Jennie Garth Spotted On Date With New Guy

    October 25, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jennie Garth, best known for her roles on “Beverly Hills, 90310″ (the original) and “What I like About You”, went through a very painful and public divorce earlier this year from “Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli, and now that she’s single again, rumors are flying about who she might be dating.

Garth had some fun with Antonio Ballatore and photographer Noah Abrams this summer, but it looks like now she’s moved on to Jason Clark, the director of healthcare solutions at Jones Lang Lasalle in L.A. The two were spotted out on a date over the weekend, sparking talk about her new guy and curiosity as to who he is.

Garth spoke about her newly single life back in August, when she basically said she’s enjoying a newfound freedom.

“I always said I would rather lick a dirty floor than go back to dating,” she said. “Dating is very new for me. I have training wheels on right now, because I was married for so long. That’s my whole adult life, basically. I think I’m actually going back into adult adolescence. I’m having a moment.”

More recently, she said she was taking some time to focus on herself for a change.

“Maintaining is just about consistency now,” she said. “Being so happy and feeling so good about the way I feel and the way I look, I don’t want to lose that, so it’s about penciling me in every day to my life.”

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    • Heather

      It is 90210, not 90310.

      • Ryanna

        Yeah I know…

        • Ryanna

          As far as I knew the only spinoff (besides the new ones) was Melrose Place…lol.

          • Trixy

            There was also The Heights…Donna was dating “evil” Ray…who got his own spin off for half a season.

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  • JoeyDetroit37


  • MH

    Where is this 90310 area code? I thought that Beverly Hills was 90210.

  • PB

    Is Peter Facinelli crazy. This woman is beautiful inside and out. I hope she meets a wonderful man who is really good to her and her children

  • Jane

    good for her

  • Cheryl

    For the love, what idiot wrote his article? Please at the very least hire a new editor!

  • Tony

    She was also in the updated 90210……

  • Lori

    90210! How does one even make that mistake 2X once in writing and then in editing?

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    Inglewood. LOL

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    90310: The New Block
    Guess I missed that season…

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    pretty sure the show as not about Inglewood CA kids…90210

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    its called 90210 not 90310. i should get money just for pointing this out lol

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    Yah I am pretty sure The “Original” was 90210 I stopped watching when Mel Rose Place was on air… Maybe that is when they changed to 90310 to boost ratings??? LOL