Janet Jackson Dispute Could Push Niece Away

    July 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Janet Jackson is reportedly pretty irritated that her niece, Paris Jackson, has accepted a role in the film “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys”, which won’t be out until 2014. Although Paris says she’s always wanted to pursue a career in acting, Janet feels her brother would be upset if he knew one of his children was going against his wishes for them to stay out of the Hollywood eye.

Janet also thinks Paris and her brothers, Blanket and Prince, should just enjoy being children, which is all their father ever wanted for them. Getting involved in the entertainment industry will put an abrupt end to that, however, and the doting aunt wants the kids to go to college and have normal lives instead.

But if acting is something Paris really wants to pursue, Janet’s interference could only drive a wedge between them. Paris is at an age–14–where she’s likely to feel her decisions should be her own, and no amount of coaching can help when a teenage girl wants a particular thing.

  • Eyrc Brushman

    I feel that Janet is right to respect Micheal’s wishes for his children after all both Janet and Micheal have lived through the lost of their childhoods’. Fame and the scrutiny it brings, has not worked out very well for some kids. Early deaths, drug use,criminal activity. Brad Renfro,Corey Haim, Dana Plato, Brigette Andersen, Anissa Jones, Todd Bridges,Eddie Furlong to name a few. If there is not a stable base to grow from how can one grow strong!




    • http://yahoo FeeJizm

      This GIRL is 14…….How far should Janet or any other RATIONAL ADULT step back…..OOPS….MY BAD….I LIKE totally forgot…. At the ripe old age of 14 MANY a RATIONAL decision can and has been made. I mean she’s NOT thinking “This’ll make me popular” She’s thinking “this will pay for my kollege education!”…So by all means step back…..**sigh

      • bebr

        @FeeJizm…Yes, Janet should “step back”…far enough to give Paris a chance to see if this is what she really wants to do with her life. She can monitor her niece from the side, making sure that she is being treated properly. Being a minor, she will most likely be on a restricted shooting schedule anyway. Also, she will have to keep up with her studies, possibly with an on set tutor like her father and uncles did back in the day. In any case, there isn’t much Janet can do anyway, as she does not have custody. The best thing she can do at this stage is to give Paris her unconditional love and support.

  • bebe

    Auntie Janet needs to step back and mind her own business…let Paris live her life, just as Janet is living hers. Trying to discourage the child is very hypocritical, especially since Janet began her own acting career at a very young age (Goodtimes, anyone?). I also believe that Michael, despite what he MAY have wanted for his daughter initially, would above all want Paris to be happy and pursue her dreams, just as he himself, pursued and realized his own. Lighten up, Janet!!!

    • Carol Lamprey

      The Jackson children didnt really have a say in their childhood. Joseph saw to that! If you know Jackson family history, he was abusive,both mentally & physically. Of course he would deny it, but its true. Think about the dangers of this type of life, its no life for a 14 yr. old who has her life secure financially! he has plenty of time to spread her wings.

  • http://yahoo Amusitan joy

    she has no right to go aganist her fathers wish nor her aunt wish,it is bad,they know what best for her,she is just a teen who grew up yesterday,she is a kid and she must respect her fathers last wish.

  • Lawan

    I think Janet is correct to have concerns. I mean, let’s face it; look at what not having a childhood did to Michael and other child celebrities (Drew Barrymore; Tod Bridges; Gary Coleman). That list could go on and on. Yes there are some child celebrities that made it to adulthood with success but I do think Michael’s wishes for his children should be respected. I think Paris should think about or at least find out why (if she hasn’t) her father was so protective and guarded of his children. I support Janet. It truly shows me that she’s more concerned with her niece’s welfare and well being than money and stardom. Yes, what Paris wants should be considered, but she’s 14. She is in no way ready to make major decisions for herself but I’m sure she thinks she can.

  • http://ParisJackson Tracie

    I think that Paris is old enough to make her own desions. This is something that she has been wanting to do for a long time. I think that Michael would want his daughter to be happy!!!! He would want her to go into her acting career. I think that he would be very proud of her too. I think that Paris is doing the right thing. So,I think that she should follow her dreams. She should do what is right in her heart. This is what God wants her to do he has a plan for her.

    • http://yahoo FeeJizm

      Old enough at 14…..really….at 14. If this is in FACT what she’s wanted to do for a long time and her father would’ve supported it….better yet, WANTED it….Why is that while he was alive, nobody saw these kids….There were NO media hounds hanging out, there wer CERTAINLY NO INTERVIEWS with the kids. Then here comes the “COUP DE GRAS”…This IS what GOD WANTS her to do….How the hell you know that—Did he send you a fax, western union telegram, hit you on the cell or did you get a text….I mean since this IS GOD’s DECISION and not the decision of a I-know-what’s-best-for-me 14 yr. old….WOW! Let the exploitation BEGIN!

    • Aaron


      You speak as if you intimately know Paris, Michael and God. Why in the would you think this is what Michael would want for Paris, when all other evidence suggests the opposite??? Also, at the ripe old age of 14, you believe she’s old enough to make such a decision??? You must be delusional or 14 yourself.

  • Dee

    Janet is right, in all that she’s saying. People just see the outside of show business. Behind the many walls of Entertainment, it’s a greedy world of people trying to get or steal the money you make. Example: Look at how they framed Michael Jackson, and believe me, that’s just the surface of what have happen to people in the entertainment world.

  • joseph

    Paris would do well to keep these ‘people’ at harms length if not further.. Wait until she turns 18. The shits going to hit the fan. Wait and see.

  • Carol Lamprey

    Paris is only 14. The “Lime-Light” will always be there to pursue at an age when she reaches adult life. If I were Paris, I would listen to her Aunt Janet. Get the education,enjoy her teen years with her family & friends. BE A KID!!! Maybe as she gets older in life things may change the way she feels about the industry. Its very rough out there, remember the childhood stars before you Paris. Your Dad,aunts & uncles know what it was like for them, listen to experience voices of reason! Your Father would want it no other way for you. No one in the family or your friends would want any hurt or harm to come to you that could deminish any dreams that could be for you to come true.

  • Alicia

    The Jacksons need to move these kids out of California if they want them to grow up in a normal childhood move to Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, etc

    • Andy

      Newark new jersey would be great. Or send them to the secret family Michael had around
      that area.

  • michelle

    Janet has been there and done that, Paris is a sheltered fourteen year old. She is a child she needs to stay out of the lime light. Janet is speaking from experience and knows what happens in that arena. Michael’s life was destroyed by the media and the public eye…he would not approve.

  • Joyce

    Let Paris live her dream and whatever the outcome of her acting career becomes Janet should always be by her side

  • india

    Thats right janet step in its your duty thats whats wrong with some families today they dont care if the child is hurt money talks bull crap walk, janet has been in the industry long enough to know dirty funky people in hollywood. At least janet cares enough to warn her niece im sure anyone who takes advantage of someones child has common sense to make a point to say something keep on her ass janet.

  • Ethel

    Paris should listen to Janet. Education is very important. The best time to get an education is while you are young. The option to seek a career in show business will always be there.

  • Judy Ozols

    The family is strong and Paris knows her aunt only is thinking of what if best and respecting her brothers wishes. This too will work out Michael has three wonderful children and they have been given good basic foundations, my love and prayers always to that family and the wonderful mother.

  • Leslie Ann Warren

    I Luv Michael “RIP” & Janet Jackson!! But Think Here?? Wat Happen 2 Michael, Janet, & The Other Jacksons Sibblings Are Different Frm Wat’s Goin w Paris; Such As: Michael, Janet, & Jackson Siblings Where Kind Of Her Force In2 It By There Dad Joe Jackson; While This Wat Paris Want’s 2 Do It??!! I Understand Wat Michael Wishes Where 4 His Daughter & I Understand Wat Janet Is Sayin, But Michael Is Not Here On Earth Is He By His Mistake 2 Mess w A Stupid Doctor Like That Who His Jus Greedy 4 Money.. So If Michael Would Of Thought Abt All Those Circumstances Janet Wouldn’t Bein Worry Abt Her Neice Right Now Which Is Sad??!! So Janet Jus Need 2 Be There 4 Her Instead Of Forcin Her 2 Do Sumthang She Doesn’t Want 2 Do Like Her Dad Did 2 There Jackson Life.. Blessings In Jesus Name!!

  • http://Yahoo Peter

    Who needs Janet, Paris and the Jacksons their all queers!

    • Andy

      Takes one to know one.

    • carla

      this is the very reason janet wants to respect her brother’s wishes. The big part of the world thinks the jacksons are weird and put michael through hell paris the world is waiting to exploit you like they did your father. please be the one to listen to what he wanted for you he spoke from experience. and to all who would say such a mean thing like this individual i say get your life!!!!

  • Keith

    Come on now Janet, you have to know that the fruit don’t fall to far from the tree! Everyone around her is in the public eye in one form or another so what can you expect? Come on Miss Jackson you have to know that! I wish you luck in that one and I don’t think yo will win…just my option and everyone has one!

  • http://yahoo Jacqueline

    Paris you are is a teenager who was deliberated after the death of her father. You grew up sheltered and protected from the real world, went thru a horrible experience from your father’s death. You have no clue what the real world is about nor the movie industry, being 14 is and can be a wonderful experience your teen age years should be wonderful. Going to school, having a best friend talking about boys and girlie things. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Once you are 18, then if you still want to be a movie star good luck to you darling but for now be a teenager and enjoy the ride, believe me its great.

  • Eesha

    Listen to your Auntie or you will be sorry later….Hollywood is waiting to exploit her and get filthy rich and then bring her down like they tried to do to her dad…all too often kids think they know it all but dont know diddly squat !

  • Kerry

    Since Paris has been cast in a movie, I think she should be able to experience what it is like. There should be compromise. She is 14! A teenager, but it doesn’t mean she should make all decisions with her life. Yes she should do things so she can make her own mistakes and grow into a strong adult but listening to someone such as her Aunt will give her some guidance. She only has 4 years left of school before she can choose to do more acting. My question to Paris? What about staying in school then move onto an acting school that will give you some knowledge and smoother experience with acting? I think Paris does have the right to make decisions but to do it wisely. Make friends at school. Usually your lifelong friends come from College. Be a teenager and experience teenage issues. Don’t grow up too fast! If need be, Paris should make compromises to learn about what she wants versus needs. I have had many experiences as I was growing up and did what was expected of me. I waited until way after I got into College to decide what I wanted to do and I took charge. Not everybody is made for college either, but for Paris, I think she should try just dealing with High School experiences and seeing if she likes College or not. Not everybody has the opportunity to do that, but I think she will have the opportunity waiting on the side for acting if that is what she wants in the future if school doesn’t work out. Even being in a movie, things can go wrong in life. But she does need to think about her future goals and needs after making her first movie. And for Janet, just keep in mind if Paris makes just one movie, she doesn’t have to make more until she can truly think about the pros and cons of acting before she finishes school. If she goes to a regular high school that may have a drama dept, she should try out for the school plays and stuff. That is where the compromise should be. That is where she can learn, have fun, and do what she likes as she gets a good education as well. This is a situation that I can see both sides. Good luck to all!

  • Yolanda Ector

    Janet is only honoring her late brother’s wishes… You would want the same…

  • The Italian letter

    The child needs to focus on an education, getting smarter, she’s filthy rich I’m sure. However she really needs alot of knowledge out in that world, hire a professor or some motivational expert to stop her boredom, expose her to travel to broden her mind or something other than film. She’ll end up like the others burnt out, some get away because they have college degrees. I’m on Janet’s side, wish they could adopt me, I’d go to school.

  • Andy

    I think like Janice, Paris should be able to decide what she wants to do. Her brothers were in the business and at a very young age Janice knew she wanted to be a performer and make people happy which she has done and continues to do so. Janice also needs to respect the wishes of her niece and not pull away because she does not abide by Janet’s decision. Michael is gone and would surely want Janet to stay apart of his daughters life. People are fickle and do change their minds. Michael did not get the chance to talk to his young adult child re: her dreams. She could be pursuing worse habits and we could end up with yet another iconic image coming from that one family!

  • Dorothy Sanders

    Janet is absolutely right! Come on now. Look at the state of America and our youth! Since when, of late, has the majority stopped to think and remember and do that which is right in Almighty God’s sight? This fourteen year old youth should be enjoying her childhood and enjoying obtaining a decent education – just like Sweet Jesus, when He was around her age! But then, the majority of creation has forgotten what is written; namely this, “prepare to meet your Maker!” We all are going to meet Him, prepared or not! And though it irritates heck out of most to be reminded – this place called Hell, it is real; this place called Heaven, it is real. You WILL spend eternity in one or the other. Your life and choices on this side NOW will determine your life for all eternity on the other side THEN. Stand for what is right Janet – even if you have to stand alone because if you are standing for that which is right, Jesus, The Christ, is standing with you!

    • Andy

      This 14 year old child is, I am sure a lot more knowledgeable than most. Being a Muslim her beliefs are not along the Christian readings.

    • akbaah

      Janet and Michael are the last people to be giving advice, both of them rebelled against their parents. Janet, with the Control album, right up until her wardrobe malfunction, and Michael’s parents hated everything he did, from his appearence, to his leaving the Johovas Witness. Give me a break those kids are destined for stardom wheather they want it or not. michael is not a superstar to them, hes their father, how mantttttty kids do u know,are still living their dead parents wishes.

  • Anthony Elliott

    I recall Michael saying, the ONE thing he missed in his life was playing baseball in the park. He felt his childhood was lost. His father, however, felt it was a waste of time for Michael to be out playing games with other kids.
    If we use Michael’s life as an example, he was, in my opinion, the best entertainer EVER. But, he was pushed along by those, like his father, who benefitted from his sacrifices.
    Once Paris realizes this, it’ll be too late and her youth will have been lost.

    • virginia rice

      If his daughter persues a career, the same thing’s going to happen to her that happened to her father. I don’t want to see her childhood ruined like Michael’s was.

  • Sue

    Paris, you need to listen to your aunt. Finish being a child, and finish school, you wont get anywhere without a college degree.

  • Ida Turner

    Janet is so right! Michael Jackson wanted his kids to have the normal
    childhood he did not have. At 14 years old, Paris has no idea what is important and not important. If she does not take advantage of a normal childhood or teenage life, she will be sorry. Michael’s mother has legal custom of his kids, but she maybe too old to be responsible. Janet would be better as their legal guardian for now perhaps until they are young adults.

  • Jane Barry

    Janet Jackson is absolutely correct. Here we go again – the Jackson Family making money off of their children/grandchildren.

  • Laurie

    Paris is fourteen..well my opinion, finish high school first! Then at age 18, or whichever comes first?? Graduate high school then pursue college or what she wants to get into. She will find out for herself of choices she makes! Likes or dislike she’ll find out herself.

  • Jill

    Paris Jackson is 14 years of age. She is a minor and a minor has a parent figure who makes decisions for her until she is an adult at age 18. So who ever has power over Paris can stop her from doing the movie role. A good parent or parent figure will direct a child in the way he/she should go. If the child rebels and wants his/her own way , then the parent has to put their foot down and say no. Not until you are 18. Then you are an adult and the choice is entirely up to you.

    I hope who ever is in charge of Paris , will not be a permissive parent like Miley Cyrus’ Mom and dad were. They just coddled to Miley’s every whim and to all the magazine s that wanted racy picture covers of dad and daughter. poor parenting it was. I hope Paris’ responsible party is more adult.

  • Ronni

    It is sad that Janet is going through this..I’m sure Michael is rolling in is grave..I love Michael Jackson & even though these children are adopted they should still follow his wishes for he was like a real father to them..

    • Kelly

      LIKE a real father? He WAS their father, their ONLY father! You’re too stupid for words to write what you wrote. No matter how those kids came to be in his life (which is irrelevant at this point), he was the ONLY parent they knew before his death.

  • Suzanne Hunter

    Education is the answer. The more you are educated the better your life will be. What about starting out in drama theater arts. Good things come for those who wait.

  • cindy

    I gree with Janet..she is young and with her being Micheals daughter puts her in the limelight even more. she is a kid…let her be a kid and for now prtect her against the evil of hollywood. when she is a little older if she wants a career in acting then let her do it for now enjoy being a kid…..

  • christine jordan


  • http://yahoo alphonso

    The grandmother has soul custody and should put her foot down, Paris is to young to be making those moves. Janet should be ferious..Micheal would not have allowed that if we was living.

  • bella

    yes Janet is right,she should enjoy her childhood like her father wanted,she has all time in the world when she is old to do what she wants,education is the key,i hope she reads all the comments we are writting.

  • http://yahoo LaLa

    We cannot be sure if this is true because we did not hear it directly from Ms. Janet Jackson, her Mother or family members, which makes one speculate. It is evident that every medium is questionable unless you hear directly from that person & what they have said in its entirety, not clips taken out of context. So just for conversation sake we could weigh in on if Paris or anyone should be a child star or celebrity. I think we all can say the evidence is overwhelming that children and even celebrities pay a high price, in being a celebrity. Janet was a child star on “Good times” and “Different Strokes”, so she would have a great frame of reference as did their Father Michael. Look at “Different Strokes”, the primary stars all struggled with personal battles. 2 died prematurely and only one remains alive. Judy Garland, Liz Taylor, Michael, Linsey Lohan, Jennifer Capriati and so many more celerbrities (music, acting, sports), have had their lives negatively impacted because they started out as child stars. Ron Howard did well as his parents made sure the set on the Andy Griffith show was geared to enhancing a sound normal childhood, including having his Brother with friends on the set and being able to play. They were in control & provided a strong foundation as well as insisted on the environment conform more to their style of parenting as well as be conducive to the needs of their child. They were not stage or diva parents looking for the camera or removed from their child’s lives to be raised by the world. I believe her Grandmother & Janet would have to be present, setting the foundation and keeping her grounded, especially as Christian so she would not get lost. Also, the business is what it is & it can be cut throat, which no one can shield her from as well as the demands of time on & off the camera. Also, she will be a celebrity needing protection not just because she’s a Jackson, but will likely have a entourage & fans of her own. There’s a cost……., the decision now is soley up to her Grandmother as she is a child until 18.

  • Judy

    Experiment make a decision what way (Paris)she goes! True passion from the heart unstoppable!

  • http://www.zazzle.com/gkrew1* DC

    she needs to let it go. It is not her child

  • http://search3.comcast.com/?cat=dnsr&con=ds&url=http Moody

    Paris Jackson can still make a MOVIE and still get an Education, I hope
    that Paris will understand that without an EDUCATION She CANNOT SUCCEED,IN WHATEVER that she wants to become in LIFE, including being a Parent, I ONLY WISH THE BEST FOR MICHAEL JACKSON’S CHILDREN. I pray
    that Katharine Jackson will be with them until they can be responsible for themselves, Lord help them if SHE IS NOT!!!!!

  • kim

    OMG lets get passed this shit! Yeah michael jackson was a great entainer but hes gone to a better place..Get these kids off the internet its all about money and fame! Greed!!!!!

  • Kim

    I think you all truly need to get over yourselves. This is a child/teenage role. We all know that MJ wanted to keep their Identities sheiled as long as he could but, that eneded when they were unveiled at Michael’s memorial. When All the World finally seen who MJ’s kids actually were. regardless of her doing the movie or not she will still have as normal childhood as they can possibly have. The Grandmother wants nothing but for these kids to be happy and if being in this movie makes Paris happy and it’s something she used to do with her Dad then so be it. Yes, she is gonna have Fans, young and old. All the Fans that love MJ Love these kids and I know we will do everything we can to make sure that these kids don’t get hurt. They go to the special things the Family put on in tribute to MJ so what’s the difference if they are in the spotlight in that aspect or if she’ s being a Character in am semi animated Film. I don’t think MJ is rolling over in his grave that Paris wants to do this movie. SHe is 14 now, it’s not like she is as young as he was when he got sucked into the Family Dream. He really didn’t have a say because he was so young, but Paris is old enough and I can Bet that if MJ was still alive and this was brought up to them He would let her do it but he would have his own stipulations for her to do the movie. He would look out for her and either of his kids other 2 if they wanted to do anyrthing like that. He would make sure they still had their childhood. I love the Jackson Family I truly do, but they all need to back the hell off, MJ wanted his Mother to take care of them not the others. They can try to fight his will all they want but they need to Fact the FACTS, doesn’t matter because even in the older versions of his will he NEVER left anything to any of his siblings. it was always left to his mother and Kids. Randy, Rebbie, and Janet just need to leave this the hell alone. Hell with emails and Faxes doesn’t matter if MJ was physically in NY or Cali at the time it’s called Electronic signatures, people us them all the time. or a privet plane to go from point a to point b and back. The Estate is making money, THe Executors talk things over with your mother. THey make sure that she has what she needs to take care of his Children and then some. It’s been over 3 years yall are just pissed because he’s in the black now n don’t need you for money. if MJ’s rolling in his Grave it’s because of what his brother and sisters are doing.

  • http://www.byreasonofpassion.com Aida L. Irizarry

    Paris is a lovely young girl. She seems level-headed. What she needs is guidance and, ramming one’s views on a girl this age is not the answer. How about discussing the failures of child actors. I can think of one, off-hand, Dana Plato, who died at a young age.

    When that fails, then encourage her to follow her dreams while being a friend, Janet? Paris will most likely then share her dreams with you, and you can be vigilant without being intrusive.

    I think the Jackson kids, left alone, will find their own way to a productive life. I think Michael would’ve been proud of them and how much they’ve developed three years after his death.

    Aida L. Irizarry,