Jenelle Evans Arrested For Heroin Possession

    April 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jenelle Evans, one of the troubled stars of “Teen Mom 2”, was arrested in North Carolina on Tuesday after police were called to her home for a domestic dispute claim. When they arrived, officers found 12 bindles of heroin in her possession, as well as drug paraphernalia and prescription painkillers.

Evans claims she and husband Courtland Rogers got into a fight and that he punched her on the head and neck; he claims she threw furniture at him. Rogers was also found to be in possession of heroin and has been charged with intent to manufacture, sell, and distribute the drugs.

The young mom has made headlines involving Rogers before, most notably when she married Rogers after just a few months of dating and then claimed they were split up soon after due to his unfaithfulness. The pair have had it out several times on Twitter, and Evans has a long history of trouble with the law, including prior problems with drugs. This time around, she was also charged with failure to pay child support. Despite a stint in rehab, it seems the drug problem isn’t something she’s beaten.

“I simply feel as if I didn’t need to go to treatment if my problem isn’t drugs anymore, and never will be again,” she said in March. “I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships. I can honestly admit this about myself and can’t seem to help it unless I continue to get the help I need through therapy. Maybe instead of voicing what REALLY happened I’ll just stay silent because silence is golden. But I will let everyone know that I AM SINGLE and I AM NOT DATING ANYONE. I’m focusing on myself and my son’s life, nobody else’s.”

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      no its bindles not bundles

      A small envelope made by folding a square piece of paper, often used for carrying powdered drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Popular because it requires no tape, glue or fasteners and does not leak when folded correctly.