Jane McGarry: News Anchor Arrested For DUI, Twitter Reacts

DUI is McGarry's first offense

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Longtime news anchor for NBC 5 Jane McGarry was arrested over the weekend under suspicion of driving under the influence.

The 56-year old reporter–who is a National Gracie Award winner–was pulled over in Dallas after failing to signal when she changed lanes, and when officers noted her bloodshot eyes and odd demeanor they asked her to perform several sobriety tests, which she failed. Although she refused a breathalyzer test, officials took a blood sample from her, as per their policy.

McGarry doesn’t have a prior record but her employer is looking into the matter, according to Brian Hocker, vice president of programming. Hopefully one mistake won’t be the undoing of her career.


After being released early Sunday morning on bail, McGarry has been absent from the public eye and has not acknowledged the arrest; however, her fans have taken to her Facebook page and to Twitter to give their support, which is ample.

Always use a blinker, Jane. “@Lissa2022: Uh…wow. http://t.co/YEUMPUfY(image) 20 minutes ago via Tweetbot for iOS ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Sending good thoughts to Jane McGarry this morning . . .(image) 2 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

The irony of who broke the story. It first said “Calls to NBC were not returned”.
http://t.co/Np3P3Uwe(image) 15 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I like your style, Jane McGarry. Brave. Bold. Ballsy.(image) 3 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

whoopsie! For not signaling to change lanes?!?! http://t.co/FpIcQAne(image) 3 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Jane McGarry: News Anchor Arrested For DUI, Twitter Reacts
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  • sophia

    I still ♥ jane Mcgarry Lol! oh well we r not all perfect.. i hope she is ok and not going thru personal problems at home.

    • dan lee

      no, she just love to drive drunk.

      • Lonnie

        Glad the officer got her off the road, before she killed someone or someones family!

        • Alice Brown

          what a terrible comment

    • News Poster

      You gonna love her when she kills some people. How can you love a person that blatemly has no regard for anyone but herself (which is now clearly apparent). She is a criminal… plain an simple. I just hope it is her that dies next time she drives drunk not some innocent kid. She should lose her job immediately. Noboby wants to listen to a person with no regard for anyone. LOSER!

      • JB

        Wow. Anger….and misspellings galore.

        • http://yahoo derlecuellae

          this country was created by criminals and it s still run by criminals

          • Observer

            Then why don’t you leave.

        • http://Yahoo jc

          People with glass houses……….

        • Mike Willis

          Dear Rock Thrower,
          Look back into your past and maybe you weren’t arrested for drunk driving but I’m sure there is something there that you aren’t very proud of….. I’m not saying what she did was right and she should be excused from her mistake….but we are human and humans make mistakes.

          • Really Mr.Willis

            Don’t try to incorporate biblical terminology “Rock Thrower” when your analogy is flawed. This issue is not about judging her mistake, the issue is about the hazard’s of driving drunk. Do you write to those who lost loved ones to drunk driving and tell them not to “throw rock” at the drunk driver who killed their family member. You say “I’m not saying what she did was right and she should be excused from her mistake”, but you are saying she is right, the second you choose to make her not accountable for the “mistake”. “mistakes” are when you have imperfect information and you have to make a choice and then it turns out to be wrong. In this case she knew consuming alcohol inhibited her ability to drive a car and she chose to anyway. There was no misinformation. Blatant disregard for the law, and the lives of everyone that shared a road with her that morning. Don’t use analogies (especially biblical) if you are too weak to think a situation through.

          • Gerald Pool

            Mike, I hear you. :) BUT, Everyone deserves mercy who is repentant. She sound repentant to you? Admitting she blew over the legal limit and somehow thinks she’s not guilty because the cop is a Barney Fife… that’s not repentant, that’s entitlement.

            Driving under the influence is not a new thing, nor is it an accident. Anyone old enough to consume alcohol or other drugs is old enough to know he or she should not perform any safety sensitive operation!

        • RT

          The irony is you probably fingered this text as you were driving down the hi-way!!!

        • grayfox71

          Get over yourself. You the reason why the world is crappy. High mighty I bet you made mistake and you should lose your life if that the case. Get over yourself. Live in your bubble and shut up.

        • BobABooey

          Hey JB There is only 2 misspellings in there.

        • http://webpro.com Gabriel

          What do you think Haters! Gas chamber or electric chair?

        • Jane Doe

          This is harsh but agree she should’nt be driving while drinking, And I will say that I to got a DUI back in ’96 I’m not proud to say this it was embarrassing and stupid but I was young and stupid at the same time. and yes thank god I didnt kill anyone. But I will say I’m very glad that I didnt get fired or shunned from all my friends and family for that mistake.So I guess it’s a double edge sword, I dont think shes a rotten human being I think she made a mistake a big one because she is more mature and should no better, But hopefully she has learned a lesson from it.

        • kim

          I totally 100% agree with you JB. well said!

      • Bob

        Wow, get a rope for this person. She didn’t hurt anyone which is a blessing. She screwed up..this should the call for the help she may need. Firing..Come on

      • kj

        Wow News Poster YOU must be freaking perfect! Oh, I guess not, since you clearly have no concept of spelling, grammar, or correct word usage. Guess you’ve never made a mistake. Ooops, wrong again!

        • RJ

          Because a spelling error and driving while drunk are even comparable? Are you kidding me?

      • jim prater

        Cut her a little slack. She DIDN’T kill anyone. She, along with half the population of Dallas, had a couple of drinks and drove home. If she’s intelligent enough to consider this what is should be: a wake up call, then it shouldn’t be her complete undoing. Judgemental people want to see her ruined, but have these people ever taken their eyes off the road to change a CD? Pick up that lit cigarette that hit the floor? Tell the kids in the back seat to shut up? If so, they need to take the log out of their own eye because they could kill someone just as easily as she could have.

      • Rotteedad

        You sound like my wife.

        • Well said Rotteedad

          The most eloquent posting on the subject!

          All of those who talk, text or check their cell phones while driving can also be included.

      • CS

        You should be careful what you say, in fact, I bet if we had the opportunity to look into your past, we would find plenty. You should be ashamed of your comments especially when you have no idea of what really took place. I bet you just got home from the hair dresser! and I bet you live on gossip! Get a life.

      • pimpin ken

        you’re a f**king idiot!!!

      • Q1Nona

        Let’s remember that she’s presumed innocent unless convicted!

      • http://midrivers.com Pat Erickson

        She made a mistake. Get over it. You put too much shame on a DUI. A whole bunch of WHAT IFS. Put the story to bed and let her get on with her life. It’s getting sick out there.

        • http://midrivers.com Pat Erickson

          Just like that psycho Nancy Grace…..beat the thing into the ground so you can make your point over and over again. She shouldn’t have drove while over the limit. It doesn’t look like we know what the BAC was, so until we do we can’t really judge. For now, keep cool until the results are in.

          • Carrie

            There was no over the limit, because she refused the breath test. Now police have to wait on a blood alcohol to determine and with each minute afer you have had your last drink (and depending on whether there is food on your stomach) your blood alcohol drops. So I think it is a wait and see right now. Although, people will never wake up and admit that alcohol kills more people than all illicit and prescription drugs combined, in this country–yet it is Legal. I would rather have a potsmoker in traffic–they don’t go fast, they are usually happy and not in a rush to run you over, they are not halleucinating, puking in the car or peeing themselves either. Just sayin’.

      • Michael

        Dam, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty???

      • Tammy

        With that kind of harsh comment I think you need to be remined that, “Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones.” In other words (don’t criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses… ) Everyone makes mistakes and I am sure that she will pay her dues.

      • Linda

        Do U know she was drunk? She was pulled over for not putting on signal to change lanes, not for driving reckless. Would Uwant to loose your job for one mistake?

      • Spelling Police

        News Poster. Please, for the love of God, don’t ever do this to yourself again. You have made yourself look dumber than we all thought you were. At no time during your rant, filled with the worst grammar I have ever read, did you come close to making a valid point.

      • chris

        in case you have a hard time interpreting information….failure to signal is not the same thing as wreckless driving.

      • chase

        someones BITTER … she was pulled over for not signaling after changing a lane. Not because she was driving erratic, and not to mention leaving a CHARITY event! I guess your just perfect though huh??

        HA people can be so hypocritical sometimes it blows my mind.

        My thoughts and prayers are with you JANE!!!

    • dan lee


    • me

      my dad said he will have a drink with you jane!! :)

  • jk

    Sorry to hear this sad story.I watched her nearly every work day.hope it all works out for her

    • Man on the Street

      What do you mean sad story? You are sad that she was caught?
      It would be sad if she killed someone (not including herself –
      that would be deserved.)

      • carolyn

        Maybe they meant sad that she has come to this. Not sad that she was caught. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call!

  • tim

    always use your turn signal when you drive drunk!!

    • fred

      also remember, if you can’t drive safe, drive fast, at least you’ll get there faster.

  • John

    How many of these sycophants would be wishing her well had she killed a kid or 3, maybe a whole family. Drunks are drunks, losers all.

    • Carl

      She made the choice-she needs to pay the penalty.

      • dan lee

        thats so true, She was drunk and driving people. that KILLS

        • CRD

          You can be assured she wasn’t just pulled over for not signaling. There was probably a whole lot of weaving, etc.

        • fred

          shut up

        • rich head

          so does driving while talking on phone, testing on phone, putting on make up etc.. not saying it’s right to drive drunk, but stupidity causes the majority of wrecks. shouldn’t there be a penalty for that?

      • Brock

        totally agree with you Carl. stop supporting her terrible decision. she could have killed someone in your family people.

        • http://yahoo.com thomas benjamin

          First learn how to spell people!Secondly my local state police have concluded that the retards stuffing their face and using their cellphones ARE as bad as a drunk driver. PERIOD. DONT KID YOURSELF!

          • jeffdg

            hey thomas … who cares what your local law enforcement says. this article is about somebody driving while intoxicated, not stuffing her face and on a cellphone.

    • Phil

      I hope you feel the same way about people that use their cell phones, eat, drink non-alcoholic drinks, talk to passengers, adjust the radio dial, etc. All of these things have killed people too. You single out DD’s because you’ve been conditioned to believe they kill more people than “XYZ” guess what, they don’t. They are going to blame it on alcohol if alcohol is present. A jaywalker, also illegal, can jaywalk in front of you on a highway and if you’re drunk its your fault. I hate self-righteous people.

      • Man on the Street

        I see you did not bother with statistics or reference to any
        study to back up your claim – I suspect you are one of those
        who have not been caught under the influence yet (or maybe you have?)

        • EMT32845

          Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the statistics to back up his claim about distracted drivers are all over the media, medical journals and in reports by law enforcement officers. So climb down off of your soapbox and do some research.

        • joe

          Phil is correct. Look up the statistics yourself. I just heard on the radio the other day that the odds of getting in an accident from eating while driving are higher than driving while intoxicated. Why we are being programmed to believe that DD is the ultimate evil is beyond me. I don’t condone DD because it impairs ability and therefore it should be against the law. But then why isn’t eating and driving against the law???

          • Ed

            Staitically more people text, eat etc. while driving than drink, so the numbers can be played. It is ignorant however to think that drinking is equal to texting as far as safety goes. While both are distracting, alcohol impares everyones judgement, texting just means your stupid. Both are dangerous.

        • beckym59

          you have to wonder how many times she may have done this and got away with it , if this is a caught on the first time then its a blessing she was caught before something worse happened. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out

      • noname

        you hit the nail on the head with that one Phil!

      • John

        You’re a douchebag Phil. People talking on cells, texting, anything to do with not paying attention I do despise. Jaywalkers? Really? Yeah, how many people have jaywalked and killed a family, lets see some stats on that one Phil. Drunk drivers kill people, FACT.

    • CS

      I have to say that I think you are a looser John. Such judgements from a perfect man? Doubtful!!

    • Tony B

      People that TEXT and Drive are Losers too they kill more people than drunks do !!

  • http://facebook biggpapajoentx

    sorry to hear. hope her personal life is well. we are not perfectbut we try . im praying for the family that has to deal with this news.always use turn signal.dont drink or sip.while behind the wheel

  • Michael

    THE Jane McGarry?! Why, it would have been an honor had she hit and killed someone.

    • fred

      unlees it was you!

      • http://webpronews Neo

        If they have a drink it doesn’t make them a drunk.. if the choose to drive it doesn’t make them all stupid killers..or mindless idiots. it simply means she may have made a mis judgement in her abilities to drive home.. We don’t know how far she had to drive.why should we all forget We are people.. and we make mistakes… it is how we handle our mistakes that defines who we are… Hopefully she will maintain her career and continue to be a successful member of society..
        We should all look in the mirror before we judge others

  • TLM

    Look at the mugshot,or should I say shots??? Got to signal baby.too bad. This is all to petty anyway. The cop could have given her a break,ya think???

    • dan lee

      they did give her a break, they took her to jeal! and not the ER.

      • Ace


        • Ace

          But It’s Jail, not jeal.

          • fred

            it innocent till proven guilty!

    • Nell

      Give a drund driver a break?!!!! Give me a break!!! Get Real!!

      • Lonnie

        It’s seems that Jane has a problem…She tries to live life like a teenager, wearing those boots, and shorts skirts while doing the news.She has a image to uphold while being a mentor doing the news. Jane if your looking for attention you sure got it..or maybe it’s the start of things to come…

  • roy gaskill

    its a wake up call. let what be done and lets use this as a tool for others to learn. I have been pulled for a blinker and i think it is petty but makes revenue for local government.

  • Richard Ryalls

    If the Dallas cops were interested in signal light violations, they could arrest 95% of Dallas drivers.This is pure BS.

    • fred


  • Doc

    In the immortal words of Mike Snyder “I love you Jane”.

  • http://n/a Bobby LeQuia

    Heck, move to Utah. No one uses their blinker (signal) here.

    • John

      No kidding. They run red lights like they aren’t red. The first thing you learn when you move to Utah is the 1,2,3 rule. After your light turns green, count 1,2,3, that’s how many cars will go through the red light, it also gives you time to see if anyone is coming the other way so you don’t get t-boned.

  • Beanie Campbell

    So many of you need a refresher in what you should’ve learned in your high school civics class – the presumption of innocence. Lord forbid you ever get falsely arrested and have a jury full of knuckleheads like the ones on here who have convicted without there having been an ounce of proof presented in court!

    • John

      Uh, she failed the sobriety tests, REFUSED the breathalyzer, so they took blood which will be more accurate. She’s toast unless she’s a liberal, then all will be forgiven.

      • http://DUIisMcGarry'sfirstoffense LRS

        To John, even if one did not study about presumption of innocence…you are absolutely correct, the law is innocent until PROVEN guilty.
        Do not bash my opinion people, wake up she was wrong, it is also probable that this story has more to the ending. Why not consider her rights, as there thankfully are NOT other innocent people involved.

  • John Hunter

    Drunk driving facts can be a useful tool for any parent or teacher who wants to alert young people to the dangers of drinking and driving. Here are some helpful drunk driving facts that may help scare them straight:

    • One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving
    • Each year approximately 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes
    • Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities
    • Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash

    • Phil

      “factor in half” meaning the person had a drink and admitted it. That doesn’t mean alcohol was the cause for anything… its like saying “blue jeans are a factor in half of all accidents” because the person is wearing blue jeans…

      • Micheal

        Phil, thou dost protest too much. the cops are going to be following you everynow!

      • John

        Phil’s probably a drunk who drives drunk and hasn’t killed anyone, yet.

    • jim alston

      One more very important tool: The high legal fees/costs (several thousand dollars), years of higher insurance rates, many hours of community service, etc….all for ‘first-time’ offenders!!!

  • http://Yahoo Roger

    WE need to get real how many of you drivers out there really use your turn signals when changing lanes, how many people out there who have been drinking and driving and have not been caught. Jane McGarry sorry this happened but theres a first time for everything. Good luck with your case. Lets talk & do more concentration on people texting well driving and how they cause accidents and change lanes all the time without signaling or looking. This is a bigger problem to be concerned about, Open your eyes law inforcers.

  • vicki

    I think all of yous’ who embrace and idlolize this dumb ass for even getting into a car drunk are fools. That idiot could of killed another driver or family on the road. And all of you”s think this is funny? GETTA CLUE!

    • Gerald Pool

      Jim, it’s not HER fault she didn’t kill anyone. She did everything necessary to take another’s life. She and the potential victims just lucked out this time.

      She was legally impaired. She willfully performed a safety sensitive operation while impaired. I dodged a few bullets in my drinking career, too. So be it. But never let it be said that she was innocent or unfairly arrested.

  • John Hunter

    The average drunk driver has driven drunk a staggering 87 times before getting caught!

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone caught driving while drunk, why should I or you accept that it’s ok to drive drunk.

    I bet the 10,000 plus people who die each year because of drunk driver’s wasn’t on the street driving when they were killed/murdered.

    Whoa John, what do you mean murder? Tell me the difference between that and someone putting a bullet in a revolver, spin the chamber, close it, and pull the trigger; sooner or later someone will die, would you call that an accident or premeditated?

  • Peter

    Who? Channel 5 is not NBC. NBC is on Channel 10

    • Peggy

      Peter, I don’t know where you live but in Dallas, where Jane works, Channel 5 IS NBC!

  • Slick

    Thanks for not killing anybody Jane! Idiot with no excuse…take a cab next time.

  • Man on the Street

    This is hilarious – comments of “Hope your home life is OK’,
    “We love you…”

    If she was a male celeb or ANYONE of color) she would be a thug,
    animal, illegal, _________ (fill in your favorite slur.)

  • mark

    Thank God you didn’t kill anyone. You need to be prosucuted to the full extent of the law!

    • Slick

      that’s right … NoExcuseJane

  • GMan

    This happened after she bet on Kentucky Derby Winner “I’LL HAVE ANOTHER”.

  • Brock

    throw the book at her. boycott NBC sponsors if they don’t get rid of her. make an example of her. what is MADD’ position on her now? they had better be MADD. oh right, their former leader got nabbed for drunk driving. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20036544-504083.html

    • Micheal

      First offence with no injuries in Texas? The most she’ll get is probation, a pretty stiff fine, and she will have to go to court ordered AA meetings. If she listens in AA she may get it together, but most seem to have to go out and do it a few more times.

  • Wylie

    Atta girl Jane, refuse the breath test,,,keep em guessing.

  • http://n/a BJ Friedman

    No, one “mistake” shoild not end a career, BUT drunk driving is a SERIOUS charge and KILLS people every day. Shame on her for not having the sense to get a designated driver, OR TAKE A TAXI. Nobody is “above the law!” SHAME on you!

  • Bill

    I would wait before judging to see what her BAC was. Here in AZ, there is a zero tolerance. So, if you look around at dinner and see anyone with a drink in their hand, they are risking a DUI. Not everyone pulled over and charged for DUI are drunk. We’ve had articles out here with people blowing .02, far below most state limits of .08, who receive DUIs.

  • Daniel

    I don’t know why people are supporting her. She was maneuvering a 2 ton machine down the road while under the influence of alcohol. What’s to support about that? It’s lucky that she was pulled over before she killed somebody. Getting a DWI in Texas is very expensive and it’s a big hassle, as it should be. She should go through all of the expense, trouble, and community service that everyone else convicted of a DWI goes through.

  • Curious

    So was she high or drunk because liquor doesn’t give you blood shot eyes?

    • Slick

      Curious good point … smoking cigs or weed sure would

  • Ted

    Drink up Shriners!!!

    Thanks George Carlin…

  • Dave

    two drinks in an hour for a little girl should not be a crime – the cops and MADD have too much clout(and the lawyers and cops love it) – her make-up person deserves a raise

  • Linda

    Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY!!! People. I was on my way home from work, had pulled into my driveway and a rookie cop pulled up behind me and acted like I was a escaped criminal. I too failed his tests and was hauled off to jail. I was arrested and had to spend the night in jail even though someone posted my bond. I was not drunk just cannot balance myself on one foot. It cost me money, time and the temporary loss of my license. However I was smart enough to ask for the tape recording of the stop the next morning when they finally let me go and proudly proved in court that the rookie cop was an untrained idiot with an ego problem. Found not guilty by a jury and my record cleaned. So my point is: don’t be so quick to pass judgement when you don’t know the whole story. It could be you one day.

    • jim alston

      Well stated, Linda ! Let’s not rush to judgement over ‘officer’s statements’…

    • Steve Hebb

      I got pulled over at 1:40 a.m. in Lexington, Il. one night by a rookie cop who said I blew through the only four way stop in the town, like I had no regard for the sign at all. When I said “No, I made a complete stop” his story changed to it was kinda touch and go. If he doesn’t even know what the fuck he saw why should I be penalized? But it stuck. Learn the truth, for it is written, “judge not lest ye be judged”!!

    • Gerald Pool

      Have you ever heard of anyone being stopped and arrested the first time they drove a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drug (alcohol is a drug)? I’m guessing but doubt it was Ms. McGarry’s first offense. No, the issue is NOT that she didn’t signal a lane change. It’s that she broke a law that has saved millions of lives and billions of dollars in damages, hospital bills, welfare and untold years of suffering for victims that survive.

    • Gerald Pool

      Linda, the fact that the arresting officer is an ignorant rookie has nothing to do with your total, willful disregard for the law and the lives and/or property of others.

      I believe your post clearly highlights a FLAW in our system, not justice for the wrongly accused. You blew over the legal limit and he was an idiot, you should both have to pay a fair price for your ignorant, self-absorbed behaviors. He should have to attend the same school with you.

      He should have to endure a year of probation at work and do an 8 hour, Saturday morning graveyard shift at the morgue. He should have to attend AA meetings with you. You both were and maybe still are a danger to the public. Just so you could have another 8 oz glass of whatever and he could feel like the Lone Ranger.

      • mark

        Your zeal for law implementation is laudable. I wonder if you feel the same about what people do, every day, on the roads and highways, that does not involve alcohol, or drugs.
        I refer to the ubiquitous transgression of the rules of the road, once referred to as laws, now as optional guides to driving behavior. The way you people drive scares me much more than the inebriated person in the right lane, driving slowly, concentrating on driving, while you speed by grossly over the speed limit, not using turn signals, changing lanes for no good reason, tailgating, etc., while the highway patrol does essentially nothing in the way of law enforcement.

  • PB

    Not condoning her drinking and driving at all folks. But, it is her first offense. She will probably get probation, a fine and community service. Justice served. If she is fired over this incident I would highly recommend NBC go through all their employee’s backgrounds and fire anyone else who has ever received a DWI. I am sure the list is long. We happen to have social media now so our mistakes are divulged at a much faster rate, with photos. There is not one person on this thread who can’t say the have nothing they regret doing in their life. McGarry is a great reporter, she is a first time offender and regrets her actions. To have her fired over this is ridiculous. For Jane, this will surely be a lesson learned and thank God no one was hurt.

    • Me Me Burch

      I was amazed how much attention Ms. jane has received over the implication that she may have been under the influence, My question to everyone is would you be commenting on her if the headline was Jane went out and headed a fundraiser for the hungry children in the world, or that she ran a marathon for woman with breast cancer, would all these people be sitting home taking time out to make nice comments? It amazes me to no end how “we” can look at ten topics on headline news and 85% of “us” would open the article titles with any kind of “bad” news. Come on people, “we” all make mistakes, “we” should learn from our own and share the good that has come out of it , maybe even share our own “bad” mistakes to help others not make the same ones. My comment to Jane would be: I hope that you can share your experience with truth and honesty just as you bring news to us of others.

  • Jim

    I got pulled over for not signaling a lane change once by an officer looking for a DUI collar as I was leaving a sporting event. Luckily I had nothing to drink. Many attorneys now advise against taking any field sobriety tests. I have heard the opinion that the tests will make you look drunk even if you aren’t. Poor natural balance is contstrued as inebriation.

  • http://yahoo Rick Timpe

    I cannot believe how many people are so judgmental of her. She only switched lanes with no signal. I think we have all done that. Why not wait for the facts to come out before we judge. Every person on this comment section has probably done something while driving that distracted them. Whenever, you are distracted, there is that chance of a grave outcome while driving.

  • Mark

    Wow. Some very wicked, base criticisms of Jane. I wonder how many of you high-minded people, sitting on your perches dog-piling on Ms. McGarry, ever had moments in your life wherein you were thankful for avoiding the glare of bad publicity?

    • John

      Responsible people seem to learn how to avoid the glare of bad publicity by the age of 56…..not so Jane…..Mel Gibson…..and others

  • kashoub

    First time offenders should normally read first time CAUGHT offenders. A car is a 4,000 pound murder instrument in the hands of a person like this.

  • Joy

    I’m glad she was caught. Maybe they could do a series on a 1st hand perspective of what people go through when they get a DWI.

    That would turn a negative in to a positive – think people might think twice if they were witness to the process and what these people
    go through as a result.

  • Pam Hemphill

    I have been sober for over 32 years and worked as a DUI Substance Abuse Counselor for 28 years. It seems people are too fast to judge someday, everything that happens to someone is a blessing, as it may be just what they need to change their life or someone else’s. It may well be just that a “Blessing”, Thank God no one was hurt, but hoepfully this can be his last drink.

  • myra

    I wonder how many times has she reported on the dangers of driving while intoxicated…… thats a no no Jane. :(

    • John

      Good point !!

  • RB

    The traffic signal is just what was used to stop her to check out what was suspected as her being drunk. They can’t just pull you over because they think you have been drinking. They first have to have a reason for the traffic stop and then whatever they learn after that is on you.

  • JackthePoodle

    Lighten up people! Therefore the grace of god go you or I. You have lunch,dinner or 2 beers at the ballgame. You don’t use your turn signal. Bam you lose your job? your livelyhood? Come on we need get the abusers I agree but abuse everyone to get them is(I sorry)wrong.

  • Stupidone

    Good thing Dallas and not FW. $1,000 for lawyer (unless KXAS provides),$500 fine and home to sleep it off. No big deal where Dallas is concerned.

  • Bear

    She had blood shot eye’s so she goes to jail. cop’s are so dumb they pulled that shit on me and it was dismissed after a pain in my ass and of course i didn’t get my money back….my blood shots eyes were allergy’s and we proved it in court….you should of seen the cop when my attorney made him look like a big dumb ass!!! haha i looked at him and just shook my head at him….when the judge tossed it out!

  • John

    Comments have been made above, such as “…let’s hope she doesn’t lose her job over a single DUI incident…..(paraphrasing)…….”what a wonderful lady……..”……etc.. In Texas if a physician gets a DUI, he or she stands a good chance of getting their medical license suspended or restricted. Same goes with public servants such as police and fireman.
    Why should this public figure be any different ?
    Michael’s post above is correct about what will happen to her…….probation, a fine, and some inconvenience.

  • Brenda Kay

    Good to see some dirt on a news person for once like they dig up on every one else, bet you won’t see this on the news,

  • http://yahoo Joe

    Besides someone who has never drank any alcohol, there isnt one person who honestly can say at one time in thier life, that they hadnt drank and drove, and were probably legally drunk. Stats dont lie.

  • Vicki

    My husband is a deputy and I worked at the Sheriff’s Office for years and I have ABSOLUTELY no sympathy. You’d feel differently if you had seen all the familiews murdered by drunk drivers, and yes, I mean see them at the scene. It’s a choice you make, and if you choose to drive AFTER you’ve been drinking, you deserve whatever you get. The legal system and/or employers should how no favoritism, just because you happen to be famous, popular, etc. That’s whats wrong with society, they let the drunks & druggies like lindsey lohan, paris hilton, etc. get away with what you & I wouldn’t.

  • Aaron Ververs

    WOW! I don’t know or recognize the woman, but she is HOT!

  • Yang

    It always amazed me why the cops don’t just park a block from all the bars. They would catch everyone coming out for DWI. There should be no parking or driving to bars. The ones who drink in other places are harder to catch. The penalties are too low. 1st offense, community service. 2nd offense 3 months in jail 3rd offense 1 year in jail. 4th offense 5 years in jail.

  • Jenni

    We all make mistakes + all deserve a 2nd chance and WHO are we to judge?

  • Yang

    All you idiots that just love drunks on the road will not be happy until she kills someone you know.

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