James Holmes: “Joker” Will Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

    July 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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James Holmes, the 24-year old man who entered a Colorado theater early Friday morning and opened fire–killing 12 and wounding 60–will undergo extensive psychiatric testing over the next several months to determine whether or not he’s competent to stand trial. If doctors find that he was under extreme mental duress during the shootings, he may be able to enter a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea to the first-degree murder charge currently held against him. The news comes just one day after Holmes first appeared in court, during an eleven-minute proceeding in which Holmes appeared dazed, unconcerned, and even drugged.

But it’s extremely unlikely that the jury will accept such a plea no matter what the doctors find, according to Dr. Keith Ablow. He says that the vast majority of suspects who enter an insanity plea are still taken to mental health facilities once the trial is over, but that juries don’t want to worry about whether or not they will commit the same acts–or worse–once released into the general public; therefore, they don’t take any chances. He writes:

Contrary to popular belief, defendants who are found not criminally responsible by virtue of a mental illness generally remain on locked psychiatry units for several decades–or for life. This has been the case, for example, for John Hinckley, Jr., the man who, in 1981, shot Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodi Foster. He has remained an inpatient–with some passes to his family home–at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. for more than 30 years.

Ablow says Holmes will have to get through several stints of extensive medical testing first, however, and then be evaluated exhaustively by a team of psychiatrists to determine his mindset and to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong with him. It could take up to a year for the case to go to trial, and if the judge decides Holmes is insane, he may decide to forgo the trial altogether in favor of sending him to a mental hospital.

For now, the victims of his assault and their families will have to seek comfort in one another until a decision is made.

  • Chris Marshall

    PULEAZE. I dont care if he is found to have the menal capacity of a worm. He pland, plabd, pland pland and then pland, pland and then plad more. He is a cold blooded mass murder. Yes he is crazy, but insane. NOT. He doesnt deserved to prolong this and should go to trial ASAP. Sorry. rush to judjemsnt. No way. Spare the victims and FAMALIES

  • Tom

    He arranged, and continues to arrange, all the events that are taking place:

    1) He never intended to die (Body armor, gave up without a struggle and didn’t try to escape)
    2) He TOLD them about the booby traps in his apartment. He knew they would disarm them.
    3) He clearly understands the consequences of his behavior. He knew he would end up in jail, court and trial. He knows the system will protect him from victim families, etc.

    It will be interesting to see how he arranges the next step (likely the death penalty)

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      Wrong , ever see Primal Fear with Richard Gere ? He won’t do prison time he will be institutionalized til he’s found fit to be reinstated into society again.
      He’ll write a book keep it hidden and once a member of society the book will hit the shelves , sell like hot cakes and Hollywood will purchase exclusive movie rights to the book. You watch this guys too dangerous to allow him to live , but are laws are to stupid to execute him.

  • http://yahoo Tom C

    This is nothing but a game to him. He’s smart and knows he’s smart and He is playing out his version of the Joker. He will play this out forever and continue to get the fuel he needs to continue. That is attention from the media.

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      Yep agreed worst homegrown terrorist to man is the one smart enough to do it and get away with it without prison. Convince a jury of your peers your crazy , make them feel sorry for ya ,after 15 yrs as you’ve already written your book your cleared to be reinstated into society , now here comes the book your gonna make millions on. Even more so when Hollywood want an exclusive to the movie rights! This guy got a doctoral degree and couldn’t find a job that would make him enough to pay his tuition . So he goes smartly on a rampage killing civilians and jeopardizing the life of many more then out smarts the system and will be a millionaire in 22yrs , what is he now 24 , so at 46 he’s got the people by the balls ,A millionaire smarter than are laws them selves and Jennifer want to keep him alive !

  • Charles E. Roberge


  • Jennifer

    More death doesn’t solve anything. If the victims and their families and friends want revenge then I ask that they consider the life sentence. The death penalty is just an easy way out. Death should not be dealt with by more death, all that does is reinforce the killing.

    • Torrey

      “More death doesn’t solve anything.” Jennifer, that sounds good, but it’s not always true. Sometimes the death of a killer protects the lives of others.

    • Patrick

      I do agree but at the same time he wont last two weeks in prison he kill a 6 year od girl so he will die in prison so i agree they will give him what he gots coming when the time is right

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      Jennifer stand in front of the families that are burying a mother / father , brother / sister / Son or daughter and tell them that. See what they tell you. You want so bad to keep him alive not kill him , offer to pay for his meals and prison attire the rest of his life. Sheesh get for real lady quit living in the land of make believe. This guy wire his apartment in addition to kill possible 15 to 20 more and most would likely have been neighbors. Wow are you out of it.

  • tommy

    Ya telling girls on a sex site you have a small penis is probably not very sane it doesnt sound like very good marketing.

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      You can have a small to medium size pecker if you can comb your eyebrows with your tongue ! The size below is bonus to an artistic tongue , one that can make em squirm underneath ya !

  • Subjective

    James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, I believe was suffering from Depersonalization Disorder. He appeared normal in his science presentation, as do most DPD “sufferers”–he says he deals with subjective experience, and I could see how and why he was interested in Temporal Illusions. He saw the world differently than most people. He chose The Joker as his “name” because he saw himself in the Joker–perhaps poor relations with his father, or some effect of being the outcast. The Joker said all the things he wanted to say, and James may have gone as far as to convince himself he was The Joker. DPD people are very thought based and have obsessive ruminations, he thought about The Joker so much he became him. But this is all speculation, I don’t know much about him apart from the news and his presentation. James needs to have a psychiatrist familiar with DPD and screened for it.

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      This guy is a home grown terrorist and should be executed immediately , it should be shown nationally so the rest of the F****** idiots get a birdseye view of how they’ll be handled.
      Stop the coddling homegrown terror and show the American people what will happen.
      Nationally televised , no you don’t show your 7 yr old , but , at 11 or 12 yrs old you make sure they see it and make sure they know the repercussions for terrorizing society. Enough is Enough !

  • John Hurd

    He’s faking it. Psychotic people don’t conveniently SNAP OUT of it so they can warn the police that they’ve rigged their apartment. No, this guy did what he wanted to. He killed people and injured many more. Got his anger out. When the cops arrived, it suddenly dawned on him that he wanted to live (!) and that letting police get killed by his actions would get him in hotter water. So he called off that part of the plan…then suddenly went into his no-talking act. Fry him. Let him spit as much as he wants as they give him the lethal injection.

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      Do it nationally on all the major networks and make it law every person over the age of 11 see’s this , and knows why he’s being executed , then ensure the American people this is new law and how it’s gonna be when you decide to flip out on your fellow man that has done nothing to you !

    • Carrie

      Acually they do and can. If some is mentally ill they are unstable. They can be perfectly fine one moment, snap into an episode and then be fine. Mr Holmes is completly unstable. He was probley loney and depressed and that on top of any other mental illness could make him snap and then try to come out of it! ESPECIALLY if he was on any sort of medications!

  • wiliam

    Holmes should and will be locked out from society for the rest
    of his life hopefully without any contact with the outside world. There are certain people who cannot move in society and need to be isolated for the rest of their natural lives because of the ultimate evil they possess. Wm T Elder

  • Alan Sherman

    Why must we waste tax dollars on this S.O.B.? There will hopefully be
    an inmate with enough passion for the victims who will take this M.F. out before we have to waste too much money on his proceedings.

  • Scoot

    I don’t know about a hospital…. thats not for mass murderers. they get to sleep in beds go outside and smoke…. eat huge meals watch movies in lounge chairs…. buy xboxes list goes on and on…. he should be in a cell forever with a newspaper

  • http://Twitter Karole

    Kill him slowly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!