Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez Discuss Paparazzi in $ellebrity

    June 22, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, and Elton John, among others, discuss the living hell that is the paparazzi in photographer/director Kevin Mazur’s upcoming documentary “$ellebrity”. The film, which debuted at South by Southwest last March, gives audiences a chance to hear just how agitating, annoying, and downright frustrating life can be when you’re dealing with opportunistic tabloid reporters and go-for-broke photographers who make their living capturing every single detail of celebrity life.

In addition to the actors and musicians listed above, the documentary also allows Sheryl Crow, Rosanna Arquette, and Marc Anthony to share their respective tales, the latter of whom discusses the helicopters that circled overhead during his wedding to Jennifer Lopez. Crow, meanwhile, explains how the tabloid coverage affected her life during her breakup with Lance Armstrong and her struggle with breast cancer.

In order to prepare the world for the film’s upcoming release, which, as of this writing, does not have a date here in the States, a brand new trailer featuring some intriguing future has been unleashed upon the public. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take a look at the clip embedded below. Although you may not agree with everything these individuals have to say on the subject, the effect such coverage has on the lives of celebrities is hard to ignore.

  • Jesse Capp

    Danile Radcliff solved the problem very nicely when he was doing Equus on Broadway. He wore the same jacket and baseball cap in and out of the theater every night. Photogs quickly lost interest because they knew no one would want to but the same picture day after day. There would have to be some version of this that would work for these stars to get these parasites off their backs. And journalistic freedom is a load of crap as an excuse for their behavior. Buying a camera does NOT make you a journalist.

  • http://www.ruggedthug.com/ Star Carlton

    If I were a celebrity – I would hire a photographer to take pictures of the paparatzi. Follow them home – try to get pictures of them doing things in there house – you know – all the things they try to do. Then publish them online. See how they like it when you follow them while they are taking their kids to shcool.

    • omega

      Your bad idea. They didn’t care! That is their job. Celebrities can’t be famous without paparazzi

      • A

        Actually, NO. The correct statement would be that celebrities cannot be famous without the FANS. The fans are the ones who spend money on their movies, watch their shows, listen to their music, etc. They’re the ones who keep them in this business. Without your fans, you wouldn’t have a career. The paparazzi are there to put their face in a magazine and fill the gossip mags with ridiculous rumors. That’s all.

  • LindaEvangelistaFan

    Salma Hayek should get divorced from her disgusting deadbeat dad husband Francois-Henri Pinault because he is a bum who lacks good morals. Nobody should ever abandon a child the way that this jerk abandoned his son with Linda Evangelista. Everyone should start boycotting Pinault’s companies, stop watching his French soccer team, and refuse to buy shares of stock in his companies. Salma Hayek’s products (including her movies and television shows) should also be boycotted until she gets divorced from this moron.

    • emmy

      Hey, hypocrite. Shut up

      • LindaEvangelistaFan

        Why are you calling me a hypocrite? No. I won’t shut up because Francois-Henri Pinault should have never abandoned his son with Linda Evangelista. Salma Hayek does not need to be anywhere near this disgusting creep because he is a bum.

  • LindaEvangelistaFan

    Francois-Henri Pinault should also take another dna test and learn if he is the father of Rachida Dati’s three year old daughter Zohra. Zohra was born out of wedlock in France on January 2, 2009 and Pinault is rumored to be the father of the child. I don’t know if Pinault is the father of this child but he will have to start paying more child support if he flunks another dna paternity test. If this happens, then it will give Salma Hayek another reason to divorce the jerk. She certainly needs to do this. Rachida Dati used to work for former French President Nicholas Sarkozy until she was fired from her job.

  • http://none David

    It must be difficult to be a starstruck person. Myself,I think that the celebs are nothing special. Infact, if it weren’t for the starstruck and adoring fan, these people wouldn’t have a income. I don’t think they deserve special treatment, ie a resturant to themselves or special service. I was a firefighter and don’t consider myself a hero or want any special treatment, but the celeberty lifestyle shouts look at me, all the girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wifes, affairs I’ve had. Frankly, I wouldn’t cross the street to meet one.

    • linden frank

      That’s right nothing special..they can just act, sing or play. Nothing special just more talented than you or me that’s all. Not enough to give up their freedoms. That’s for sure.

      • tammy

        Some of celebrity like Jen Aniston is no talent but still famous and make alot of money.

  • Ginger

    Jennifer Aniston’s publicist tips off the media as to her every move. Jennifer has not had a hit movie in years. In fact they have all been stink bombs. If it were not for her publicity people we would have long forgotten about her years ago. Adios Jen!!!

    • Buddy

      Angelina, is that you?

      • tim

        It’s not Angelina. It’s me. a guy. Jen is no talent and media stimulator.

    • linden frank

      Leave my girl alone. I don’t blame her. If I was a celebrity, I’d be living in the Cahmans. Not here. They have no scrupples. There just sharks out for a buck. Can see why Sean Penn roughed up a few. And when they put the camera in front of your kids. Boy, i’ll go “postal” alright. Stay away from me and let me live. They don’t have a RIGHT to do that and think they do.

      • pam

        Your girl? I think she is your grandma

  • jeffrey

    I think it is sort of on the order of God complaining about how awful it is dealing with the fact that you have to live forever.

  • Dee

    Being a celebrity means being a public figure. I agree the paparrazzi do go too far at times, but these celebs are stupid rich from all the exposure that keeps them in the public eye. I would happily trade some privacy for a million bucks….these people have MANY millions…..because of EXPOSURE…..not always talent (Kardashians…for example).

    • Liam

      The problem is that it’s not “some privacy” it’s all of your privacy and the privacy of those in your life. If you went to see a dying friend in the hospital then it’d be printed up that your gay lover has AIDS or something.

  • tom

    i think it’s reached a time when it should be stopped. Stop the cameras pointed at celebs. Fine them hugely or throw them in prison for a year. I feel for the popular that have to put up with the scum. I would love to help put a stop to it forever.

    • umbargar

      Put you in jail first. Paparazzi doing their job. I’m sure celebrities love them.Without them everybody will forget celebrities.

  • Meme

    I agree that they should expect this extra attention because they are public figures but they’re people with homes, families, and problems of their own just like us regular folks. So what if they have million$ that doesn’t make it OK to invade their intimate moments and build these ridiculous stories about them. If it weren’t for this crazed obsession with following their every move and all the fake build up, than people like paris, kardashians and jersey shore crew would not have existed. I’m not going to lie I like to scroll through red carpet pictures and the occasional pics of them with their families are nice but there has to be a limit. It should be something they voluntarily share with us they don’t owe us anything.

  • Robert Jckson

    Come on! Talk about asking for it! They shake their booties in public and then complain when somebody tries to take a picture. This is like somebody getting fat eating donuts, then blaming the donuts.
    If you want to be a CELEBRITY, suck it up and stop whining.

  • Dave

    WAAAHH! I make millions pretending to be important characters & I love it when flashbulbs pop all around me at Hollywood events, but you’re not supposed to look at me when I’m off work!
    The only people more pathetic than these self promoting “stars” are the mindless idiots who look up to them.

  • Liam

    Normally I hate when celebrities complain but I highly doubt it’s a fun life to have 100% of the time. They have a crap load of money but they pretty much lose everything else and have to work 100% times harder to make a family life healthy and happy. People get caught up on the money they make (and yes it’s ridiculous) but it doesn’t mean their complaints aren’t (somewhat) valid. I wouldn’t want people following me home, sifting through my trash, following my children (and their friends) to school or home, a dozen vans full of strangers following me to a gas station, ect. They can live like hermits and have people do every last thing for them but that seems like a crappy way to live as well.

  • No Pity

    I wish my biggest problem in life was worrying about someone taking my picture. Sorry, it isn’t like you didn’t know when you got in this business what comes with it.

  • jay

    Celebrity is NOT the disease of our culture .. it’s OBESITY …

  • Moriandria

    Celebrity is a major and dangerous feature of our culture. Many aspiring musicians, authors, and artists don’t want to be the most creative or skilled but merely the most famous. Celebrities (and their fans) are satisfied with a celebrity’s fame even if they have no discernible talent or knowledge. It’s not fashionable to be well-informed and thoughtful but to be rich and well-known. I remember once a young person asking me, “How can I be more interesting?” and I replied, “Be more interestED – in life, in knowledge, in art and music.” But these days the most vacuous, banal, superficial person can be the most lauded and followed. It’s insane.

  • Geewhiz44

    Some celebs and wanna be celebs, have been celebs love paparazzi. Some work with agents and get a cut of the price paid.
    Jlo is one who will do anything to get herself on tabloids, gossip tv shows, She loves it! Maybe not every time but that is her doing.
    Many others love it-so many i dont have time to think JLO is one of the biggest media whores. No sympathy for her.

    • Beth

      Well said JoAnn.
      While I can’t say “I love Jennifer Aniston” (I can take her or leave her), I do agree with everything else you said.
      While I think that celebrities do in fact need reporters and photographers to maintain their fame at times, I also don’t think that their very life and safety should be sacrificed for it. It is one thing to take some pictures or interview a celebrity, it’s another thing to stalk them, to break into their properties, to break speed limits chasing them (endangering the celebrity and innocent people too), and to cause mob mentality. Those things are against the law, plain and simple. The paparazzi should not be above those laws simply by claiming they are a “journalist” and it’s their job. They are not journalists. They are people who bought a camera and then they sell their pictures to magazines. That’s all there is too it.
      I’m curious if Princess Diana is going to be addressed in this film. I mean, come on. That is the be all and end all how disgusting the paparazzi can be.

  • JoAnn Ivaldi

    Some of these comments are crazy. It’s like saying just because you are rich and famous you deserve to be harassed and followed. These paparazzi’s are going to kill someone by the way they get their pictures and videos. The stop traffic and jump in front of a celebrity’s car or corner them in a mob scene. This is so dangerous for the celeb and for regular folks too. There really has to be a law against this. People should stop buying these tabloid magazines and watching shows like TMZ. I love Jennifer Aniston and I don’t want anything to happen to her or anyone else because of these rotten hyena’s with cameras. I don’t really care for Jennifer Lopez. She is too provocative, but other celebrity’s deserve their privacy and should fight for it. I will do what I can to support this cause. Yes,I will even support JLo right to privacy.

  • carol

    Oh, BooHoo for them….it is nauseating that this is news and I read it and got pissed enough to write a comment…. shame on me

  • boo

    Many celebrites like JLo , Jen Aniston etc. want to get themself on tabloids. Now they say opposite

    • Alyssa

      without those paparazzi these women are nothing. that includes SJParker

  • lina

    How do you they feel if they make up, dress up, wriggle, and pose to the public but nobody care and no paparazizes take their pictures? They going to cry!

  • tina

    Celebrities resist paparazzi but they need them every time they get a new movie like Jenifer Aniston

  • TheBride

    Aniston and Lopez are complaining about the razzi?? Gimme a break. They LIVE for tabloid coverage!

    • Mary

      And just how do you know they don’t want a little privacy in their lives too? Having responsible coverage is necessary, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere doesn’t there? They have a life beyond films, or at least they try to have one. If they can’t have that, and If we the public are to blame…then shame on us!

      • DorNor

        Precisely, Mary. It’s a hell of assumption that they asked for this. They became actors. That’s what they wanted and asked for. To be working actors. It’s their job. But it is wrong for us to dehumanize them to the point that they are not human beings beyond their job. They aren’t celebrities who deserve and desire constant obsessional pursuit by photographers trying to scrape by. They are professional actors who just wanted to keep working, and then one day became world famous. Now they can’t undo it, and they don’t want to give up their jobs or passions, so they just keep on with it. That doesn’t mean they like or ever asked for the crap that comes along with it.

    • Alyssa

      that’s right

  • Tara

    I think that being followed around all day would suck but then again the MILLIONS of dollars should make up for that……..

  • Tara

    I think that being followed around all day would suck but then again the MILLIONS of dollars should make up for all that…..

  • Alyssa

    Sarah Jessica Parker has been paying paparazzi to be on the news hahaha this woman is the worst actress ever…

  • http://google Jayne Moore

    Hey Folks you wanted the fame! Didn’t you? Now live with it. If you don’t like it then stay home like Liz Taylor suggested.

    • DorNor

      It’s a hell of an assumption and leap to go from “I want to be an actor/actress and will happily take jobs without knowing whether any of them will ever be successful or if I’ll ever have much of a career, I just want to keep working doing what I love,” to, “I want to be famous and speculated about and followed everywhere and never EVER have privacy for myself or my family EVER again, all because one of the roles I took just HAPPENED to make me world famous one day!”

      Isn’t it?

  • DorNor

    Everyone saying “that comes with being famous” or “you wanted to be famous” is forgetting something.

    As a musician I’ve often fantasized about getting a record deal and what might come along with all of that. Indeed, the increased production resources alone would almost be worth it. But I have the presence of mind to know that I wouldn’t be cut out for the other things that come with it if I happened to have a hit one day. I couldn’t live like that.

    But a lot of “celebrities” (which is a term I feel dehumanizes them, frankly) don’t think of that. Whatever their field – music, acting, etc. – they usually just want to be creative. They want to do something that they love. And while it’s true that if they strike it big they are VERY (absurdly actually in my opinion) handsomely compensated for little more than playing pretend every day, it’s also true that there are far more struggling artists who don’t even make ends meet. No one knows they’re going to be famous when they pursue an artistic career or passion (I say or passion because what some have could hardly be called a career.)

    Most actors go from job to job, just happy to be working in the thing they chose to do with their lives. They never assume and certainly NEVER, EVER know with certainty that they will become famous. Then one day a show or a film or what have you takes off and the next thing they know… they’re millionaires. And these are people who, more often than not, have little life skill (such as managing money, managing their privacy and security, etc.) outside of acting. (Duh, that’s why they became actors… it’s all they ever wanted to do.) And suddenly there they are, rich and famous beyond anything they could have imagined.

    Yes, they’re far more fortunate than the rest of us, and yes they should be grateful for that. Yes they can be aloof and out of touch with reality. Yes they can be eccentric and at times pretentious, and at others complete jerks. But everything I just said is also true of every human being on the planet. We just notice more because they’re on camera all the time.

    Now with that newfound context and perspective, which you’ve likely never even considered, imagine being them and having cameras following you around 24/7, people making up crap about you to sell magazines and boost ratings, living with the knowledge that EVERYONE is thinking and speculating about you constantly.

    You can’t tell me “they asked for this.”

    • ed

      real & correct-seriously if i were ever “famous ” concentrate on my body of work not how or when i am going to the toilet or what i ate @ 3:17 in the am-let me have some privacy & i would be more receptive to you for your pix-& even might brew a coffee for you while you are at it-

      • BROKE

        Yeah they did…they’re FILTHY rich…vacations. Gucci bags, jewelery, clothes, shoes……million dollar homes….anything these freaks want…they get. They don’t have to worry about how they can afford to buy FOOD. Yes, FOOD. So that right there makes me sick to my stomach!

        I live in a nightmare with barely enough money to live on. I can’t sleep at night. Work a full time job, which I have a degree for. SO DON’T TELL ME THESE “POOR” folks don’t deserve to be stalked…’IT’S A PART OF THEIR SALARY…Why on earth don’t they get that??

        Trade places with me and see how DEPRESSED you will be Miss Jennifer Anniston…Puke!


    BOOO HOOO…Must be nice to be filthy rich.

    Try living in my nightmare of creditors, bill collectors, not enough money to pay the bills, no food, working from paycheck to paycheck. YOU PEOPLE DESERVE TO GET STALKED!!!! YOU GET PAID FOR IT!

  • Lizzie

    They would be depressed if they didn’t get the attention. Everything they do publicly is usually for publicity. There are some celebs who you hardly ever see a picture of. I’m just not feeling your pain. You need to trade places with the rest of us…I’ll bet you won’t complain!!!

  • larry g

    boo freaking hoo.

  • no sympathy what’s so ever

    Quit complaining you spoiled biotches….”normal” people who who work an honest job don’t have any of the luxuries you have…

    Get over it biotch,..”normal” people are sick of hearing your “blues” “Celebrity” people have no idea what it’s like to pinch a penny to survive in this world so SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE! I am just as pretty as you, yet……………….I DON’T MAKE MILLIONS….SHUT IT…NO-ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • no sympathy what’s so ever

    I’m Jennifer Lopez and I am so depressed…not because I have millions of dollars, but because I’m good enough, I’m strong enough and gosh darn it PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ME. I’m sorry I spent 5.8 million dollars on a home….but I’m still not happy…BUT WHY??????????????

  • I want to cry….boo hoo

    I want to cry because I can’t afford to pay my mortgage – btw….its only $700 per month…. YES. IT’S A MEASLY $700 DOLLARS A MONTH…I swear I didn’t forget any “0’s” in the equasion..I have a degree but living in this world from hell.. so please “Celebrities…………quit complaining, it just makes “normal everyday people” HATE YOU EVEN MORE…lol

  • You so called “Celebrities” SUCK


  • poor girls

    You people make me “sick”…try living in a “normal” world for God’s sake! Normal people can’t afford what you can so get over it! I certainly don’t give a hoot about you….what makes you think that we give a shit????? get over your self………….seriously..

    oh by the way, do you not think that your salary requires pics and the papparazi?? You’re kidding me..RIGHT?

  • poor girls



  • Poor me

    Oh my goodness..the “Jennifer’s that have millions of dollar are “so depressed{ WHAT A JOKE)….THEY NEED TO GET A GRIP ON LIKE, YOU KNOW…THE REAL LIFE!

  • Common Jennifer’s..get balls

    Common Jennifer (s) Grow some balls…and contact me! Probly not gonna expect that…beware, I have “contacts” that you would freek out if you kneew! Goodnight sweatheart…lol

  • Marianne

    OH for f’s sake. Shut your fake pie holes and go shopping on Rodeo Drive. Oh but we mustn’t disturb the low-lives who think they’re special. Vomit! I am going to start bootlegging their movies. They need a little come to Jesus in their shallow self-absorbed pathetic lives.

  • Marianne

    I hate these low lives more every day. The higher they are the bigger the fall. See how they’ll feel when they’re old and disgusting looking, either by tons of plastic surgery or whatever. They’ll cry when no one wants to photograph their ugly mugs anymore.

    Hey I have an idea just about has been starlets. Don’t cash your next 20 million dollar check if you really want to make a point. Yeah sure, when pigs fly.