Jennie Garth Denies Rumors Surrounding Divorce From “Twilight” Actor

    April 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Actress Jennie Garth, best known for her portrayal of Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills, 90210“, is finding herself in an awkward position nowadays; her very public divorce from Peter Facinelli coincided with the beginning of her new CMT reality show project, Little Bit Country, and it seems her personal life is all anyone wants to talk about.

“…It happened in the middle of filming the show. Now, part of my job … is doing press so I’m doing the interviews and people want to talk about it. I’m OK talking about [my divorce], but it’s not something you really want to talk about,” she says.

In recent interviews, Garth has defended the reasons for the split after rumors began flying that she was envious of Facinelli’s “Twilight” success.

“I enjoyed the quote that I was envious of his fame,” she said. “There was nothing like that going on. I was very happy for him – so happy to be at home with the kids and enjoying my early retirement. I just wanted to be on the farm.”

But the family’s move to that farm–two hours away from L.A.–may have taken a toll on the relationship, she said.

“He was away working, so were up there hiding out, waiting for him to finish his films….it was difficult for him to travel back and forth from Vancouver, New York, Louisiana, and then drive two hours from L.A. to where we are,” she says. “It had gotten really… very difficult for him to do that, so that was an added strain.”

For now, Garth is focusing on her three daughters, her responsibilities on the farm, and her new show, which airs on CMT.

  • JB

    So the way she puts it, the marriage had become incovenient for them. The drive is such a “bother” and having to drive 2 hours after a hard days work to see your family is so tiresome. What a crock. Parents and spouses who love each other and who love their families go to the ends of the earth if they have to for each other. I have had many ajob I drove 2 hours BOTH WAYS to wrok and still came home every night. I didn’t think that this is so tiring and inconvenient that we need to divorce.

    I’d bet they both see “someone” in the background that they would like to see in the foreground and instead of having a cheating scandal will just nearly ruin their kids to say “we just have irreconcilible differences. Then they will go find a new boyfriend. So J-LO like.

  • John

    I would love to marry Jennie now that she is back on the market. Jennie, throw me an email if you want!

  • jbr

    I dont think she’s envious…..I think that he’s a guy….and he’s in a movie thats targeted to teenie bopppers. I think he’s getting vagina thrown at him and its too overwhelming to keep denying. They got married when he was a no-body, so it can be said that he was leaching onto her name…..and now that the tables are turned, he’s done.

    • Kim

      Isnt it neat that there’s always a woman around willing to sacifice your marriage and your family for her pleasure and sex? I love the female gender. The most traitorous mammals on the beat. These women are so only out for themselves – amazing that every woman learned to stab a woman’s back from their own mom.

  • Joe Bartz

    I think Jenny is lucky to be rid of the guy. First of all, he may be having some success now, but he is hardly Tom Cruise. His success will likely be short lived — especially if he keeps appearing as a co-host with Kelly Rippa in the morning and doesn’t lay off all the mascara. Jeeeez! He is not even that hot, and tons in Hollywood are hotter and are better actors. So, Jenny, just be lucky you are rid of the guy.

  • Johnna

    Why do celebrities always throw their marriages away before their careers. With the money they earn they should have both.
    I’m sure he made at least several millions from the success of the twilight trilogy. Is that not quite enough to take time out and spend it with family. Too hard to fly back and forth, too hard to drive 2 hours. Ummm..between dropping kids off at school and driving to and from work in traffic most of us drive 2 hours every day. Damn excuses…

  • http://kareenakapoorpics.com/archives/28 kareena kapoor

    What was the reason for the divorce of Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli?