It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before We Got 3D Printed Bullets

    May 21, 2013
    Zach Walton
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We now live in a world where a 3D printed gun is not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, it’s very real, and people are improving the design in minor ways every day. Now one 3D printing enthusiast has taken the next logical step – 3D printed ammunition.

YouTube user taofledermaus has what he reckons is the first 3D printed bullet. There’s a small bit of metal in the front of the bullet to add weight, but it’s still mostly plastic.

Now, this is mostly just a hobbyist thing for now. You’re probably not going to see 3D printed bullets being loaded into guns anytime soon. Even then, 3D printed bullets, at least when fired from a shotgun, lack any kind of spin. Much like plastic riot bullets, these bullets aren’t lethal when handled correctly.

We may see more videos from taofledermaus in the future as he mentioned that he and his friends are attempting to make The Liberator. It will be interesting to see if the first fully 3D printed gun can fire what I assume to be the first 3D printed bullets.

[h/t: 3ders]

  • rob

    “when fired from a shotgun lack any kind of spin?” LOL pellets fired from a shotgun don’t have to spin. You mean a rifle, I suppose.

    • Otis Hertz

      LOL? Rifled slugs spin (only a matter of time until those are printed). Many new shotguns have lands and grooves to impart spin to projectile, be it a sabot or the entire slug.

  • rob hayes