It’s Been Over 4 Months Since Google Posted Its ‘Monthly’ List Of Algorithm Changes

    February 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
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On December 1, 2011, Google announced a “monthly series on algorithm changes” on its Inside Search blog. From there, Google started posting monthly lists of “search quality highlights,” looking at changes (many algorithmic) the search engine had implemented in the previous month. This did continue on a monthly basis for some time.

At some point last year, Google slowed down on putting these lists out. They started coming every other month, with multiple lists released at a time. It’s now over a week into February, and we haven’t seen Google put out one of these lists since October 4. This is the longest they’ve gone, by far, since they started doing it.

The lists were an attempt by Google to “push the envelope when it comes to transparency”. That’s cool. It gives the rest of the web a glimpse at the kinds of things Google is taking into account when making algorithm changes, even if it doesn’t give away Google’s entire secret sauce (which would likely be he downfall of any search result relevancy).

But where are the last four months worth of highlights?

The last time I wrote a post about Google not putting out these lists, they put one out shortly after. Maybe that will happen again.

One thing is for sure. If Google gets back to putting these lists out, we’re going to have a whole lot of info to dig into for the time that has passed.

  • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

    Google releasing the monthly list of algorithm updates is both boon and a curse. This will lead to more spam on the web then not. Even Google won’t leak the secret sauce completely as you mentioned. On the other side Information related about some algorithm updates by Google does alert the webmasters and some will surely stop the manipulative activities that they are unknowingly or intentionally doing. Has Google stopped keeping the webmasters posted as a reason of confusion or has the trends after releasing the updates proved the increase in spam.

  • Bob

    It not need anymore. In the news everywhere what main google manager selling 45% of own shares. So it mean what they aware of G serp quality but doing everything to increase stock prices.

    Later will new owner or new search engine.

  • Robert

    Google quality is total joke. Just try to find anything at google now, only big brands, wikipedia & ehow. Small business not will create/support new sites at such conditions. So google is web killer right now.

    Their ‘social signals’ will destroy their serp completely.

  • http://planet48.blogspot.com/ Ahsan Khan

    Google updates are killing my traffic :(

  • http://www.allwebservices.co.uk All Web Services

    The truth about Google.
    if you have a million £ branding budget this will get you to the top of google. Google is killing small businesses through all this, as matt cutts said “if you brand your business your website will go higher” any keyword for products you search for now, you will get the giants like…. Argos, tesco, B&Q, Amazon, Ebay etc all the small businesses have gone.

    My thoughts are “why have they done it”
    My answers was “facebook was winning over google so google said “why not put the small businesses down so they pay for PPC” and guess what…. on the bbc news the other week after all the updates, thier getting more money.

    I am not saying seo is ruined but its only the good seo’s thats getting page 1 rankings (if it sounds cheap do not buy)

    Thats my input and moan about Google “Come on Bing take over them”

  • Robert

    i not think they want to tell us how hard they working to put more own mfa sites (reservation and reviews), youtube & adwords into their search results.