Jamal Lewis Bankruptcy Hearing Rescheduled for July

    June 7, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Jamal Lewis bankruptcy hearing, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday, has been delayed until July after the former NFL star failed to submit the required paperwork. According to Reuters, Lewis, who retired from the NFL in 2009 after spending a decade with the league, neglected to file the requested financial records to the court. Additionally, Jamal failed to attend an interview with court officials, which, of course, didn’t settle well with the U.S. Bankruptcy trustee in Atlanta. Lewis filed for bankruptcy last April.

Because of these oversights, the trustee had asked the court to dismiss Lewis’ Chapter 11 filing and convert it to Chapter 7, which would require the liquidation of the former Baltimore Ravens’ running back assets in order to pay back creditors. Presently, Lewis has $14.4 million in assets and $10.5 million in debt.

However, on Tuesday, bankruptcy trustee attorney David S. Weidenbaum asked for delay after Lewis indicated he would submit the proper financial records and comply with regulations.

Jamal Lewis, who was the fifth pick overall during the 2000 NFL draft, began his career with the Baltimore Ravens. After spending six years with the team, Lewis made the leap to the Cleveland Browns. In 2005, Jamal was charged with “conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute five kilograms of cocaine”, which eventually sent him to prison for four months. Unfortunately, he troubles didn’t end there; Regions Bank sued Lewis last October over an unpaid $660,000 loan.

Lewis’ court date has been rescheduled for July 10th.

  • Biff TAnnen

    Big surprise – another idiot athlete who doesn’t plan for life after what everyone should know will be a short pro athletic career and he’s broke in no time

    • t

      Read my comment I just posted, he is FAR from being broke.!!!!

  • gerald

    He Also owned a trucking company that he was an absentee owner of and his cronies ran it into the ground, he still owes the former drivers about $120,000.

  • t

    how can you have 14.4 million in assets and 10.5 million in debt and claim to be bankrupt, I was no math major but that works out to roughly 4 million dollars he would have left if he liquidated all his assets and paid EVERY BIT of his debt outright. I don’t think I would be hurtin’ too bad if you gave me 4 million dollars.

    This is why the whole country is going belly up, giving tax protection and BANKRUPTCY protection to someone who has FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. RIDICULOUS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    Who gives a sh€t