Jenna Talackova: Transgender Model Denied the Privilege to Compete

    March 27, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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On Friday, Jenna Talackova was denied the opportunity to compete in the Canadian beauty pageant contest. The 23 year old was born a male but received gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19 which makes her a woman.

If she is now a woman why can’t she compete? For all physical intents and purposes she models a female form.

Miss Canada Universe released the following statement, “Jenna Talackova from Vancouver, British Columbia will not compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition because she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form. We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best.”

Some people on Twitter agreed with the ruling:

Q: If you make a cat look like a dog, can you enter it at Westminster? Transgender person kicked out of beauty pageant http://t.co/AOCAikie(image) 9 minutes ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

A transgender “beauty queen” was disqualified from a contest. Now she’s crying discrimination. No it’s not. That’s restoring order.(image) 21 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

While others tweeted to support Jenna:

Jenna Talackova:Transgender beauty queen kicked out Ms Universe pageant http://t.co/4jRy6xGe via @MailOnline this is BS she’s smoking hot(image) 43 minutes ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Some rules need to be broken: Transgender beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe Canada pageant http://t.co/QMMJ5HQe via @MailOnline(image) 1 hour ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

RT @janetmock: Please sign & share this women’s rights petition in support of transgender beauty queen Jenna … http://t.co/ChH9sa4B(image) 2 hours ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

He/She is so hot!! Id still hit that in a heart beat, just not sure whats down there http://t.co/11xDLQRv He/She kicked out of Miss Universe(image) 2 hours ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Jenna’s disqualification has led to some controversy because she met all of the written requirements and there is no rule regarding sex-changes or cosmetic surgery. However, they do have a rule that all contestants must be born female.

The blonde bombshell is not pleased with their decision and has been talking to lawyers:

“I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the Miss Universe … organizers,” Talackova said in a statement released Monday. “However, I will look to turn this situation into a positive so that other people in a similar situation are not discriminated against in the future.”

Many transgender individuals continue to face discrimination.

When Peorian Kelly Shore changed gender she was placed into classes with kids who suffered from ADD and other learning disabilities because parents and teachers were afraid that she would distract other students.

Perhaps Jenna should move to the United States and compete in America’s Next Top Model which gave the transgendered contestant, Isis, the opportunity to shine and show off her beauty.

  • pdj

    Let the “born female” rule be changed: the rule itself is out of order.

  • Craig Pulkownik

    cant believe the shit that comes up on the internet, inventors of same have to be puking[HARD]

  • Jesse

    This is a sick world we live in . . . up becomes down, in becomes
    out, anything goes. Chaos. Then anarchy.

  • http://yahoo isabella

    She was born a man by mistake, now she is what she should have been from the beginning a woman. Why not let her compete in a woman’s event?
    Now he is a beautiful woman. Go on with your life and success, you are beautiful.

    • Anthony

      She was born a man by mistake? Who’s mistake was that? He was born a man and therefore is a man. No surgery can change that. If you dress a elephant up as a mouse, it’s still an elephant. This is a crazy world we live in. People can change their sex, kill unborn babies, and elect a president who was born in Kenya. It’s our fault the nation is as jacked up as it is.

    • Carol

      God doesn’t make mistakes, Isabella.

  • morena

    It’s blatant discrimination. They should also include overweight and ugly people, too.

    • tkw

      they do include “ugly” or overweight people if they are meet the eligibility requirements and tney enter the competition. Many don’t because they know they will not win.
      However, a person who undergoes surgical procedures and hormonal treatments to look like a female should not be allowed to compete against females who are not surgically or chemically altered. It is unfair to those who are natural. This is not a debate on whether this person feels like they are female, it comes down to fairness.

      • Todd Nykerk

        He should compete against other transgender people only. DNA does not lie.

  • Katie

    When asked why it was so wrong, this was my response…”Because in this day…. in these times, it simply doesn’t matter anymore. So what if she was born with a penis. Jenna lives eats and breathes as a woman now. She looks better then most transgendered females I’ve ever seen! And I bet she acts more womanly then most women. She’s worked hard just like every born female contestant, obviously if she’s made it thus far. And she has very few qualities that only a trained eye could tell that she used to be a man. If girls can play on football teams and wrestle….. then why the hell can’t a transgendered woman be in a pageant. Now don’t get me wrong…. I’m severely against beauty pageants….. but I’m am an extremely strong advocate to the LGBT groups! I’m all for equailty! And though only a few states have passed and accepted the equality bill….. I believe that one day, all states will! So she may have been booted this time, but one day, if Jenna doesn’t walk the stage…. I guarentee another transgendered woman will! If the women won the Womens Rights movement, and blacks won the Civil Rights Movement….. I am 1000% certain that the LGBT will win the Equality movement!”

    • http://Yahoo Johnny T

      Such BS! She’s had her 15 minutes of “fame” – now she should shut up.

    • tkw

      girls can play boys sports only if there is no other option for them to play with girls.
      Here this person had the opportunity to compete against other transgendered woman, and non transgendered women can’t compete in that competition. So…..

  • http://www.shubalyuba.org Natalia

    I dont know whats worse, people who are ignorant and dont know any better or people who wave Bibles to get their point across! What if she was born with a penis and female internal parts? God meant her to be both? No, it was just something that happened. God cant control everything that happens when babies are formed! I think hes a tad busy. So get your prejudiced opinions out of the dark ages and climb down off the pedestal. God meant for us to be different. You would know that if you werent beating so hard on that Bible, he teaches love and acceptance. Remember the lepers? Let HER participate! They are just afraid shes gonna win!

    • tkw

      I think it is more a question of fairness to the other girls who are not surgically and chemically altered to display female traits. It has nothing to do with what this person believes they are.

    • Carol

      Yes, Natalia, I remember the lepers in the Bible. They were segregated from society so that others would not catch their disease. They were not allowed back into society until they were healed.
      Your analogy has proven our point! Thank you.
      I will pray for your healing.

  • http://www.shubalyuba.org Anatoly

    I’m surprised at the people saying that they need to change the rules to include transgenders. Judges and the audience are expecting the contestants to be natural born females. Not transgenders, not a guy in drag, not a blow-up doll, not a baboon with lipstick and a wig. This is a private organization and they can set whatever rules they want to for this competition. You have no right to tell them to change their rules to accommodate your views. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the pageant. There are many other competitions for all sorts of contestants: married women, women of ages outside this competition (children’s pageants, Ms. Senior America). There’s even a transgender beauty pageant (Miss International Queen). Jenna Talackova knows of this last competition because she was in it last year. None of those other women are telling this organization to change their rules. This is just another case of the militant freaks trying to force everyone to accept their perversions as normal.

    • oh yeah

      well stated Anatoly !!

  • Aqua Marie

    Miss Universe is an organization that promotes the true essence of being a real women… if we break its legacy.. it will defeat the true purpose of Miss Universe.

  • Todd Nykerk


  • offendsu

    I can’t actually remember ever taking interest in a beauty pageant or its contestants. I have to believe that the people that take interest in these things are primarily female or somehow involved in the industry. Fact is, he/she/it should be subject to gender exclusion on the basis that it isn’t a female… nor is it a functioning male… we may as well enter robots in the contest if some eunuch-facsimile woman/man/thing is allowed to enter.