Jay-Z NFL Investigation: Did He Have A Hand In Recruiting Geno Smith?

    May 26, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Jay-Z is under investigation by the NFL after it was found that he may have gotten too close to a recruit during the recruitment process.

Jay-Z, who owns Roc Nation Sports Agency, may have been personally involved with the recruitment of Geno Smith for the New York Jets. According to NFL rules, only NFLPA-certified agents can be involved in the recruiting process. Jay-Z does not have this certification as he only owns Roc Nation while having agents handle the recruitment process.

So, what happened in this particular case? Smith’s recruitment was handled by Roc Nation agent Kim Miale, but the NFL investigation suggests that Jay-Z was directly involved in the recruiting process. For one, an Instagram photo showed Jay-Z and Smith together before it was announced that Smith had signed with Roc Nation. Another piece of evidence from Smith’s adviser, John Thorton, says that Jay-Z and Smith had met for meetings.

The NFL has just begun its investigation, and it might be a while before we have a verdict. For now, Smith is still signed with Roc Nation.

[h/t: NFL.com]

  • ngozi

    Jay-z must follow the rules or get out the game(business no play) hmmmm

  • Gail

    Is someone jealous, or did this really happen? Jay-Z doesn’t strike me as stupid.

    • NorseT

      Stupid, no. Smug, arrogant, and above the rules? Yes!

  • Tony Turk

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      • Justice

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    • Bushes

      Hey Tony, the original subject was about Jay-Z not the President. Im African American and do not like Jay-Z for many reasons, mostly because his lyrics tout a likeness to God. Dumb, uh? However, it seems to me that no matter what the outcome of this NFL investigation is, your ‘fathers and grandfathers kin (caucasians)’ just don’t want an Africian Americian to be successful in a high stakes money game, previously unatainable to our race. If you happen to be sophisticated enough to read a book written by a Black Man, may I suggest the biography of Reginald Lewis? No, he was not an athelete, nor rapper, nor intertainer. Lewis was a man driven by the desire to acheive more than what the average American dreams about. The book is entitled: Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun? It tells the story of a young boy of meager background, who rises to become a rich corporate financer (McCormic Patterns, Beatrice Foods). I bet your “kin” would be rolling in their graves if they knew that those Delmonte green beans you ate were packaged and sold by an Africian Americian, huh? Everytime people of color acheive greatness in areas previously all white, your kinfolk get mad and want to “investigate.” Investigate the book Tony, it might give you and your kin a new perspective….

    • Julie

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  • steph

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    It will speed-up the “civil-war” (race-war), that’s inevitable anyways .

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

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  • abdalla

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  • gary alaniz

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  • jimmy

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