Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals Baby Via Instragam

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler, actress and new mom, has recently revealed a picture with her newborn son for everyone to see along with the help of social media. With new forms of media becoming such a popular tool, it is easy for celebrities like her to share everything that they do. Her and her fiance, Cutter Dykstra welcomed their baby boy on Wednesday, August 28 in Los Angeles, where the couple lives. They named their baby boy Beau Kyle Dykstra, who is their first child.

Sigler is most well-known for her role as Meadow Soprano on the popular HBO series, The Sopranos. She has most recently been seen in the television series Guys With Kids. She is engaged to Cutter Dykstra, who is a baseball player for the Washington Nationals.

She shared the picture of her and her new baby on her Instagram over the weekend, stating that "We hold hands cuz we are besties." With this line, it appears that she gained not only a baby boy, but also a best friend. Instagram, the leading service in photo sharing, has provided a new outlet for Sigler to post her a picture of her and her new best friend, Beau. Although the picture does not show his face, it is a very heartwarming picture, as we see Sigler holding hands with her baby boy in a type of picture that the public almost never gets to see. He is in his pajamas with birds on them, in a very sweet picture where we get to see her holding his tiny hand after just a few days.

According to Entertainment Online, Sigler revealed that she was pregnant in February, just two weeks after announcing her engagement to Dykstra. She also had her close friends in attendance for a baby in her honor on August 3rd. Some of those that attended the event included Beverly Mitchell, Lea Michelle, Lance Bass and more. The new couple seem very happy and proud to welcome their new baby boy, sharing their precious moments with all of their fans. Sigler, at age 32, has appeared in a number of television shows and a few select films, as well as playing herself and the girlfriend of Turtle, one of the main characters on Entourage.

The day after he was born, she also posted a message of love and gratitude on twitter.

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