only network show I watch regularly, I will no longer watch until Jennifer is reinstated.

  • don morehead


  • Mick Wall

    Time for Donnie and Tom to step up for their costar. She adds a lot to this show..it wont be the same without her. This isn’t right. But unfortunately, Donnie and Tom may already know and be ok with it. you never know. Hang in there Jennifer, you have tons of fans out here.

  • Alison

    I love Jennifer in Blue Bloods. The BEST show on TV. Why isn’t the Family Med. Leave Act applicable to actors? She should be able to take off 12 weeks per year to take care of her illness. CBS please don’t do this to Jennifer! Give her a lesser role for a while at the very least! I hope you feel better soon Jennifer. Take good care of yourself no matter how this turns out. Your health is most important. Xoxo

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