Jennifer Capriati Earns Top Honor In Tennis

    July 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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At the tender age of 14, Jennifer Capriati burst onto the sports scene to dominate the world of tennis. It would be the beginning of a long and sometimes drama-filled road for Capriati, but now the 36-year old is being recognized in a top honor for her achievements on the court, bringing all of her hard work to a pinnacle.

Capriati was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Saturday, a tearful ceremony that saw her introduced by 2009 inductee Monica Seles. She was joined by Gustavo Kuerten and Manuel Orantes, among others, and said she will finally be able to bring some closure to an amazing career.

The tennis star fell into some troubled times as a teenager, getting busted for pot and shoplifting from a Florida mall. She also saw some tough defeats and actually dropped out of the game briefly due to injuries and drug addiction. Later, she had painful surgery on both eyes to remove “sun spots”. Through it all, however, she never lost her passion for the game and eventually came back stronger than ever, winning a gold medal for the U.S. in Barcelona in 1992 and breezing through several championship games to earn the title of Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year in 2001.

“I still managed to overcome some adversity, win a Gold Medal, win some Grand Slams and stand at the podium at the Hall of Fame,” Capriati said tearfully. “This is one milestone I thought I’d never achieve.”

  • fred johnson

    TIP THEM SHADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 7

    One of those tennis players that I can truly admire. Why, she can beat the best, not take herself so seriously, and likes to get stoned with the rest of the slackers. America needs another sweetheart like her.

  • http://YahooNews Troubleshooter



    Jennifer will always own a piece of my heart!

    • Barry Hall

      Always a piece of my heart as well….followed her from day one till the end of her playing days! so proud of ya jen! glad i shared!

  • Dee Poole

    I love Jen Capriati!

  • ftbraggbaby@yahoo.com

    I remember watching her as she matured into a great tennis player. Her personal troubles I attribute to youth. But she showed class by her comeback. I always liked her , and I always loved to watch her. Too bad the Williams sisters turned tennis into a science and ruined it for me. Watching their father tape the matches of their opponents was too much. We need more Jennifer Capriatis out there.

  • Phil

    Being a former professional photographer for the tennis world and having to be able to hang out with Jennifer is now become an honor to have a great person be recognized that I actually got to know on and off the court. I will definitely hang on to all my Jennifer Capriati photos that I shot of her.

  • Ulysses

    Like. But not the boy in the light-purple skirt.

  • http://N/A Jeff

    I grew up watching you Jennifer! You go girl! Don’t lett’em drag you down!

  • TimmE678

    Not bad for a coke addict and a has been!!!

    • Jeff

      Do you feel better now…little man???

      • Brandon

        Love the comment! TimmE is a doushbag! I watched her as well and glad to see she made the Hall of Fame!

    • BetterThanYou

      You’ve probably never accomplished anything anywhere near what this woman has done, and you’ve never seen the adversity and challenges of becoming a world star at the age of 14. But, not a comment you made for a pinhead loser who will never be honored for shite.

  • jan mckown

    Help! Facebook never gave me the code so I could get back on facebook. It’s blocked now. I tried 2 emails to facebook but got no response.

  • Mike

    Its GREAT she has faith in her life. Thye say over 50 percent of America prays, I believe she found Jesus and if so she deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Not that a Christitan is better, but better in Gods sight and maybe the worlds sight (maybe). God bless and Thanks to all those that support tennis and all those who have or will have Jesus in their life. Thank you God for all you do. Mr. Mike

    • Eric

      What? Was this a deliberate comment to sound like a total naive idiot? How about we keep religion out of this and focus on the fact that sJennifer was an a terrific American tennis player overcoming a huge amount of adversity and pressure throughout her career. Save the religion for Sundays…please.

      • Tom

        What the heck does religion have to do with being naive? Mike made an astute comment that Capriati has faith. You’re cracking on someone just because two people believe in the Lord and he rightfully says so? That’s the problem with today’s world. Religion isn’t supposed to be saved for Sundays, it is supposed to be preached to non-believers, dude.

        • Randy

          @Mike…whether or not she has accepted Jesus in her life should not have any real effect on whether or not she deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I don’t really believe that she should be there. I am a Christian, and I’m sure that there are many Christians that can’t play tennis a lick…should they be in the Hall of Fame, too??…I hope that she really accepted Jesus in her heart…she will have proper guidance that way…@Eric…at her best, Capriati was definitely a top contender…she certainly had adversity and pressure on her, but nearly all of it stemmed from thrusting herself into the limelight, and others were self-induced…@Tom…good comment…

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  • JOHN

    CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER YOU EARNED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leona

    I am a great fan of tennis watching before Jen was even born and I want to say she was a refreshing and wonderful person to follow. Yes, she like others had their share of ups and downs and I believe it is her faith that sustained her to know that it would pass and she would be on top again. She has earned a great honor and one which is deserving. I am happy for her and celebrate with her that she was honored while she could stil enjoy it. OH, yes one must have great faith to day in and day out practice and practicer losce not knowing if you would win. Hats off to you Jennifer……….For those who feel the need to say negative things about faith or Jen should examine your own inner motives. Just be happy

  • Steve

    Great for you Jennifer. You made it to the pinnacle of your sport!