Japan Mayor Apologizes For Sex Slaves Comments

    May 27, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Earlier this month, Osaka, Japan Mayor and co-leader of the Japan Restoration Party, Toru Hashimoto caused controversy by referring Japan’s policy of providing “comfort women” to soldiers in World War II as “necessary.” The women he referred to were taken from surrounding countries, such as China and Korea, and forced into sex slavery during the war. He had last year claimed that there is no evidence that the Japanese military was involved in the enslavement of these women.

This morning, Hashimoto called a press conference to explain his remarks and offer an apology. According to an AFP report, Hashimoto spoke for nearly three hours to the foreign press, defending his comments and accusing other countries of sex slavery as well.

Hashimoto spent much of his address defending his comments, repeating that it is “unclear” that Japan or the Japanese military officially provided comfort women. He also accused other countries, such as the U.S., Britain, France, the U.S.S.R, and Germany of doing the same during World War II, though through less official means, such as private businessmen who operated wartime brothels. Hashimoto also stated that, no matter how it was provided, World War II sex slavery was wrong.

Hashimoto also took the opportunity to walk back his comments to the U.S. military stationed in Okinawa. According to the AFP report, he had previously encouraged U.S. commanders to allow soldiers to partake in Japan’s licensed sex shops, in order to lessen crimes committed by those soldiers. Back in March, two U.S. Navy sailors were convicted of raping and robbing a woman in Okinawa.

  • YS

    This man has no idea the level of sin his ancestor has committed against the Chinese woman during WWII. Japan education system essentially eliminated history on “Sex-Slave Practice”. His stepping forward for such comments likely to refresh anger from the victim families

    • http://google Fred

      Speaking of sins committed what of the sin the United States Army committed against the natives at Sand creek near Denver Colorado? General Chivington waited until the braves and men were out on hunting parties swooped in and slaughtered 200 women and children eviscerated them hacked scalps from dead bodies and used the disemboweled womens wombs as purses? Or the United States army general Andrew Jackson and future president engaging the natives on a howitzer induced forced march slaughtering 200,000 native women and children. Or the sin of the United States army crushing slave insurrections of slaves whom tried to eliminate the brutal savage condition of slavery. The man of the cloth would tell the slave wait for death to enter the gates of heaven while an diabolical slave master rapes your wife and daughter? Or the sin of the United States army evicting Japanese American citizens from their land placing them in concentration camps and refusing to apologize for such out rage simply for the colour of their skin? Or the sin the United States air corp committed against 500,000 women and children at Hiroshima and Nagasaki incinerating them. A completely beaten Japan begging for peace just to show the commies if you mess with us we will drop this A bomb on you! Before you point out anothers outrage just assure your house is clean… and this one is filthy.

      • jim

        fred you are full of shit, you need to study your history

        • Roger Maslon

          While I am not cognizant of exact quantities, I agree with you entirely. As far as I am concerned, both Roosevelt and Truman -as well as Churchill- deserved to be hanged alongside the NAZI leadership -or more so, since they were the ones calling the shots as opposed to the hanged Germans who were, I believe, following Hitler’s orders.
          HOWEVER! Two wrongs do NOT make one right! The Japanese and the “Americans” are, as far as History is concerned, buzzards of a feather. Yet, as far as your Japanese “honorable”, bushido-bound “warriors” are concerned, they may feel free to stick their meatball up their arse. The “Americans” may have been barbarous murderers, but that does not opaque the “feats” of your sons-of-bitches in Korea, China and the Philippines. In fact, I sincerely hope that the Chinese military some day soon squares off with their Jap cousins, and they exterminate each other, the filthy bastards!

      • Douglas

        You assertion that one can never point out the ‘sins’ of others until he is guilt free is so bogus. Are you ‘sin’ free??? We must start by recognizing evil where evil exists, even when we are not completely guilt free. If your statement is the best way to process issues and historical events, we would never start… As to you statement about 500,000 people being killed in Japan in Hiroshima your numbers are way off. Are you simply trying to incite arger??? Thirdly I’d hardly say that was the reason we dropped the bomb…

      • Tiffany

        Fred you need to MOVE OUT OF OUR COUNTRY – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Hate to you have a husband or dad….I know you would not have my back! Even worse have you as a soldier that suppose to have my back….I’d be dead!!!!

      • http://yahoo Barron

        Oh. Shut Up! Jerk!

  • Buckley Lupardus

    I think adults should be allowed to enjoy sex with willing partners even if there is money exchanged.

    • Renee

      Your comment is certainly not in context with this article. The whole idea is that they were not WILLING. Sex SLAVES…the word slaves means anything BUT willing….

      • Renee

        P.S. My previous comment was directed to Buckley…”willing”

    • H. Liu

      Think, research, and read up before you comment. This had nothing to do with consenting adults, and IS a gross violation of HUMAN RIGHTS, therefore a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE! If you cannot comprehend or see it through the eyes of suffering Asians, nor relate to it from a female perspective; there were Dutch colonists that were violated and abused.

      • H. Liu

        To clarify, I am in agreement with Renee, and my reply was directed toward Buckley.

  • Thomas Brown

    And these are the same people who feel sorry for themselves every August 6th, when the United States, for no apparent reason, dropped an A bomb on them.

    • Roger Maslon

      The fact that the Jap soldiers were sons of bitches does not confer their enemy the moral authority to put themselves at the same gutter-level. I don’t care what anyone may say, or for what reasons: You DO NOT attack civilian targets. You DO NOT fire-bomb, or nuke, women, children, the elderly and non-combatants! NEVER! The attacks on Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, plain and simple, just as the German bombings of Warsaw and London, and the Allied razing of German cities. Bloody murderers, ALL OF THEM!

  • Jim La Croix

    I noticed in the picture shown of him, he has the same smug look on his face that we saw on many of the Japaneese war mongers of WWII. Next he will be saying that they( the Japaneese) did not bomb Pearl Harbor on Sunday 07 Dec. 1941. I don’t think that lie will fly any better than the one that got his sorry ass in hot water in the first place.Perhaps we can send him a history book with the correct events of WWII,it would appear that the one he has been reading is incorrect in many ways.

  • Lucifer

    The Japanese do not tell the history of their actions in WWII. The fact they actually ate downed airmen says alot about these people and why we dropped the A bomb on them. They also had a biological warfare unit in China where they used live people to test out the germs they were working on. The US wanted that data so bad they let alot of Jap war criminals get away with murder while the Germans still to this day pay through the nose for the things they did and also the Russias did but then blamed the Germans. Luckily for the Japs they didnt go after Jews or they would never rest without the exchange of gold and money into their hands.

  • LTorres

    Every country is guilty in their past history. Not one country wants to admit it. Some countries are still paying for their history even when all those that participated are long gone, while others keep ignoring as if it never happen or even admit to it ever happening. It’s would be best if they all would just admit what their ancestors did it & show that the country has regrets & positive changes since than. And careful how they word it when the subject comes up again. Time to put it to rest. It’s time to forgive & learn from our mistakes. Ignorance doesn’t cure anything!

  • wolfinawolfette

    The entire world has gone mad.

  • Hemen

    Hi kids :)
    I’m here too

  • jenny

    Not so smart man! It’s a shame this guy is a mayor. But then, Japanese politicians are never inspiring. They are so narrow minded and inside the box.
    No wonder Japan is losing…! It doesn’t matter how wealthy Japan is–they can never be a world leader. And I agree with previous comment that Japanese are not honest of their history–they are lying to their children of their history…shame!

  • http://Yahoo Al Nip

    Japan is too proud to apologize for what they did during World War II.
    If the needed “Sex Slaves” they could have taken Japanese women from Japan to fill their needs.

    731 Medical Unit in Harbin China. Why didn’t the Japanese use their own people in these medical experiments. This too is something that the Japanese have not apologized for.

    Japan does not recognized the crimes they committed during the War.
    They believe they did do “NO WRONG”. That is why it is not reflected the their history books.

    Don’t tell me the Emperor of Japan had no knowledge of what the Japanese Imperial Army did during the war. If the Japanese government claim that the Emperor knew nothing about this during the war than he should have taken action after the war when he learned about these things. The Emperor today can still make an apology for war crimes committed during the war but PRIDE and the LOST OF FACE is more important than the truth. Therefore Japanese history books will not teach there students what really happened during WWII.

    “BANZAI” (Ten thousand years of life) to the Sex Slaves and Victims of the 731 Medical Unit.

  • lisamay

    wait, im sure this is obama’s fault. . republicans must be asleep at the wheel again, when they wake up they will explain

  • dayze

    He is right about other countries,
    I was in Thailand 2 years ago and we drove past an American Military establishment where the OFFICERS CLUB WAS and the locals told me that the officers went there to exercise, and that women were “provided” for the officers that went there. It was common knowledge around the country. Everyone you spoke to openly knew about it.

  • Screw Them

    These Japanese Sick Bastards!

    Screw them!!!