Janet Jackson Dispute Could Push Niece Away

Amanda CrumLife

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Janet Jackson is reportedly pretty irritated that her niece, Paris Jackson, has accepted a role in the film "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys", which won't be out until 2014. Although Paris says she's always wanted to pursue a career in acting, Janet feels her brother would be upset if he knew one of his children was going against his wishes for them to stay out of the Hollywood eye.

Janet also thinks Paris and her brothers, Blanket and Prince, should just enjoy being children, which is all their father ever wanted for them. Getting involved in the entertainment industry will put an abrupt end to that, however, and the doting aunt wants the kids to go to college and have normal lives instead.

But if acting is something Paris really wants to pursue, Janet's interference could only drive a wedge between them. Paris is at an age--14--where she's likely to feel her decisions should be her own, and no amount of coaching can help when a teenage girl wants a particular thing.

Amanda Crum
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