Jack Swagger, WWE Star, to Appear in Court on DUI Charges

By: Sean Patterson - February 23, 2013

Jack Swagger, the WWE star who’s real name is Jacob Hager, was arrested earlier this week in Gulfport, Mississippi on DUI charges.

According to a TMZ report on the incident, the wrestler was arrested after leaving a taping of WWE Smackdown that was filmed at the Missippi Coast Coliseum. Hager was caught speeding (55 in a 45 mph zone) and was determined by an officer to be impaired. A search of the car allegedly turned up marijuana, and Hager has now been charged with DUI, marijuana possession, and speeding. The DUI charge is not alcohol-related.

The local Biloxi/Gulfport newspaper, the Sun Herald, is now reporting that Hager will have to appear in court to face the DUI charge, though the possession and speeding charges can be paid by mail. Though the charges are misdemeanors, Hager could have to pay fines and could lose his driving license for 90 days.

Hager, as Jack Swagger, is scheduled to face wrestler Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29 for the World Heavyweight Championship belt on April 7. This arrest and probable court appearance put that match into question.

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  • john

    the all american dope smoker!!

  • http://Yahoo Calvin

    After this incident I hope World Wrestling Entertainment picks someone else to face Alberto Del Rio. I cant believe Jack would do something like this I mean he is in the best wrestling company and has a shot to be on top of the WWE and still he does drugs and not any kind of drugs he does the drugs that failures do

    • Ryan

      You are the dumbest most uneducated person I have ever seen post on the internet. So let me guess it’s ok to do steroids like that is a failure drug moron.

  • mug

    at first i could not stand jack ass swagger now i wont to smoke weed with him

  • Bigger picture

    Bottom line is that if WWE doesnt do some thing about the swagger situation then the moral of the WWE will change. They stripped Jeff Hardy of his title and his contract not once but twice for similar offenses. Knowing that Marijuana is legal in certain aspects is still not a reason to take action. Jeff Hardy had a much and still does have a larger fan base then Swagger will ever have. Me personally being a two time State champ wrestler and All american myself i feel Swagger is hurting my image as well as his own. Put the Swag in the brown Bag and have some one else who deserves a shot at the title get in at Wrestle mania 29. I myself would take jack down in a heart beat

    • r jansen

      Give the guy a break everybody makes mistakes, including Swagger. It doesint mean he’s a bad guy he just fucked up. We all do. We’re human.

      • r jansen

        Including you “big pic” your nothin but a washed up highschool wrestler, probably div 5.

    • Don’t worry

      For the record, there was nothing similar about Hardy, his involved distrubting pills of all kinds and more illicit drugs then POT…. I wish people wouldn’t talk out of their arse.

  • Ryan

    Quit your crying people. Wow it’s Marijuana must be the end of the world. By the way wrestling is fake. How are you guys gonna criticize Marijuana when 90% of the WWE uses steroids. You guys are stupid whens the last time someone died from pot I can name to wrestlers who died because of steroids Chis Benoit, who just happened to kill his family to and the Eddie G idiot.

    • http://Yahoo.com Matt

      You’re an idiot. Benoit and Eddie did not from steroids. Also you have no idea about the WWE’s talent management drug policy. And it’s called hard work in the gym. Now I’m not denying that a AWA/WWF/WWE superstar has never taken steroids. But that shit had to get cut when fed’s were breathing down Vince’s ass back in the late 90’s due to the steroid agenda. Being a commercialized public stock. No longer indie. And while yes the WWE is scripted, not “fake”… there is a lot of real tension in the wwe. Mostly political behind the scene’s shit. But on occasion talent has been known to fight other talent for real. Not mentioning working matches with other people you hate. Scripted or not, just like any other work environment, there will be people you love to work with, and people you hate. I suggest getting more knowledge on what/and how the WWE really works. Swagger is toast. Especially it being so public. Randy Orton got a 90 day suspension for marijuana possession backstage. Can only imagine what vince is going to do to swagger since this issue is so public and making the company AND VINCE… look like the shit bags they are.

      • Don’t worry

        Well put Matt, Benoit had a chemichal imbalance is his brain that mixed with the meds he was on drove him to what he did. Eddie Guerrero unfortunatley went clean on COKE too late and his ENLARGED HEART from COCAINE and not STEROIDS killed him…

        • skdrw

          Benoit did die from steroids “roid rage” more the less ! There have as well many wrestlers died from steroid use, look it up, no one has ever died from smoking weed !!! I hope he wins at wrestlemania, just for the all american reason “We The People”

    • Rock

      Cool story.

  • John D.

    When you are in a business such as the WWE or any profession that puts you in the eye of the public as a role model for a younger audience then you have to be extra cautious of your actions. So yes Mr. Hager made a mistake and deserves the same equal judgement if not stricter than a normal person otherwise it will only be seen to younger people who look up to him as acceptable behavior and mimic his actions in which might end in a worse outcome other than a simple arrest.


    WOW, so not only does the most HORRIBLE entertainer in wwe gets a RANDOM ass shot at wrestlermania, but he also throws it all away by pulling this DUI and Drug possession…

    Are you kidding me? Hes just as bad in real life as he is in the ring, CUT HIS ASS OFF ALREADY!

  • Tom

    wwe critic is a LOSER!

  • adam

    stop hatin because he has a hot wife and smokes weed, and you jerks dont

  • adam

    stop hatin because he has a hot wife and smokes weed, because you jerks dont

  • Paulie Walnuts

    Well…well..well..how the mighty have fallen.
    All American wrestler….getting a lottery odd’s chance to be a WWE superstar and yet he screws it all up for a little bit a dope.
    ha ha ha ha ah aha aha aha aha aha aha ahaa LMFAO…

    What a dummy and a jackass…if he gets suspended and can’t go to wrestlmania…OH WELL…live and learn my friend… Maybe Zet Colter
    gave him some hillbilly weed……LMFAO…

    • Don’t worry

      Wow, Paulie Walnuts obviously has no clue of what their saying.

      • Dave

        Wow, Don’t Worry obviously has no clue of what good grammar is.

  • stats2013

    It’s just a little weed, stop bugging it’ll be legal soon!

  • Ron71

    Jack Swagger should be fired.WWE has fans as young as 5 who probably look up to this jerk off! Take Jack Off the air and let him disapeer til he does rehab!

    • mike

      well hes hardly looked up to, hes mostly a joke undeserving a title match anyways so hopefully at the very least hes gets suspended from wrestling and wont spoil wrestlemania

      • chad

        you got to be kidding me. Swagger would be one of the few bright spots at Wrestlemania. It’s already ruined having people like the Rock and John Cena in the main event

    • Rick James

      Rehab for what? Weed? Seriously?

      • Paul

        Rick james…b-otch !!!

      • linda

        lol i know right dumb fucks anyhows lol WEED IS NOT A DRUG fuck heads

  • Marc

    I see worst people have done this in there life.I think WWE should replace him at Wrestlemania 29 with Dolph Zigger.Dolph was up for the World Heavy Weight title for first before Jack Swagger came back to WWE.

  • Mike Hames

    It’s not the marijuana use that is truly offensive. It is the impaired driving!!!

  • Gwynnculpepper

    He should b fired..every1 else was after chris did what he did..there was drug test and if u failed then u got the can. So why does jack get 2 keep his job? Its makes the wwe look real bad..yall have kids watchn and ur going 2 let people that does drugs keep their jobs…what is that teacking our children now days? That it it ok 2 do drugs just dont get cought..

  • jay

    Swagger’s not goingthe anywhere! He’s got tooa much momentum and heat. If WWE’s creative team were smart, they wouuld write this real life drama into the show.

  • wade

    A drug is a drug, if the jurk was using he needs to be fired. My thoughts are 0%the tolarance, do the crim pay the time, refuring to a earlyer post, the day this country makes dope leagal will be just as big of a mistake as press Obama.. what a losser,

    • linda

      wow u r pathetic…. um newsflash…. weed is not a drug…. but i do agree that he should be fired just because i dont like the punk