James Blunt Quitting Music Headline Draws Twitter Snark

    October 22, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Having worked in a restaurant with a repeating musical track list during the height of James Blunt mania, I probably heard his hit song “You’re Beautiful” more than the average person. And that’s saying a lot, considering it was everywhere in 2005. Despite being voted one of the most annoying pop songs by Rolling Stone, the track had huge success on the charts and was certified 2x Platinum in the U.S. Say what you want about the song, but you can’t say that it wasn’t popular.

I’ll refrain from comment.

Today, James Blunt is in the news not for a new album but because he recently told The Daily Mail that he may be qutting music. Well, kind of.

“I just want to take some time out for myself…I haven’t got any plans to do more songwriting.”

Although the quotes hint to a break more than a curtain call, The Daily Mail slapped the story with the word “retire” and it set off a Twitter firestorm. Of course, complete accuracy and context means nothing on Twitter when it comes to pop culture rumors. And because of the network’s ability to take a story and run with it, with a complete disregard to its veracity, we get to reap the benefits in the form of funny tweets. And while this story has much more truth behind it than a celebrity death rumor, Twitter users seem sure that he’ll never pick up an instrument again.

Twitter users aren’t being very beautiful to Blunt, to put it bluntly. Check out some of the best:

The artist did post this cryptic Facebook update referencing the Mail article:

James Blunt

The Mail on Sunday has reported that James Blunt has split up due to musical differences. Neither could be reached for comment due to recording commitments.

Oh well, all is fair in snark and Twitter.

  • Dennis Vernier

    When someone gains the kind of commercial success that he has had, one hit or whatever, they can pretty much always be able to get booked for concerts. People with any commercial recording success are in a whole different situation than unknown musicians who have never had a “hit,” no matter how good they might be. FACT

  • Michael

    People,REALLY!! Why so mean? Not only did he serve his country but he’s been a fairly big success whether you like his music or not 2 times platinum means something.To all of his critics we’re still waiting for your cd and remember he’s probably sitting on the beach in Ibiza while you’re doing WHAT again??????? HA

    • Kath

      I absolutely LOVE James Blunt. And so do his millions of other fans.

  • mary dejuliiis

    i love James Blunt music -all of it very very much. don’t want to see/hear his music.

  • Maria

    How can you retire when you haven’t had a hit since 2005? Sorry, James, but I think you’ve been on a 7 year break and apparently didn’t realize it.

  • Tawny

    You mean that one guy with that one song that was popular one day a couple of years ago?