James Holmes Hospitalized With Mysterious Condition

    November 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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James Holmes, the man who shot and killed 12 people and wounded 58 others in a Colorado movie theater this summer, was taken to the hospital on Tuesday with an unspecified condition, rendering him unable to attend his court date this week.

Officials and Holmes’ attorney were vague as to any detail, saying only, “It’s not as simple as a migraine”.

Holmes has been analyzed by court-appointed psychiatrists since the shooting in an attempt to figure out his mental and emotional state and whether or not he is fit to stand trial. Since being incarcerated, he has reportedly made several “half-hearted” attempts to kill himself–running into the wall of his cell, jumping off his bed–and some believe this hospitalization came after another attempt.

Attorneys for Holmes have filed for a motion to delay his hearing, but prosecutors want answers before any such reprieve is given.

“It is not clear whether it is claimed he is suffering from a physical medical condition, a mental condition, whether he is suffering from a negative emotional reaction to his circumstances, or anything other than he has some kind of ‘condition,'” prosecutors said.

The accused gunman has exhibited strange behavior since he was taken into custody, staring wide-eyed into the camera for mugshots and sitting limply in the courtroom, staring into space. Officials say the shooting came after he failed several exams at school and wasn’t given a good referral for a doctorate program; after the theater shooting, police found his apartment booby-trapped and what they described as an “arsenal” of weapons, which he had laid aside in preparation for a mass killing.

  • BagOOrange

    Can you say STALL? He’s just trying to buy some time, after ruining so many people’s lives.

    • Hilchea

      We’ll all take that into deep consideration because you’ve talked to Mr. Holmes and all, right? About his defense plan? Or his attorneys? Or anyone? Have you even read more than 2 articles on the subject? No? Sit down.

  • debbie

    I can understand mental illness somewhat and really feel for this brillant, smart, educated, young man. I think he asked for help from the school psychiatrist and she harrassed him and it is her responsibility to get him help. I somewhat feel society has let us down and people are not getting the help they need. I hope he will be okay and not kill himself. It must be awful and cold to be locked up in solitary confinement and it must be scary for him. I think he should go into the mental hospital and when well, be released to lead his normal life.

    • Andy

      Hey idiot, his guy killed 12 people. Only sick psycopaths such as yourself would want him released.

      • Kaitlin

        ^^ released to lead his normal life? Seriously? This is the man who in his normal life premeditated murder and carried it out full heartly. To say that statement you concluded is like giving him an award for killing 12 and wounding 58 making him so more heroic and need of pity rather than devout our attention to the families he robbed? This man robbed families of loved ones.. how on earth is this humanly acceptable to just pardon?

        • Hilchea

          What you’re referring to, Kaitlin, was obviously not this man’s “normal life,” a fact that should be made apparent by the defense claiming mental illness. Meaning he didn’t always want to do these things. Meaning he asked for helped and normal people like yourself ignored him. To ignore his mental stability is to ignore the victims. To say he did this because he’s a sadistic asshole, essentially, is completely narrow minded and inconsiderate. Look at yourself. What’s wrong with you?

      • Parker

        Retaliation is a primitive response. It would be great if we could all put our superior, indignant, all-knowing ego aside, our lust for vengeance and examine what brings people to a place doing this sort of thing. Make no mistake, we all all insane in some way, carried away with this illusion or that. The first being that we are somehow superior to anyone else.

  • Shawn

    @debbie – I agree, people today rarely get any help from the government at all, a friend of mine called Eric was actually looking for a psychologist for a while now (he tends to be socially awkward, always talking about sociopaths and other weird comments like that, some facts too.) and i got his medical information from him (impossible to convince, but i did manage to get them) and no help what so ever from the government. – It only appears that the only way for seeking help in this society is simply by doing unethical things like burning cars or in his case; killing (That would technically be a bad decision and last resort of course.)