Jalen Rose Admits To Shocking On-Court Incident

    September 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jalen Rose sat down for an interview with Dave Jacoby of Grantland.com and admitted that he made a shocking decision during a 2000 playoffs game.

Rose said he was having visible trouble keeping up with Kobe Bryant and felt tremendous pressure to step it up. What happened next was a spur-of-the moment decision that is now landing him in some controversy.

“Kobe Bean Bryant goes up for a jump shot out on the right wing,” Rose said. “I contest the jump shot. Kobe lands on my foot. He hobbles off and actually misses the next game. If it was up to me, he should’ve just missed the whole series. I would’ve had a championship ring and it would’ve been no harm, no foul.”

When Jacoby prodded Rose further about the incident, telling him not to lie, Rose admitted he might have put his foot under Bryant on purpose.

“I can’t say it was an accident,” he said.

Of course, it’s been several years since that fateful game, and the Lakers ended up beating the Pacers in that series anyway, but is there a statute of limitations on an admission of intentional foul play? Surely now that Bryant knows the injury was inflicted on purpose he’ll be upset, no matter what the outcome of the game was. And some are wondering what this will mean for Rose’s career, as he is a pretty successful NBA analyst.

There’s been no response yet from Bryant or Lakers management, but it’s hard to imagine that someone won’t come forward with a statement about Rose’s comments.

  • Ignacio

    WOW!!! See if players would think less of injuring people and more of being able to take care of their assignment then less injuries would happen. It’s obvious that some players are greater than others. It can be due to hard work, more of an understanding of the game, sometimes it’s easier for some than others, some people are just much better than you are. Like Jalen is a better commentator than ball player and not all ball players can commentate. He looks like he works hard at it, it also seems like he understands it and it comes easy to him. Maybe he should of worked a little harder on the court so he wasn’t chasing Kobe around and be in the right place. When you intentionally hurt somebody then it shows you feel you deserve something. Nobody deserves a thing you earn it. Maybe that is how the fab five felt since they received so much attention for being a team of fabulous freshman players. But in the end they didn’t earn it because instead of knowing that much more of the game as they should have, Web calls a timeout. Again no national championship. They didn’t want to earn it so they all jump to the NBA since they felt they deserve that more than trying to work towards becoming sensational sophomore players that would of been highly picked to win the tourney. Shows with Webs comments about the Lakers in the past. He feels he deserved it but never got there. Maybe that second season at Michigan would of taught them how to be resilient and actually win a title of some sort.

    • michael burke

      I may be wrong but didnt the fab five lose two championships in a row? They lost in 1992 as freshmen to Duke and again in 93 to North Carolina as sophmores and then went pro.

    • Theo

      and…. Ignacio’s comment shows “He” is not well versed in Fab Five lore. They “all” stayed to become .. Sensational Sophomore players ..(as he puts it ).. and did in fact,go to a second “National Championship” game.It was in that game that C-Webb,infamously, called for the TO.IMO you know little of which you speak,Ignacio….
      You know nothing .. particularly about..how hard those players worked,over a great number of yrs.,to achieve the level of play they displayed throughout their careers at U M….so….. BUST OFF..Nerd…..

    • Ignacio

      You are right. I did miss that. I totally spaced out the Duke loss. I guess I allowed my anger towards hurting another player get to me. Mistakes were made but you shouldn’t try to hurt somebody on the court just to win.

  • gw

    dumb ass. i wouldnt ever admitt to something like that in public. oh and do you think thats not the case in this game? sure is. bring out the depends and strap em on kiddies.

  • http://asdf.com josh

    If you watch the video, it clearly looks unintentional. It happens so fast it looks like he goes up for a jump shot and lands on his foot. Jalen isn’t even looking at Kobe when their feet make contact. Can’t understand why he would say this when it doesn’t even look like he did it on purpose.

  • Big Nate

    Bruce Bowen was kicking people in the face and he’s got a spot on ESPN.

  • Big MO

    this is obviously not intentional as he is not even looking at Kobe when he lands on his foot. He is trying to take credit for something he did not do on purpose. He is not a dumb guy and this will get him some press but those who believe it are dumb!

    • B

      You’re kidding right? It’s not hard to place your foot two feet forward without looking. You know the general area in which the jump shooter is going to land. Even if you’re looking at the basket, you can turn and put your foot back in that area. Any pro athlete (and 5-year-old) has the coordination to do this.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmReal247 Derrick Hudson

    I always wondered whether or not professional players try to intentionally hurt their opponents in a game and now it seems it is true. though Rose admits he wanted to hurt Bryant according to the video it didn’t appear that way at all. I think Rose still feels hurt by the loss and wanted to voice his frustrations.

    • robert

      My cousin was married to #44 (a first round… maybe first pick in the NBA draft) who told me he intentionally broke Michael Cooper’s nose with a head-butt on an inbound play and promised to take out Coop’s knee if he kept on putting that inimitable tenacious proctologist style Michael Cooper D on him.

      He also taught me some League standard knee and elbow techniques that came in handy in pick up games

  • Kai Asika

    Listen, I just watched that play, and ‘NO WAY” did Jalen Rose place his foot down to cause an injury to Kobe. Pure fluke. Look at it again…

  • bryan

    Yeah and Tim Donaghy injured the entire state of Oregon by giving the Lakers that playoff series against the Blazers. Boo F-ing Hoo

  • Al

    What about all the fouls in the NBA you know are deliberate. So he claims he did. Whoop de do!