Jennifer Aniston “Cheat Day” Means No Dieting

    May 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jennifer Aniston has had an enviable body for as long as she’s been onscreen, but even she has days where she’s unhappy with certain body parts.

The 43-year old actress admits she used to be “a lot rounder”, however, and credits yoga for helping to tone her problem areas. Aniston recently attended a book party for her friend Mandy Ingber, who just released “Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover.” The pair have known each other for years and have watched the other grow into her own body.

It’s hard to say is that yoga or is it as we get older we grow into ourselves, but I’ve seen her become so empowered, so grounded in herself, so comfortable in her own skin,” Ingber said. “I’ve definitely watched that process happen and unfold, and I’m grateful that I’ve gotten to be the observer of that.”

Aniston says she allows herself “cheat days” where the word diet is off-limits, but a weakness for chips and salsa means she has to control her portions.

“Cheat days for me are usually … it’s either Mexican food … maybe Italian pasta, but I think you always have to do it in moderation,” she says.

In Hollywood, where a woman’s body will always be judged by someone, many females choose a slender body over being healthy; that isn’t the case for Aniston, who says it’s important to her to be patient with herself…especially when doing yoga.

“Love the body that you have right now because that’s the perfect body and then be patient with yourself,” she said. “When you first start you might feel like ‘I can’t do this, it hurts,’ and then be patient. Do little bits and you get there. You do, it’s all about being really gentle with yourself and acceptance of what it is at the moment.”

  • daniel lynch

    She has a ugly chin!

  • daniel lynch

    She has an ugly chin!

  • http://www.sarcasticvoyage.com Cruizerdave

    How come it’s okay for Jennifer to have cheat days, but not Brad Pitt?

    Either way, this story is stupid. If you actually care about it you’re stupid. And you should feel bad.

  • andrew

    Anniston rocks!!! What great advice, no quick fix, just be patient. I have lost 58 pounds since January, and just take it day by day, and try to be very healthy about it. No rush, the pounds will come off if you diet, exercise, and stay patient.

  • Bernhard Fra´nz

    She has only cheat day.