Jay Leno Takes Huge Pay Decrease For Employees

    September 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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NBC has announced that Jay Leno, in an effort to save the jobs of several “The Tonight Show” employees, has taken a gigantic pay cut. The talk show host has agreed to claim a paycheck which is literally half of what he used to make, bringing his annual salary down to about $15 million.

The network has still endured layoffs, leaving about twenty people without a job after NBC pared its budget to compensate for moving the show to a different time slot. The network’s entertainment chief, Robert Greenblatt, says he met with Leno to figure out the best way to keep things running smoothly.

“Everything is less profitable these days, including the prime-time schedule,” said Greenblatt. “I went to his [Leno’s] office and we sat down and I said, ‘We have to be smart about how we do this show. We are in a difficult place at the network’…He understood.”

The show has suffered some blows in recent months, namely from Jimmy Fallon and from a ratings drop due to viewers tuning in on their own schedules.

“Our biggest challenge is the change in viewing habits,” Leno said. “We fight daily the DVR and online viewing, but we show up to work 5 days a week to make the show as topical, newsworthy, relatable and funny as possible.”

  • Steve Cook

    The ratings are down because the show sucks. It’s Leno’s personal
    campaign for Obama. I’ve tried to watch the show, but one of the
    first things to come out of his mouth, Romney dumb ass, Obama
    Leave the political crap out of it and you might be funny.
    Johnny Carson made fun of all political parties but in a funny way.
    Not so much one way or the other. It’s extremely obvious who Leno
    is for. A talk show shouldn’t be a politcal stump.

    Conan was twice as funny without all the politics.

    My 2 cents worth

  • Travis

    Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy KIMMEL?

  • http://Yahoo Ray

    Some may say that comedians should not mix in with politics, but what about that other anti-republican liberal so-called comedian on the same hour opposite Leno? At least Leno is funny. The only reason the liberal comedian’s show budget hasn’t been cut is due to that big station’s pull with the liberal big wigs. That other show comes out of New York–seat of Liberalism in America.

  • Louisa

    So old man Leno’s on the way out is he? Is that why he’s number one
    in the late night ratings with 3.7 million viewers? As a die hard
    Lenoite, I find Jay to be refreshingly funny. His monologue is always engaging and topical. The entire show represents a polished
    Morever, network advertisers who are chasing the l8-49 year old demographics should consider this: Leno’s audience, 58 year old Boomers, maintain the greatest buying and staying power. In addition, their voting power is unequaled. NBC would be smart
    to cater to a more mature audience. Then again, NBC hasn’t always made wise decisions which explains why Jeff Zucker is still on board

    Lastly, the antics displayed by late night show competitors, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien towards Leno remind me of petulant
    children who were never asked to be on the kickball team.

    P.S. Just for the record Amanda,Kimmel and Fallon follow Leno’s
    show.The first rule as a reporter is to get your facts straight.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/jay-leno-takes-huge-pay-decrease-for-employees-2012-09 Wayne

    Only 15 million a year poor guy what will he do.

  • http://N/A C. Riker

    I think “Politics” is fair game at any time but especially now during a Presidential election coming so soon. I don’t agree with allot of the comments but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I find it disgusting though that so many people from all walks of the entertainment field speak up for a particular person or political party with so many unfounded lies about people running for office or the party their against. That goes for both parties! The national news outlets, radio, newspaper, magazines and TV all seem to be controlled by the Democrats and therefore are giving out so much one sided information that is unfounded and untrue! It seems to me that the “TRUTH” belongs to whomever has enough money or control to back themselves up! It’s a shame that so many Americans don’t look into what they hear and see through the media outlets! An educated voter is the only way we’ll get people in office who have our best interests in mind and put them above the interests of special interest groups, lobbists and political agendas that are not in the best interest of America or the American people. Both parties are guilty of this but the Democrats are made an “ART” out of smoke and mirrors!
    C. Riker

    • AmericaLover

      One lie is no better than two….just as one sin is no greater than the other. Doesn’t matter who does it most…they both do it…and one has to come to realize that politics is politics and the best player wins!

  • http://yahoo David Hubbard

    So far as I see- all of the comedians and nite show people and most of Hollywood leans a very politacal direction – mostly Democrat. I have not watched a ‘nite’ show in several years because I tired of the comments. I quit watching several TV sit coms because of the political ferver and the same with movies of late. I do not find Leno, or any of the other so called funny people – funny at all.

  • Phil

    No matter what Jay use to make is not relevent here, what is important is his character and this was a stand up thing to do. Money is’t everything, it’s what you do with it. Way to go Jay!!! God bless you buddy. Wish there was more people like you out there.

    • Wile Coyote

      Jay is still paid 3x more than he should be, he is a hack who can not even come up with his own material……From the Speed Channel to Howard Stern nobody is safe from the bit stealing scum.

  • Diva M.

    Jay Leno is an all around nice guy. This latest gesture is a prime example of his compassion for others not in his income bracket, etc.

  • Mike Misener

    May be this worthless thing called a president should take a lesson from Jay and take a pay cut and have that witch of a wife stop taking vacations on the American tax payers. Show you care Mr. president and lead this country by example. Great thing Jay. May be it will help keep some jobs for other NBC employees. But gee wiz Jay… 15 million? Life is tuff at the top I’m sure…

    • AmericaLover

      Do you know how much the president makes? Maybe you should find that out before you talk about him receiving a pay cut! With Jay Leno’s pay cut, he still makes $14,600,000 more a year than the president. So, don’t use this opportunity to make a jab at the president…you should use this opportunity to read something other than tabloid news.

  • gary severson

    I don’t think he is funny Johnny carson was the best in my eyes but my dad didn’t like him to each his own BUT that was a stand up thing to do good for jay I hope it helps keep the show alive there are enough people in this country that nobody cares about

  • Scott N

    I give jay Leno alot od credit to take a 15 mil pay cut to save his staffers job, now congress should follow in his foot steps, but that will never happen because congress are to greety holding the middle class down. I congradulate jay Leno for what he did.

  • des brewer

    When I firts saw the headline, I thought “what a great guy to give up half his salary for his employees”. Then I read more about it: looks like the suits told him to accept the cut or the writing was on the wall. If the late-night genre was a horse, we’d have shot it by now. Late-night died with Carson; all these pretenders are an embarrassment.