Jenna Jameson Accused Of Being High On Air

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Jenna Jameson made an appearance on “Good Day New York” on Monday, and according to TMZ, the former porn star was either high or drunk on-air and had her segment cut short.

Jameson was there to promote her new erotic novel, “Sugar”, and did seem to be slurring her words a little during the interview as she talked about her hopes for the book (which is part of a trilogy, apparently) and compared it to “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

“I didn’t want it to be exact of what I’ve always done, so I kinda made up a fantastic, yummy story. ‘Cause, y’know, I read all the other stories and I was like [groan],” she said.

Jameson gilded over the last question of the interview–which was about her difficulties with ex Tito Ortiz–but later talked about her relationship on the “Opie and Anthony Show” and broke down in tears, saying she hasn’t seen her children in months.

The former porn star claims she has been sober for seven years, but she has battled drug and alcohol addiction in the past and Ortiz has accused her of being hooked on Oxycontin.

Jenna Jameson — WHACKED OUT … Live TV Segment Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior

Image: Good Day New York

Jenna Jameson Accused Of Being High On Air
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    Everyone has an addiction to something. I don’t care who you are or what you do. Some addictions are worse than others. I know judges, lawyers, TV personalities, and business men who regularly get high as a kite. I have traveled the world and believe me, this country is a land of hypocrites. All the laws here are so prudish and draconian and everyone is so self-righteous, but behind closed doors everyone in America is doing something they shouldn’t be.

    Leave the girl alone. It is obvious she is struggling with life. Just remember, you may not want to admit it, but anyone could go into another person’s life and rip it apart.

    It is funny though. Christ knew about all this. That is why he told us not to judge. Christ knew about all the hypocrisy.

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