Jenelle Evans, Star of Teen Mom 2, Gets Engaged: Twitter Laughs

    May 17, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Jenelle Evans, one of the stars of the MTV reality show “Teen Mom 2”, has apparently convinced someone that she’s worth marrying. Us Weekly reports that Evans revealed she’s engaged to her boyfriend Gary Head, a guy with whom she’s shared a storied history. However, the past is apparently not much of an issue, because the two are now headed into the wacky world of wedded bliss.

The exploits of Evans, 20, and Head, 22, are chronicled on the popular TV series “Teen Mom 2”, a program that explores the ins and outs, the trials and tribulations of raising a child as a teenager. The show has generated its fair share of controversy since its inception, as critics seem to feel that it glorifies teenage pregnancy. However, anyone who has actually watched more than 15 minutes of “Teen Mom 2” knows that it works much better as a contraceptive than an aphrodisiac. Any teenage girl who is inspired to have a child of their own after consuming an episode clearly has bigger issues bubbling beneath the surface.

Will Evans and Head’s relationship last? That remains to be seen. Back in April, the couple apparently went their separate ways, which sent Evans into the arms of her former squeeze Kieffer Delp. However, things have gotten better for the couple as of late; Head, for example, recently helped Evans recover from her boob job, which, I’m sure, was a completely selfless act. True love glistens like freshly-scrubbed surgical equipment.

What do people on Twitter think of the news? Their comments are almost as snarky as the article you just read. You can have a look at a small collection of thoughts and feelings below.

Jenelle Evans got engaged. It doesn’t really matter to who because next week she won’t be engaged anymore. http://t.co/k6r7ZX28
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My damn periods last longer then jenelle evans friendships, relationships/engagements. #nohope #badmom
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‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle gets engaged: Jenelle Evans now has a flashy accessory to go with herย new chest:… http://t.co/V64pWPaM #TV #news
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This girl is such a disaster, wish she would just think of her kid!! http://t.co/TfaY9cMS
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Teen Mom’s often arrested Jenelle Evans is engaged. A heart-warming event like this really solidifies the sanctity of marriage in my eyes.
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  • cathy

    Way to write an objective piece of journalism. Its not one sided or biased at all. You should go write for the enquirer.

  • mffer

    Cathy = Janelle’s mom, the only person in the world who could possibly care about that useless bitch

    • Allison

      Actually, her name is Barbara.

  • izzy

    Her mother is a nut job too. Stop having kids!

  • scarlett409

    I can hold off on my blinking my eyes longer than she can have a relationship. And look at these pillar of the community, cream of society boyfriends she’s dragging in and out of poor Jaces life. How long before this one uses up her financial aid money and is gone?

    Get some help woman, and start listening to your mother, she (and the rest of us) sees these guys AND YOU for what you really are.

    • http://yahoo Michelle

      If there was only such a thing as brain implants. No matter how big her breasts are she always gonna be a loser.

  • miranda

    I think it’s great,as long as she stays away from Kiefer still,i’m just happy that she moved away from kiefer finally and that she hopefully is finally straighting her life out for her,and her adorable son! I wish you the best of luck Jenelle! And congrats! :)

    • JocelynR.

      I agree.

    • http://tublr cortney

      ya jenelle is a good mom if her retarded mom barbra would let her care 4 her son and stop intaganizing her life she would b ok barbra is a worthless bitch who mad jenelle the way she is

    • CP

      “I’m very depressed. Me and Gary broke up for good,” the reality TV star tweeted on April 8.

      Shortly after she and Head temporarily ended their relationship, Evans reportedly reconciled with former boyfriend Kieffer Delp — but it didn’t take long for the couple to split again, as they called it quits at the end of April.

      This isn’t even the end of May. We’re only in the middle of May. She just broke up with Kieffer (again) not even 2 weeks ago, and now she’s engaged. Yeah.. she’s DEFINITELY moving on. *rolls eyes*

      Look at her official Facebook “fan page.” All of her posts say it all. And instead of saving up money for Jace, her son, she gets a breast implant.. THEN LETS KIEFFER OVER HER HOUSE TO LOOK AT HER AFTER SHE GETS OUT OF THE SHOWER.. NO TOWEL ON. Then after she broke up with him, he leaked her fully-nude photos.

      She’s no where near ready to get married. I’m 15 and I know that.

  • http://yahoo.com Cheley

    Talk about White trash.

  • Sue

    Great, add to the never ending stereotypes of the military wives. Shes the reason why Us decent ones get such a bad reps…

    • http://google kim

      Janelle mother is hard working and clean, she deeply cares about Janelle. I also have a daughter like her, another a business grad and manager, your children need to grow up. What seems clear is that the dad was not present and she has little respect for anyone but herself. Her maternal side is weak. And she has a bi polar diagnosis, i feel she needs meds for her mood swings.

  • T.

    Personally, I think she will give Marine wives an even worse reputation than we already have. Plus the girl already has so many issues how is she gonna deal with training, work ups, and deployments?! She’s gonna lose what little bit she has left.

    I don’t know why she is so much drama, and why she causes so much of it. I mean she is 20 years old. Grow up!

    Truthfully though I wish this girl would put her head on straight and focus on her son before she starts focusing on men.

    • CP

      I doubt that’ll be soon. She broke up with Kieffer barely 2 weeks ago. Now she’s engaged to Gary. She just got breast implants. Now Kieffer just leaked fully-nude photos that she let Kieffer take of him.

      She’s not ready to be engaged.. not even sure if she’s ready to be in a relationship. She needs to be on that VH1 show “Tough Love.”

  • JocelynR.

    Instead of worrying about what Jenelle’s doing, you guys should worry about yourselves. At least she’s far away from us, so why do you care?
    Obviously, some people are SO insecure they need to trash talk her.
    Grow up & start worrying about your own :)
    You guys aren’t any better than her if all you do is bitch about HER OWN LIFE ๐Ÿ˜€

    • T.

      Well as far as her being close to us… as the wife of a marine, in lejeune she is pretty close. And aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black if you’re bitching about us?!

  • Mindy

    What about the fact that the other teen mom Leah not only got married to Corey then divorced but is now married to her new man Jeremy. Wow only 20 and been married twiced.

  • Cheryl

    The fact that Jenelle is on a show called “Teen Moms” is funny. Yes, the girls on the show have made mistakes and their parenting skills are sometimes questionable. But not only does she not raise her child, she doesnt even parent him. Her mother takes care of the baby full time and on episodes she has every excuse(boyfriend, weed, tired) to not even keep an eye on her child. She birthed a child, she is not a “Mom”. She should pay for her kid, not boobs, new teeth and boyfriends…and of course her favorite..weed!

  • McKenna

    I’ve got one thing to say….WHO CARES???!!! The girl is an obvious joke, a piece of trash that puts everything else in life as a priority over her own son, and the only reason she is famous is because stupid people like us keep feeding into her shit and reading this garbage. So on that note, peace!