Isabel Celis: Missing Since Friday

    April 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The case of missing 6-year old Isabel Celis is a “race against the clock”, according to Tucson police chief Roberto Villasenor. “They always are,” he said during a press statement this morning.

Isabel was last seen in her bedroom on Friday night and was discovered missing around eight a.m. the next morning, according to investigators. The police chief addressed the rumor that the screen was popped out of her window, saying it was true, but they aren’t positive about the window being an entry point just yet. As always with a case such as this, officials are wary about releasing too many details; the department is investigating more than 100 leads.

As of now, they are canvasing the streets of her neighborhood and beyond, asking if anyone has seen her or knows anything about her whereabouts. They have also led an FBI canine team through her bedroom, looking for any clues as to what happened. The idea of a child being taken from the safety of her own bedroom is horrifying for fellow parents, and a candlelight vigil to pray for her safe return was held last night.

The fact that Isabel was taken from her bedroom brings to mind the devastating case of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year old beauty queen who was killed in her Colorado home; it was thought she had also been taken in the night after a ransom note was found in the house, but her body was later found in the basement.

Anyone with info on Isabel is urged to call 520-88-CRIME immediately.

Tucson Police Search for Missing 6-Year-Old Girl: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

  • Gerald Dore

    I am praying for amanda. That Jesus can bring her home.

  • http://dinner dad paul stocker

    love you dad

  • GenerousAmerican

    Tucson, AZ…appx. 48 min. drive to border? The name CELIS mexican/latino/hispanic descent surname (reporters pronouncing it wrong, by the way). Lots of drug trafficking and illegal immigration disputes in Tucson surroundings. It just don’t add up why/how this precious little gem went missing. I smell a rat, sort of speak. There are countless avenues from when & where child was last seen, touch, heard or sensed as of Friday nite bedtime to 8:00 in the morning. Hmmmmmmm? Gosh, loads of prayers for this innocent child. Loads of prayers.

  • Jennifer

    Such a pretty girl – looks older than only 6 years old. Hope she is not in danger and will be found soon, thanks to the Amber Alert system.

    • Lorraine

      I pray so Jennifer that she’s not in danger.

  • Sharon James

    Please Father, let this small child be found soon, alive & well. Thank you Father, for hearing everyone’s prayers, concerning this small child. Amen.

  • Melissa

    There are simmularities to the Ramsey case, I hope to God that it’s only coincidental. 6 year old beautiful child taken from her bedroom. The thing is, Mrs. Ramsey wrote a ransom note. There were things that lead you into two directions in that case. There was no note here, the parents have been cooperating in this case and the local law enforcement is allowing the FBI to be involved, so let’s keep some hope! I hope they catch the sicko or sickos, and that the child can return home alive!

  • Melissa

    Also, maybe they can check into any local teachers that used to teach in Boulder Colorado back in the nineties.

  • LB

    When the parents first appeared, the mother was looking unto heaven as she was asking God to watch over her angel, the father gave no eye contact. Im no judge but,something isnt right. I barely get any sleep because Im constantly up all type of night and day watching my daugthers every move. She sleeps with me, she is with me everywhere I go, she even follows me to the restroom. No one is allowed to keep her, only my mother and that is slim. I wonder did her mom think to peek in on her daughter before leaving work. Why would she and she possibly knew she was already gone, routines had to be followed. I want to know what were they watching on Tv, what were the siblings doing? Any one check the mileage on the cars in the whole family? any footage tapes on anyone getting gas at any of the gas stations between Friday night and 8am? Im looking closely at the family..sorry.

  • http://yahoo Mia

    please pray that little isabel is all right and okay and kept away from harm and that the people take her back safe and sound